The website Jihadwatch covers the conference on the Middle East by the Catholic Church. They are very concerned about Islam and the threat that is building, especially in Iraq.

Is this conference being reported by the Irish Media?

This is from

“Vatican synod sees growing concern over Islam,” for the Catholic News Agency, October 21 (thanks to the great Kathy Shaidle):

Vatican City, Oct 21, 2010 / 01:43 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The need for more interfaith dialogue and greater Christian-Muslim understanding has been a key theme in the month-long meeting of bishops at the Vatican to discuss the Middle East….Participants seem increasingly concerned about the growth of extremist forms of “political Islam” in the region.

Bishops and other experts to address the synod have sought to draw a sharp distinction between “moderate” Muslims and “extremists” who support a radical and political version of Islam.

But for Christians on the ground in Muslim-run countries, such distinctions are often hard to maintain.

Jordanian Father Raymond Moussalli, Protosyncellus of the Patriarchate of Babylon of the Chaldeans said the Church in his country, Iraq, is under attack.

“There is a deliberate campaign to drive Christians out of the country.”

Father Mousalli said the agenda is not limited to Iraq. There is evidence of this strategy in all parts of the region.

“There are satanic plans by fundamentalist extremist groups that are not only against Iraqi Christians in Iraq, but Christians throughout the Middle East.”…

Impagliazzo said that Muslim majorities in the Middle East must begin to respect the rights of Christians and other religious minorities. In addition, Muslims must demonstrate in more concrete ways “a social and cultural consensus that expresses the will to live all together.”…


Robert Spencer of Jihad watch adds in an ironic comment

Yes, everyone is waiting for them to do that, and sure they will start up right away.

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