The Russian workers in 1917 and their leaders under Lenin and Trotsky Acted. They did not wait and allowed themselves be massacred by the enemy. Israel must immediately have leaders who will start by closing down the Supreme Court of Israel. That must be done as a first step.

Time and valuable time is being wasted in Israel by the Israeli elites who are pretending to solve the situation by means of elections, while the main thing to do is to close down immediately the Supreme Court, state the boundaries of Israel as being the present including Judea and Samaria, Golan and Gaza. BOTH THESE ARE EMINENTLY DOABLLE 1. CLOSING THE SUPREME COURT 2. ISSUING A CLEAR STATMENT

I said (as a trotskyist supporter of Israel and will always be recognised as such against certain liars about Trotsky)  CLOSE IT and issue a STATEment

i issued this statement in answer to a political opponent:

So how about this as an answer:


  1. Abolish first of all the Supreme Court
  2. State the borders of Israel, forget a b and c just do it, those are the borders
  3. Arrest and imprison Abbas and others in Fatah


Take it from there bit by bit if necessary but do those things first


You will be attacked in the same way that Russia and Putin is attacked. So form a very close relationship with Russia on the basis of these issues or at least try to


Begin expulsions of dangerous Antisemites Arab and Jewish Antisemites both, and simultaneous with that offer enticements to others…expulsions are a principle and enticements are somewhat else and can take many forms


State clearly that Gaza is yours. Do nothing there yet. Stop though all transports into the Gaza enemy. Issue a statement and repeat it continually asking Arabs to confront the Antisemitism inside of the Hamas Charter


Face up as a nation to the Iranian Nuclear threat


No foreign body especially America in the shape of John Kerry to enter Israel without the most formal invitation


Strengthen ties with American people, certainly bypassing President, and not relying on Congress either. There are other methods. Such as close alliance with Breitbart, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and much assistance to these as well


Oh and close down Haaretz sending Amira Hass to Gaza with one way ticket to be reconsidered later (her fate as a traitor) when Gaza is decided


Formal alliance with el Sisi while maintaining independent role


Israel and el Sisi arming of not just the Kurds but also the Christians of Nigeria and the Christians and Alawites of Syria against the Jihad. For now Libya and Ivory Coast are lost causes as the battle was betrayed by US president Obama and Prime Minister Cameron


DO IT! AS THE SURGEON SAID LET’S DAMMED WELL DO IT! You could not ask for a more pliable and adaptable plan than that.


Where you go wrong Mr Belman is messing around with these phoney a b and c entities which are also OSLO entities


Lastly explain everything in the open and to the Israeli people and to all Arabs also in the área.


In that context with a new government in power introduce Sherman’s Hisbara concepts with enormous emphasis on the role of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the Holocaust, and also linking the role of the Jewish state as nation to active AND OPEN support for selected national liberation struggles, especially Basque, Catalonian, Ulster, Welsh, Scottish and Corsican. Arm Kurds to the gills…


This was written in response to the sadly deluded Ted belman of Israpundit who wrote what I think of as rubbish in the following:

During this time we should set up a program whereby every Arab in what we annex, be offered money to leave just as Sherman proposes. Assuming that such Arabs do take the bait and leave then we can expand the program for the Arabs in the rest of the area when we are ready.

Then annex it all. I don’t want to offer citizenship. I don’t want to induce them to stay as Bennett suggests.

This must be done in the correct manner. For instance if we annex a revised area C first, will the Supreme Court allow us to offer money only to these Arabs and not to anyone else living in Israel or the illegal aliens. Will the Court insist we offer them a path to citizenship? Perhaps we will have to get them to move out before annexation? (end quote)

(taken from Dec 11 Israpundit

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