The coverage of the Spurious Claims of Chemical Attack by Syrian Army


Today the mainstream media are claiming that there has been a chemical attack by the Syrian government near Damascus even whilst an UN inspection team arrives. The reports have been conflicting with the initial reports claiming 280 victims and then later up-ing it to over 1,300 killed.

However, the claims are predominantly coming from the so called Free Syrian Army who are backed and funded by some of the despotic Gulf States, as well as Saudi Arabia and by the Western powers principally France, USA and UK. This same group is made up mercenaries of all kinds including members of Al Qaeda who want to turn the country backwards and bring in Sharia Law and just back in May 2013 the UN accused the Syrian rebels of using chemical weapons.
What is most telling though is that it makes absolutely no sense for the Syrian government to do this. In recent months they have retaken areas held by rebels and seem to have repelled several attack campaigns in the past two year. And France in particular as well as the other powers have been consistently in the last year being trying to throw the mud of chemical weapons and then chemical weapon attacks in a clear effort to force public opinion to back no-fly zones and from there total demolition of the country and invasion followed later by a pliant regime. The end game is to clear the way for an attack on Iran which the crazies have been pushing hard for many years.

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Going back to the May accusations against the rebels by the UN, their human rights investigator Carla del Ponte said at the time:
“According to the testimonies we have gathered, the rebels have used chemical weapons, making use of sarin gas …We still have to deepen our investigation, verify and confirm (the findings) through new witness testimony, but according to what we have established so far, it is at the moment opponents of the regime who are using sarin gas..”
Now step forward to today. It is clear the rebels themselves have sarin gas. The questions to ask now are:
1) Was there really an attack. 2) Who are the photographs of and are they from some other time period. 3) How many victims are there? 4) Did the chemical attack really take place where they said it did? 5) And who used the chemical weapons? -The Syria army or the so-called rebels who the word ‘rebel’ is not fitting because they have been shown to be a bunch of terrorists intent on killing and maiming hundreds of people which they have done many times? 6) And most importantly -who gains most from this ?
Meanwhile on RT.com http://rt.com/news/syria-chemical-weapons-un-775/ carried the story and to their credit try to be balanced. However their RT Arabic correspondent managed to contact some locals who say they haven’t witnessed any “poisonous attack” in the area. However, they point out that gunfire can be heard.
The Syrian government itself and naturally not surprisingly says: no truth whatsoever to the reports and their Dr. Abdulqader Azouz told RT’s Arabic channel Rossiya al-Yaum the Syrian army was “winning the battle against the rebels” and there was no need for chemical weapons.
“America has always put the pretext of using chemical weapons on the top of its agenda as a means of intervention in Syria,” Azouz told Rossiya al-Yaum. He went on to stress that the Syrian government has pledged “its commitment to full cooperation with the investigation committee and other specialized committees.”
Even more interesting is this as reported by RT.
The UN expert and the head of the current mission to Damascus, Swedish scientist Ake Sellstrom, told news agency TT that while he had only seen TV footage, the high number of casualties reported sounded suspicious.
But what is clear is that the use of chemical weapons is deplorable by whoever uses them but what is happening here in this high stakes geo-strategic game of politics is that the players are not interested in peoples lives and will gladly use and manipulate the natural outrage of the public to things like this to further their murderous war campaign agenda.
The RT article goes on to say that back in July, Russia submitted to the UN its analysis of samples taken west of Aleppo. Russia’s findings indicated that it was rebels behind the Khan al-Assal incident, in which more than 30 people died.
The US contradicted the Russian findings, stressing they had their own data which proved that the government forces were behind the attack. However, Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN commission’s inquiry into rights violations in Syria, said the evidence provided by the US did not meet required standards.
The RT article can be found at: http://rt.com/news/syria-chemical-weapons-un-775/

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
The war criminals in Washington and other Western capitals are determined to maintain their lie that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Having failed in efforts to intimidate the UN chemical inspectors in Syria, Washington has demanded that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon withdraw the chemical weapons inspectors before they can assess the evidence and make their report….

The US and UK governments have revealed none of the “conclusive evidence” they claim to have that the Syrian government used chemical weapons. Listening to their voices, observing their body language, and looking into their eyes, it is completely obvious that John Kerry and his British and German puppets are lying through their teeth. This is a far more shameful situation than the massive lies that former Secretary of State Colin Powell told the UN about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Colin Powell claims that he was deceived by the White House and did not know that he was lying. Kerry and the British, French, and German puppets know full well that they are lying. 
The face that the West presents to the world is the brazen face of a liar.
….Indeed, one reason for the rush to war is to prevent the UN inspection that Washington knows would disprove its claim and possibly implicate Washington in the false flag attack by the “rebels,” who assembled a large number of children into one area to be chemically murdered with the blame pinned by Washington on the Syrian government.
Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/syria-another-western-war-crime-in-the-making/5347038

But there is more compelling evidence that the rebels already used the sarin nerve gas earlier in this year and if they used it then, then that makes a very strong case about they being the perpetrators today.
Reuters reported in their article, “U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator,” that:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-syria-crisis-unbre94409z-20130505,0,2453519.story
U.N. human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria’s civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday.
The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, said commission member Carla Del Ponte.
“Our investigators have been in neighboring countries interviewing victims, doctors and field hospitals and, according to their report of last week which I have seen, there are strong, concrete suspicions but not yet incontrovertible proof of the use of sarin gas, from the way the victims were treated,” Del Ponte said in an interview with Swiss-Italian television.

And this is expanded on in the article: https://landdestroyer.wordpress.com/2013/05/06/in-wake-of-us-israeli-attack-on-syria-un-reveals-terrorists-not-government-used-sarin-gas/








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