Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf Jews

For clearer image of the above see Pamela´s article on


Nothing really could be clearer. This guy Rauf who has been behind this agitation to build a Mosque on Ground Zero is really an Islamist Jihadist, a Bin Laden type, who wants to have the historical state of Israel disbanded, destroyed by whatever means, and replaced by an Arab and Muslim state.

That seems a bit extreme but it is the truth. On the issue of Israel as the Jewish state Rauf is exactly, precisely, Bin Laden. Go check it out!

We on 4international are so indebted to Pamela Geller and Atlas Shrugs for their hard work, the above is transcribed from a recent speech by Rauf.

It shows that Rauf and his little wifey Daisy !!! are really Islamofascists, they do not like Jews one little bit, to the extent that they do not wish for Jews to have a nation state of their own.

This is so evil and so reactionary.

We on 4international have a number of questions:

First of all to genial Dublin Jewish man Maurice Boland, all the way from Dublin´s Fair City, now running the radio station in Spain called Radio Talk Europe.

We have made our detestation for the treacherous politics of Boland dead clear in our recent articles.

For a sample:

On Monday 23 August Boland and Norman made their positions clear in that they were FOR the building of the Mosque on Ground Zero. Their reasons I will not go into, the important thing is their position.

What a treacherous position these two Jewish people are taking, betraying the great traditions of the revolutionary Jewish people down through the ages!

Boland especially is so treacherous! In supporting this Mosque he is betraying all Jews, especially the beseiged by Antisemitism Jews of Ireland.


Just over a week ago you clearly on your influential station were calling for support for the Rauf Mosque on Ground Zero. Oh how liberal sounding you were Boland! What a wonderful humanitarian!

But now Pamela Geller with a few deft strokes has exposed your real position, because in supporting Rauf you have to be supporting the real agenda of Rauf, which is the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

What a scoundrel this guy Rauf is, and by implication, referring to Boland´s support a week ago for Rauf, what a scoundrel is Boland, and what a danger is Boland to the great and good Jews of Dublin and Ireland.

Return to the paragraphs of Rauf quoted by Pamela Geller:

He says (in the very first sentence) we now have post Zionist movements in Israel. He then goes on to claim that the majority of people in Israel are post Zionists (it is all so very Chomsky)

So is that your position as well Boland and if it is not you had better get on your skates and dissociate yourself from Rauf and his Mosque project?

So let us take this very carefully: What is Zionism? Zionism is very simple to understand. It is the same as every other nationalism, say for example Irish Nationalism. It is the wish of the Jewish people to return to their Homeland in Israel.

Their wish, to have one small state in the world which they can call their own, with the secondary factor included in that, that their Homeland can be a safeguard against antisemitism

The word “Zionism” is also used as a curse word, as a word used by antisemites, especially now by antisemitic conspiracy theory freaks, and above all by the Fascist Leftists in the world, who can no longer be called in any way socialist, they are indeed just what I said fascists. But let us not go down that dark road, a raod traversed by Hitlerian and Arabic Fascists in the past, Arabs like Hajj Amin el Husseini…

Rauf refers to the “territories”:

By this word “territories” he means a la the BBC usage, that this is Arab land and that Israel is “occupying” this Arab land

(I think actually this is where Boland stands as well, but if I am wrong on this we are happy for him to come onto our website to publish otherwise)

BUT THIS IS NOT ARAB LAND. THIS IS JEWISH LAND. The very name “West Bank” is phoney, the real name in usage up until 1967 was Judea and Samaria

Then Rauf does something really sneaky…he refers to withdrawal from the territories and that those in the Jewish population wishing for withdrawal are in the majority.

Is this correct? There was certainly a time when this was the case, around the time of OSLO.

But Jewish people were deceived by OSLO. Arafat was using OSLO to gain an advantage and Arafat was literally speaking in two tongues, one English for the Israelis and the Western backers of Jihad, and in another tongue, namely Arab, where Arafat was explaining that OSLO was a trick, which he and the Arabs were using to destroy Israel.

The poor Jews of Israel, with horrible leaders and worse Media! The Jews were fed lies!

Now Jews in Israel would still like peace, BUT THEY CAN NO LONGER TRUST ISLAM

Boland asked me on the 23rd what is the connection between Iran and Ground Zero. Now Boland has his answer to this more clearly than I could answer then.

The answer lies in the transcript above from wonderful Pamela Geller of the odious Rauf. As the oafish and ridiculous Rauf makes clear that

1. Rauf wants to build a Mosque on Ground Zero

2. Rauf wants to do away with Israel.

In other words Oaf Rauf wants to end the Jewish Homeland of Israel and to replace that Homeland with the 23rd Arab state and what is it now? the 60th Islam state in the world

Go figure Boland! you are with Rauf. And funniest thing of all you are also with all of those left Fascists in the world who are supporting Rauf!

Do you actually, really, want to be there Boland?

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