My friend (with long experience in the game) in Ireland has told me that the All-Ireland football final between Kerry and Donegal was very poor. This has serious implications because Kerry is the home of great Gaelic Football and great Footballers.

I did not see it but reading just how the scores came I feel it was a very poor example of Gaelic Football.

The reason for these consistently poor football performances may be related to the following:

The worst thing is the way of winning. It is wrong for an amateur sport to go for a win at all costs strategy. There is a difference to going for a win and going for a win at all costs. If you disagree there is no difference best not to read further!

I blame the ignorance of most modern supporters. They drum up a county and parish type frenzy.This is perhaps inevitable but allied to ignorance of Gaelic Football it is lethal.

Gaelic football knowledge is not at all what it was when I was a boy. Since then it has become hip to follow soccer or rugby.

But there is just no comparison. Gaelic Football is a unique game.

You cannot borrow at all from these other games. There has to be (within reason) a strict division.

The skills are totally different. The layout and positions of the teams to play this game must be and should be totally different to correspond with the fact that there is no off side, with the implication that Gaelic Football must be positional and open.

People have in the interests of win at all costs tampered with this once great game. The result is confusion and poor games as in this year’s Final.

The game is in huge danger. Hope I am wrong but I may be right!

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