by Felix Quigley

November 26, 2008

Olmert is a traitor to the Jewish cause. He has stated that there is no reason why there is not a deal with Abbas before he leaves power. There is every chance that Olmert will spend his first years of retirement staring out of a prison cell at an Israel he has devastated by his belief that Fascist Arabs like Abbas do not intend to destroy Israel.

Olmert sums up the nature of this Israeli ruling class who have never been prepared to fight for the Jewish Homeland or have been able to defend it.

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The PA has repeated rejected offers by Israel to hand over more than 90 percent of Judea and Samaria and make sweeping security concessions in other areas.

PA Chairman and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas nixed the proposals because they did not include a commitment to deliver to the PA half of Jerusalem for use as the capital of a new Arab state. Abbas has also demanded that Israel accept an influx of some five million foreign Arab immigrants who either lived in the area before the establishment of the state and fled during the 1948 war, or are the descendants of those who fled at the time.

Time is running out on all sides: Abbas’s term in office is slated to end with new PA elections in January, although he has said he will not leave office, claiming the term was meant to last until 2010. Olmert is already heading a transitional government, with general elections scheduled in Israel for February 10. He personally faces a string of corruption charges and may be indicted on at least one of them after a new government is settled.

“You don’t need months to make a decision,” insisted Olmert on Tuesday, pointing out that two years of ongoing talks between teams of negotiators for the PA and Israel had yielded progress but no deal.

The Prime Minister added that there would be no written document of understanding or declaration of principles when the new Obama Administration enters the White House.

The sickness in this Israeli ruling class is seen also in the person of Barak. Barak is defence minister and is also a leader of Labour in Israel. But this Labour has nothing to do with revolutionary socialism, it is a sickly creed, which is opposed to Israeli nationalism and does not give a damm for the suffering of the Jewish people of Israel. Barak is a total disgrace to everything Jewish. The Israeli people also have twigged on to this Labour of Israel and will kick Barak out in February in the election.

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To all the warmongers among you I say I am not minister of war but minister of defense.”

This emotional statement was delivered by Ehud Barak Monday, Nov. 24, to his many critics at a briefing session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee. He went on to lambast Iran for its energetic pursuit of its nuclear program while deceiving the world. Israel does not rule out any option against a nuclear-armed Iran, he said, “but the less said about this better.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources suggest that Barak take his own advice. While never short of words and promises, his performance in deeds is seriously wanting.

Minutes after he spoke, the Society for Recording Terror-Induced Trauma Cases published figures which should have made him rethink his positions: 55% of Sderot’s citizens had witnessed Qassam missile blasts; 28.4% were made dysfunctional by post-traumatic effects; while 33.6% of the town’s schoolchildren aged 13-18 suffered from severe learning disabilities.

In his briefing to the parliamentary committee, Barak admitted that during his tenure as “minister of defense” Hizballah had trebled its rocket arsenal to 42,000 and, compared with the 2006 Lebanon war, their range had been extended and they could now reach targets as far south of Lebanon as the Negev capital of Beersheba and even Dimona.

The defense minister had a special argument for inaction against the Palestinians’ eight-year long missile offensive from Gaza, ignoring the fact that they too had extended their range to including more Israeli cities. Barak maintained it was worth Israel’s while to put up with “the odd missile or two fired by a negligible group” for the sake of preserving an informal truce.

Speaking as an old warrior who had seen many of his comrades killed in battle, Barak said he did not need to be taught the meaning of war and its consequences.

There are three fundamental problems with the defense minister’s position and they explain why he is sinking fast in all the opinion polls:

1. The personal views he developed during his years in politics, decades after his army years were over, are hardly the morale-booster needed by young soldiers forced to face one or more active enemies every few years.

2. His statement that the Palestinian missile offensive from Gaza had “stabilized’ in the last day or two – as though the close to 300,000 Israelis living within range could now start living normal lives – mocked the distress of people who live on a knife edge of never knowing what tomorrow will bring. He may have forgotten, but they have not, that in one day on the 5th of this month, 50 missiles rained down on them, two of them Grad rockets which reached Ashkelon, and another 80 rockets the following week. Eight Israelis were injured, scores suffered trauma and homes, vehicles and public and agricultural property were extensively damaged for the umpteenth time.

But the key question raised by Palestinians’ ballooning missile capabilities is the effect of Barak’s stance on Israel’s deterrent power – not only against the Gaza-based threat but against Hizballah too. The 42,000 rockets Iran has given Hizballah all point in one direction: Israel. By turning the IDF into a paper tiger in the south, he is playing into the hands of Iran, Hizballah and Syria as well as Hamas.

3. Finally, what has happened to Gilead Shalit, the Israeli soldier Hamas abducted more than two years ago? Barak said enigmatically on Nov. 23 that there are ways to free him other than negotiations. If that is so, why has he held back for so long? The answer is that he relied on Egypt instead of Israel’s own diplomatic and military resources – another of his policies which has proved disastrous. 

I cannot think of a ruling class anywhere in the world which is as bankrupt as this Israeli Government is.

The disease exists right through Jewish people leadership internationally. Many American Jews voted for Obama and Malley! Many campaigned for McCain like the Jewish USrapundit traitors Belman and Levinson.

Meanwhile in England a leading member of Harrys Place, a Gene Zitver, attacks the Jewish people of Hebron as scum and takes the side of the PLO Fascists. And Zitver joins in with the Fascists in removing posts which I made yesterday on Harrys Place in reply to this calumny by Zitver. By the way Zitver is an American Jew. So he bans an Irish socialist who is defending the Jews of Hebron. A strange world we live in!

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