by Felix Quigley


August 3, 2008


They claimed 8000 men and boys murdered by the Serbs in Srebrenica. Sometimes 7000 but not quite so often. It was usually 8000.

In reviewing the Irish newspaper of record, The Irish Times, they have written from 1995 to the present in major articles referring to this Srebrenica Massacre where the Serbs murdered 8000 men and boys, going now up to 500 times since 1995, indeed using my limited maths I make that perhaps a major article every 10 days or so.

Are there 2000 such papers and magazines etc in the world doing this? I think so and much more but if so that makes it a million such vital articles broadcast into humanity. All saying the same thing, the endless repetition, that the Serbs murdered 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica.

But there is also The Dutch Report which these media outlets seem to have stuffed deep into the unknown recesses of their filing cabinets. Thanks to Mick Tanzer a regular reader for sending details of this report to 4international. 

“Then there is this astonishing and explosive material from the Dutch “Netherlands Institute for War Documentation” Report [from 2002]This blows the lid off of how Clinton, Albright, the Western media and NATO created the Srebrenica Big Lie:


This report by obviously staid conservative type people has been an absolute eye-opener. This is material that the liars on Harry’s Place will never ever go near.

It is written in a certain way but if time is spent on it there is all the evidence therein that the Media, Dutch and British politicians or one can say almost the whole EU political class, created this Srebrenica Hoax story between them.


I placed my comments in brackets. This is really an analysis of some parts of the report where I draw out some things that seemed to me specially significant. It is not so easy to follow and place all the pieces together. To help I have started by naming some of the main characters which I have simply culled from the story.




First… 2 organizations that the report tends to lump together…UNHCR and the International Red Cross


From Zagreb, a combined team of the Human Rights Office of Civil Affairs and the UN Centre for Human Rights


The ‘Bosnian State Commission for the collection of information on war crimes’


The Tribunal,


Amnesty International


A number of smaller NGOs.


(The Dutch Report adds the following little comment about these groups and note we have a NEW group presented to us…how many were there operating like scavengers in that Tuzla. Tuzla was under the control of the US Imperialists, by the way…Some of these were eager to publicize their findings as soon as possible. As early as 31 July, for instance, the US Committee on Refugees published an extensive report on the ‘death march’ from Srebrenica based on interviews conducted by its staff member Bill Frelick in Tuzla and the surroundings)


UNHCR Protection Officer Manca de Nissa


Christoph Girod of the International Red Cross


Again and for my emphasis…a mixed team from Civil Affairs/Human Rights Office (HRO) and UNCHR mostly from Zagreb


And from there…


Ken Bizer from Civil Affairs


HRO staff member Peggy Hicks. (Please note this name very carefully. When the evidence was showing no killings at all by the Serbs, and she admitted this, she began to claim the very opposite in her reports)


Swiss investigator R. Salvisberg, UNCHR Bosnia coordinator based in Sarajevo


T. Mazowiecki, the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights who arrived in Tuzla on 22 July, and was required to facilitate a visit to Izetbegovic’s military men, that is military men from the “safe area” which was Srebrenica.



We said in the article that the Dutch report was written in “careful” language. These are no revolutionaries who write this report but I am reminded of something that Leon  Trotsky stated about the Social Democrats (Labourites) in Norway where he sought refuge for over a year in the 1930s. Trotsky was of the opinion that the older more traditional conservative had more principles than the new whipper snappers (Blair’s New Labour comes to mind also). This is how I feel about this report also. They are no revolutionaries but they do have certain principles and a tendency towards truth which appeals to us. Consequently they the writers of the report use a reserved style. Nevertheless what they are saying, and sometimes it needs a little reading between the lines, is of great importance for our argument that the whole Srebrenica Massacre claim is a total hoax. If they sometimes lose their nerve at the enormity of what they are saying and who they are challenging then we will be ready to step in and take up the slack.


Without going over the whole report word for word I will take the first two paragraphs of the section dealing with the refugees in Tuzla. You will notice the reserved, almost understated, style that is used, but I hope to show that despite this their meaning is crystal clear if the reader only takes the time to ponder on the thought therein.


[begin quote here]


Investigations among Displaced Persons

These methodological problems, as well as the hindrances created by the Bosnian authorities, also confronted the interviewers who approached the Displaced Persons for information on behalf of various organizations.

(Methodological problems indeed! And the report writers get straight to the point, and the jugular, of the Islamist Bosnian leaders. If they were claiming a massacre then why on earth if there was a massacre would the Islamist leaders be placing “hindrances” in front of the investigators. By all the laws of common sense that does not make sense of any kind. Except it was phoney and they were “constructing” a massacre, a fake massacre. Think about it!)

Important roles were assigned to UNHCR and the International Red Cross, but they were joined from Zagreb by a combined team of the Human Rights Office of Civil Affairs and the UN Centre for Human Rights. Furthermore various other bodies were active, such as the ‘Bosnian State Commission for the collection of information on war crimes’, as well as the Tribunal, Amnesty International and a number of smaller NGOs.

(The vital two words in the above are “but” and “Furthermore”. It is the grammar which conveys the message. The first two organizations mentioned had “important roles” which “were assigned” to them and then there is the “but” and the “furthermore”. There is no doubt that the report is extremely annoyed with the plethora of groups all with their own agenda who descended upon Tuzla. This will become very clear as we go further.)

Some of these were eager to publicize their findings as soon as possible. As early as 31 July, for instance, the US Committee on Refugees published an extensive report on the ‘death march’ from Srebrenica based on interviews conducted by its staff member Bill Frelick in Tuzla and the surroundings.[1]

(And publishing as soon as possible in the eyes of the report means publishing on the basis of biassed evidence, because the rule of the game is that they were only talking to biased Muslims. The seriousness of this becomes clear later)

Due to the nature of their work most of the organizations were cautious about publicizing politically sensitive information. UNHCR was less reserved in this respect and several times its spokespersons released details from the ‘unconfirmed reports’ by Displaced Persons.

(Look at what has happened! The report began with 2 main investigating organizations, plus a lot more that they definitely are in conflict with. But within the space of a few sentences one of these two is failing miserably their test of intellectual rigour. That is the UNHCR. In the eyes of this report that leaves just the one, the Red Cross. But later it too seems suspect on some issues so that leaves…well precisely none!)

This included the suspicion that the VRS had used Dutchbat uniforms to mislead refugees.[2] Serious research, however, was commenced only on 21 July after Protection Officer Manca de Nissa had arrived in Tuzla. He submitted his report a week later, based on 70 interviews with both normal Displaced Persons and survivors of the march. Manca de Nissa did not however draw any conclusions about possible large-scale murders.[3]

(And there you have it. The only “serious research” strictly opposes any idea of “massacre”)

(It is all very understated, very reserved, but I tell you these people behind this report are creating the best defence that Radovan Karadzic could ever find)


[end quote here]



Yet, as you might expect, the report does have weakness and contradiction.


Take this which follows immediately on from the above paragraph There are many things here, most good, not all.



[start quote here]


It was much more difficult for an organization such as the International Red Cross to publicize findings. The strictly observed neutrality ruled out any statements that could be given a political slant. (Which raises the question what other way is there to carry out investigations. That they mention like this shows how they disapprove of what was taking place under the name of journalism) Another factor in this case was that the delegates were too familiar with the Bosnian propaganda (this is the Islamist leadership of Izetbegovic who dates back to Himmler and El Husseini in the Holocaust) and thus usually regarded the rumours issuing from Tuzla with great suspicion. (They are not beating around the bush here. The report is saying that the Red Cross is aware of the dishonesty of the Islamists)In a communiqué on 14 July, three days after the fall of the enclave, nothing was said about missing persons or possible summary executions. Nevertheless, staff of the International Red Cross had already gathered much information by this time. Although the International Red Cross had no official access to the men who arrived in Tuzla from 16 July onwards, staff had in fact spoken to several of them. A communiqué of 19 July however mentioned only that the International Red Cross demanded of the Bosnian Serbs that it be given access to prisoners. Still no mention was made of deaths. (So after much investigation by 19 July not a word about deaths. Why not? Because there was no unbiassed evidence that there were deaths, meaning massacres)But according to Christoph Girod of the International Red Cross the pressure was increasing.[4] Consequently, at a press conference on 31 July, Girod referred to the fact that there were 5000 to 6000 missing persons with the statement: ‘We have no indications of this whatsoever’. (They are flagging the pressure from the lies of the Media. They make a mistake in the above, surely they mean “allegation” not “fact”. Otherwise it doesnot make sense)It was only on 14 August that the International Red Cross first dared to publicly mention the possibility of executions.[5] (Note the “possibility” of executions. Who is arguing! But possibility is very far from fact! Surely!


[end quote here]


Then the conflict between the Red Cross and the UN groups from Croatia. The real reason is not given here.


There is the mention that Tizer was refused permision to visit Srebrenica. That is Tizer from the Croatian base. Why did the Serbs do this? Real reason is that Tizer and this whole mob from Croatia’s Zagreb were CIA. In investigating Roy Gutman, the journalist who wrote those false stories for the New York Times, the same issue came up. These are also the days when the US cum CIA are beginning (or more accurately finessing) their cooperation with the Fascist ethnic cleansing of the Krajina, the biggest single such act since the last world war!


But this report in very short measure lays bare the whole truthful mechanism of where this Srebrenica Hoax stary was constructed step by step. Armed as we are with that evidence that Clinton and Izetbegovic hatched the idea of a Massacre of 5000 Muslims by the Serbs in taking Srebrenica long before…we can see this being put in place in these two devastating paragraphs. Sure there are plenty more details to come but essentially it is all here.


[begin report here]


Salvisberg’s team initially took a random approach, with evaluations taking place each day, after which the work became more systematic. The investigators chose a gentle, passive approach. They asked who wanted to talk to them, and then interviewed these people. According to Salvisberg they were not after ‘sexy stories like the ones in the press’.[10] A total of five women came forward who said they had been raped. In general the stories of those who had been transported away in buses were relatively ‘uneventful’. They had experienced few incidents. A picture gradually emerged, but the main question was whether the reported executions were isolated incidents or indications of a widespread phenomenon. It was also very difficult to gain a picture of the number who had been executed, but things certainly gave cause for concern, according to the investigator Peggy Hicks of the Human Rights Office of Civil Affairs in Zagreb.[11]

After about a week the investigators of the two UN organizations noticed that their respondents had been told what to say; they suspected that these instructions came from the Bosnian authorities. The gist of these prompted stories was that the Serbs and the UN (not specifically the Dutch) had been the bad guys, who had ‘sold out’ the people of the enclave. At this time Salvisberg had not yet heard any criticism of the actions of the people’s own Muslim soldiers. It was to be some days before the first stories emerged which also assigned blame to the Bosnian government.[12]

[end quote here]


Do I have to comment on that? I hardly think so!





After a few days the team of investigators started looking for men who had entered the Safe Areas following the march. They visited a camp full of soldiers outside Tuzla. This proved a difficult affair: the authority of T. Mazowiecki, the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights who arrived in Tuzla on 22 July, was required to facilitate this visit. This solved only part of the problem: the interviewers were not permitted to approach people themselves but were ‘accompanied’ by the Muslim authorities. ‘They were presented to us’, reported the investigator Hicks. This was supposedly to save the investigators’ time. ‘It made me feel very uneasy’, said Hicks later[13]

Other investigators shared her experience. According to R. (Roman) Wieruszewski of the UNCHR office in Sarajevo, one of the consequences of this ‘accompaniment’ was that everyone with whom he and his colleagues spoke claimed that he had been unarmed. In later interviews conducted independently of the authorities the interviewees generally declared that of course they had carried weapons, otherwise they would not have survived the march.[14] Sometimes it was women who said that of course the soldiers had been armed. Salvisberg recounted: ‘They even laughed at us when we asked about this.’ He and the other researchers calculated that of the Muslim men, about one-third had been armed and about two-thirds had been unarmed. They gained the impression that there had been an element of organization in the distribution of the available weapons: ‘You get one, you don’t’, which according to them led to conflicts. Other Displaced Persons reported fights between the Muslim soldiers. There were also reports that Bosnian Muslims had executed Serbs.

The impression gained by the research team was that the soldiers had several prepared standard stories, such as a mass murder of 25 people conducted by the Bosnian Serbs, in which the respondent kept under cover or pretended to be dead. ‘We heard this story ten times or so’, said Salvisberg.[15] Although the reconstruction of the march presented problems, the biggest problem proved to be establishing what had happened to the group in Srebrenica and Potocari.[16]

In the first report send by Hicks on 21 July, she nonetheless concluded that there was sufficient basis ‘to believe that significant human rights violations occurred both before and during the transport from Srebrenica’.[17] Much remained unclear, however. In the final report finished by Hicks on 31 July, the issue of numbers remained open. She could do nothing else than to conclude that further investigations were required.[18] It was only in October 1995, following new revelations in the press, that even she realized what the probable scale of the murder had been.[19]

[end quote here]


Let us look at a few interesting things in the above


  1. The Muslims of Izetbegovic were promoting the Massacre story following the blueprint laid down by Clinton and Izetbegovic that the Serbs must do a massacre of at least 5000 in order to sway American opinion for the US to bomb the Bosnian Serbs
  2. In that case would you not expect free access
  3. So why were the Islamist watchers always watching over what the soldiers said
  4. The thought that they were doing this to help the investigators, make thing flow more smoothly, is a good example of Takkiya (Islamist lies or Islamic deception permitted in the cause)


Let us look at the evidence coming out about a massacre and executions and how Ms Hicks reacted rather strangely


1.      ‘They were presented to us’, reported the investigator Hicks. This was supposedly to save the investigators’ time. ‘It made me feel very uneasy’, said Hicks later. SAYS THE BOULD HICKS!

2.      Anything else making her uneasy? Well, just this little detail:  “The impression gained by the research team was that the soldiers had several prepared standard stories, such as a mass murder of 25 people conducted by the Bosnian Serbs, in which the respondent kept under cover or pretended to be dead. ‘We heard this story ten times or so’, said Salvisberg”.

3.      Meaning according to them at least on 10 different times, maybe more, 10 different Muslim soldiers reported that a batch of 25 were shot, and each time the character crawled out when the coast was clear and made his way to Tuzla to tell his story, and his, and his, and his etc etc. The response ov any sane investigator to this might be “What a f…ing concoction”

4.      Yet Hicks does not write up anu of this when she comes to report but she joins in the Islamist lie machine “In the first report send by Hicks on 21 July, she nonetheless concluded that there was sufficient basis ‘to believe that significant human rights violations occurred both before and during the transport from Srebrenica’.”




This fairly caught my eye but like much else in this Dutch report it is mentioned in passing and no examination of the implications.


So consider the following:


“After a few days the team of investigators started looking for men who had entered the Safe Areas following the march. They visited a camp full of soldiers outside Tuzla. This proved a difficult affair: the authority of T. Mazowiecki, the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights who arrived in Tuzla on 22 July, was required to facilitate this visit.”


I remember a pop song of about 20 years ago. It was about a guy who was “living next door to Alice” for about 20 years and all about his angst. Anyway it was recut and interposed at regular intervals was the almost scream “Who the F…k is Alice!”


And here I felt like screaming “Who the f..k is T. Mazowieki”.


This Special Rapporteur for Human Rights, who was this guy, as the only one who could get the investigators in to talk to the Muslim soldiers from Srebrenica. The report tells us nothing. Does not even raise an eyebrow at this but it cries out for an explanation. They are a strange lot, these investigators!


I would want to know everything about this Human Rights guy, and as somebody with obvious sway with the Izetbegovic, what on earth was he doing investigating the Serbs committing war crimes!




So it appears that Mazowiecki had something that no other investigator had. He had the ability to enter the investigating group into the Muslim soldiers camp. There the investigators could talk to the soldiers if the soldiers had somebody from the Muslim side Islamist leadership watching.


After that then why am I not so very surprised at all that this then happened


[begin quote here]


Remind you again about this Human Rights character


After a few days the team of investigators started looking for men who had entered the Safe Areas following the march. They visited a camp full of soldiers outside Tuzla. This proved a difficult affair: the authority of T. Mazowiecki, the Special Rapporteur for Human Rights who arrived in Tuzla on 22 July, was required to facilitate this visit.


And the conflicting reports:


Typical of the problems in defining the events shortly after the fall were the statements made by two high-ranking UN officials in Tuzla. The Peruvian diplomat H. Wieland, the highest official of the UN Centre for Human Rights in the region, said on 23 July that ‘we have not found anyone who saw with their own eyes an atrocity taking place’.[20] On the same day, however, the Special Rapporteur for human rights, Tadeus Mazowiecki, also declared in Tuzla that ‘barbaric’ acts had taken place

[end quote here]


Either one of these two is lying. Which do you believe? Do you believe the UN guy from Peru? Or do you believe the Human Rights guy who has a special relationship with Islamofascist Izetbegovic?


No. don’t answer! I am just teasing! Even to a 9 year old it is a no brainer! The “Special Reporteur of Human Rights, Tadeus Mazowiecki, smelled to high heaven and was obviously a piece of human garbage which Soros had picked up somewhere!


And there you have the quandary that the Serbs side were in. No matter the evidence, or total lack of evidence, the Hicks and Mazowieckis of this world were going to knife the Serbs





Hicks and Mazowiecki were obviously working to a script. But let us not overlook the role of the mass media.


We will deal with this separately since it is so huge. But let me just say that in recent days I have went through the past files of the Irish newspapaer of record, the Irish Times. There are many hundreds of major articles on the Irish Times, all paid for by The Irish Times. All support the thesis, and there are no exceptions to this, that the Serbs massacred 8000 men and boys on taking the town. They are as crude as that. There are no exceptions and not one doubt or question raised.


Harry’s Place is part of the Media. It was founded under the inspiration of leading Times writer Oliver Kamm. All of the British Media are connected with Harry’s Place. They all sing from the same hymm sheet.


So on the issue of raising any doubts about this Srebrenica issue…well do they? No!


Best seen in this from  regulars there, one called called Morgoth. His language is very violent, although they are all violent in thought, which makes me think that violence in words will be followed by violence in action. In other words an incipient fascist mentality is at work on Harry’s Place. The Sarah Franco seems a most unwomanly woman. Such language! The “Lenin” is somebody from the renegade group SWP based in London.


Morgoth is a man or woman I do not know except that they are from Northern Ireland:



Sarah Franco




  22 July 2008, 4:53 am

you don’t have the monopoly over slavophilia.

the bosnian muslims who got murdered, raped, tortured, expelled from their homes and humiliated in all kinds of ways by Radovan’s people ARE SLAVES TOO!

my friends who CRYED OF JOY over the phone with me right after whe got the news ARE SLAVES TOO. in facts they are trues serbs, daughers and grand daughters of serbs.

fascist nacionalist serbs don’t have the monopoly over serbdom, they tryed ti apropriate and destroy serbian national identity, but in Serbia there are very decent people who in the end will be the ones that will push for a tolerant society based on civic not ethnic values…

Sarah Franco




  22 July 2008, 5:19 am


the serbian government is preparing itself to chalenge the Independence of Kosova in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by demanding the General Assembly of the UN to ask for an advisory opinion on the legal value of the Declaration of independence according to International Law.

I am quite confidente about it, because it is my opinion that the Indepencence of Kosova does not break international law, as I wrote in an article of which I published an excerpt on my blog:

The complete article is in portuguese.

Sovereigny does not entitle any state to dispose of the lives and human rights of the people who live in it, and the principle of self-determination is also a principle recognized by international law. Acording to the Helsinki Final Act, both rights are recognized, but the act clearly states that Sovereigny is submited to the requirement of respect for human rights.

So, what will probably happen is that the court will declare that in its opinion the Independence does not violate international law.

then the serbian progressive forces will have a strong argument to move on, recognize Kosova and develop a constructive relationship with Prishtina;

The other states who are refraining from recognition for fear of its legal implicatons regarding international law will have a good reason to recognize Kosova;

Those who will keep not recognizing will find themselves in the position of violator of the International law (in this respect see the work of nternational jurist Allain Pellet)…

As for the EU, Serbia will join only when Kosova joins, because for most EU countries, who recognized Kosova, the recognition means that for them the country called Serbia does not include Kosova, so they will not allow Serbia to get in and then behave in an obstructive manner. Once a new State gets recognized, there is no way back. It is simply not possible to revoke or witdraw an Act of recognition.





  22 July 2008, 6:34 am

Absolutely fantastic, wonderful, almost unbelievable news. Too late, for sure, but a step in the right direction.

I sincerely thought that he would never have been captured, for various reasons, but let us hope:

(a) Mladic is not too far behind,

(b) the trial is just, he gets a long sentence, the crimes committed by the “Republika Srpska” authorities at his behest are made widely known and seen to be duly punished

and (ultimately, although more of a long-term aspiration, in fact, most importantly)

(c) the illegitimate and loathsome entity he founded, a shrine to those to that believe that people of different religions must live in separate states, founded upon ethnic cleansing and mass-murder and denial of citizenship, rather than in a civil, multinational state, where the equal status of all individuals is guaranteed and one’s “nationality” or “ethnicity” or religious allegiance is irrelevant, is wound up as soon as possible, and that the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is reestablished on that basis, rather than on the basis of the treacherous nationalist-murderer-appeasing Dayton Accords.

Let us also hope that

(a) the trial isn’t drawn out and shambolic a la Slobo – for this is too important: this man *unlike Milosevic* is at the heart of the atrocities committed all over Eastern and Northern Bosnia

(b) he doesn’t succeed in becoming a rallying point for nationalist bigots whether of the western european or serb variety

(c) this trial gives a much needed boost to the name of international justice, and international tribunals

(d) Greece stops fucking up everything in the Balkans that might ensure greater stability across the region

and a lot more too

(I recommend any apologists for Karazdic – of whom I fear there may well be many here: harry’s place has never so been disgusting in the people it attracts as of late, noxious bigots and extremists aplenty * – oh – and I don’t mean John Palubiski here: he is neither of those things, although I think he is wildly wrong – or rather illinformed about the Balkans – on most other matters he is spot on. God bless him: go and read some of Karazdic’s abysmal poetry – it is nothing if not frank, at times, about his intentions: I suggest you start with “let’s go down to the city (=sarajevo) and kill some scum”)

Can we also finally cut the crap about pretending that “Bosnian”, “Croatian”, “Serbian” and (holy mother of god) “Montenegrin” are separate languages now?
(Not aimed at anyone here – but rather in the direction of the Miljacka)



M o r g o t h




  22 July 2008, 10:23 am

What Ven, David All (gasp) and Marko (even bigger gasp) have said.

I would prefer that he NOT go on trial however – my prefered solution is either a) to put him in the same room as some survivors of Srebenica or b) just shoot the genocidal bastard.

And yes, where is JP?



M o r g o t h




  22 July 2008, 10:28 am

.A photograph of what seems to be him doing an alternative medicine conference, on stage has been shown.

And to top it all off the genocidal bastard was a homeopath as well?


[end quote from Harry’s Place website]


Morgoth is all too typical of the British Media of which Harry’s Place is connected. His is but a cruder version of the Serb Hatred which is so pronounced in The Times, The Independent and The Guardian, while our own, The Irish Times is the same.


I do not usually spend so much time on Harry’s Place but you can see if the British Media are anything like that then Serbs are really up against an incipient Fascist Force!


Swiss investigator R Salvisberg referred to precisely this issue of journalist lies in the report:


[begin quote here]There were other problems too. The investigation was considerably hindered by the journalists present. Anyone could walk in and out of the relief camps. According to the Swiss investigator R. Salvisberg, UNCHR Bosnia coordinator based in Sarajevo, the journalists encouraged the Displaced Persons to say what they wanted to hear. In his eyes the media were engaged in ‘a sensational hunt’ for the worst crime, and this would then be published in the papers. As a result Salvisberg and his colleagues were constantly working in the wake of newspaper headlines and television sound-bites (however strange it sounds, televisions were soon present in the camp too).[8] The investigators noticed in the process that the journalists were strongly focussed on Dutchbat. This possible distortion made it difficult to discern what the Displaced Persons had experienced themselves and what they were repeating from other sources.


[end quote here]


The situation in this camp of those Muslims who had been bussed by the Serbs from Srebrenica to Tuzla, which was a safe area for the Muslims controlled by the Muslim Government. This was a Civil War situation and far from creating a massacre the Serbs were being kind and looking after “civilians”.


It soon became clear that these “civilians” were part of the war on the Serbs, part of the Jihad against the Serbs and the Othodox religion. This is not surprising if you remove the lies. From precisely this area of Srebrenica Naser oric had ruled supreme and was hailed as a hero by precisely these “civilians”. From this base Naser Oric organized the murder of 3800 ordinary Serb peasant men women and children in the years from 1992 to 1995 and this must indeed have been common knowledge in such a confined and confessional area as was Islamist Srebrenica.


I have no doubt that when General Mladic arrived with buses and safe transport these “civilians” were mightily relieved.


Once ensconsed in Tuzla they began to pay back this Serb kindness and sense of folowing Geneva by teaming up with the Media and promoting the worst slanders against the Serbs as a people.


Swiss man Salvisberg who unlike Margoth was present and in close touch as an investigator with what was happening was very aware of these lies being promoted by the Media and by these “civilians”. I place in parenthesis because it is obvious that the division between civilian and soldier in modern war is much overestimated.


He refers to as: “‘a sensational hunt’ for the worst crime, and this would then be published in the papers. As a result Salvisberg and his colleagues were constantly working in the wake of newspaper headlines and television sound-bites (however strange it sounds, televisions were soon present in the camp too”.


This was a shark feeding frenzy and the victims in this case was all things Serb.


In fact to use the shark analogy does a disservice to sharks which kill only to live as part of nature.


As opposed to that natural phenomenon what you have seen in Margoth on Hary’s Place, on Kamm, on Hoare, on David Taub and on Gene is something entirely different. It is an abnormal hatred of a people. My jewish friends will be horrified to learn that both Taub and are actually Jewish. They partake of Margoth frenzy against the Serbs. It is as if the history of their own race has taught them not a thing!


The material in the report dealing with the Dutch ruling class bourgeois politicians like Plonk is a real eyeopener.


It is dealt with in extreme detail in the report. Let me put it simply.


These EU type politicians like Plonk were filled with hatred against Milosevic and the Serbs. For much the same reason that they are filled with hatred against the Jews of Israel.


It concerns nation. Every one of these EU political classes has sold out their national rights for economic gain, to be part of the reactionary EU cartel, which discriminates against the poor of Adrica, Asia and China. It discriminates also against the US but as a giant power it is able to look after its own interests.


They hate the Serbs and the Jews for various reasons, communism, orthodoxy, judaism, but the deeper reason concerns nationality. The Serbs and the Jews of Israel are not about to surrender their nationality no matter what monetary temptations are brandished. True they have their quislings, but the battle on that front is not yet played out.


Pleas read carefully all of the report re Plonk and his associate bourgeois EU political types. You will notice that when Plonk visited the area he made a bee line for the Muslims from Srebrenica and he talked only with them, and with other EU tupes hanging around Srebrenica. Plonk was a dhimmi and was entering into a relationship precisely with Islam.


Note that on his visit to Tuzla that Plonk never did talk to his own countrymen in the UN force. Now is that not indeed remarkable. For an unbiassed account of what happened in Srebrenica would you not think that would be the first port of call.


But the Dutch UN soldiers were always singing from a different hymm sheet than Plonk. They were saying that there was something very dubious about the way that the Islamist army operated. Questions like “Why did they clear out and surrender without a fight”


And then stories about “massacre appeared. The soldiers had saw nothing of this.


This contradicts totally the US, EU and Islamist line. But if Plonk on the other hand had tavelled across to Yugoslavia in order to pin a war crime on the Serbs, for whatever reason, then it becomes a little more understandable.


If it was war crime against the Serbs Plonk was after then the very last people he would speak to would be his own soldiers, his own country men. After allthey were unbiassed.


It seems reasonable then to conclude that Plonk wished to evade talking to his own Dutch soldiers at all costs. Looking for the war crime against the Serbs he made a beeline to that Media shark feeding frenzy in the Muslim camp (Once again apologies to sharks)


Was he doing this for ambition and self interest. We are talking about a particularly low form of animal life here. Blair and Bush lie to the world to make war in Iraq. Milliband at the first opportunity stabs Brown in the back in order to attain the stinking job of British PM. Let us not be too severe on Plonk. Pity perhaps is more in order.


But Plonk did go across to do a job on the Serbs and up to now he has succeeded because the Srebrenica Hoax took off like the proverbial rocket.


The Report draws this all out admirably and only somebody really blind could not spot it.


Consider the wealth of detail in the following:


[begin quote here]


On 21 July he had attended the international Bosnia Conference in London. He had an informal meeting with General Smith, who informed him confidentially that he feared the worst for the men still missing, even if hard proof was still lacking: ‘He was the first from the military sector who told me informally, “I think they’ve murdered two to three thousand men.” I don’t know how he knew it, but he also said, “I don’t have any hard facts, but things aren’t right. There are too many men missing.” That was on 21 July. He also said, “I don’t precisely know why I’m saying this, but it’s my feeling, intuition”.’[26] Strengthened by this information and the knowledge that Dutchbat had now left the Republika Srpska, Voerhoeve then issued strong accusations directed at the Bosnian Serbs: ‘Genocide means murder of a group, and that is what the Bosnian Serbs are doing’.[27] In the NOS television news of that evening he explained his words further:

‘We now no longer have any constraints on the things we can say. We know that very serious things have happened in Srebrenica. We don’t have the full picture yet, but I fear that hundreds if not thousands have died. There’s no longer any need to keep our voices down. We know that very serious things have happened and we also want them fully investigated on behalf of the Tribunal that is to investigate war crimes. I believe that serious war crimes have indeed taken place.’[28]

The reactions of some Dutchbat personnel to these statements were so fierce that a rather nonplussed Voerhoeve had to back-pedal

Etc etc

[end quote here]


So we note


1.      Always the Brits. Always the perfidy of Albion raises its stinking carcass in every world situation. Smith has no evidence. This Dutch political assasin Voerhoeve knows that Smith has no evidence but such is their hatred of the Serbs they concoct a story anyway

2.      And the guts of this evidence that Smith gave to idiot Voerhoeve ran along the lines of “I don’t know how he knew it, but he also said, “I don’t have any hard facts, but things aren’t right”


And of course it was without any hard soft or in between kind of facts that the whole Srebrenica Massacre hoax was raised.


It makes me wonder are we really talking here about a Massacre or are we talking about something rather different. Is it not the complete break down of human law and human values that is at stake inthis discussion. A move towards Fascist forms of rule such as was experienced as the Nazis took power. It is not a repeat. History never repeats itself precisely.


But ti is clear that Smith has no evidence (he says so), Plonk had no unbiassed evidence (as we have showed), Voerhoeve has no evidence (he also says so and states that Smith tells him clearly that he has no evidence)




And yet this Hoax story took off to such an extent that in hundreds and hundreds of major articles in the Irish newspaper of Record The Irish Times since 1995 not one does other than accept totally the Srebrenica Massacre story.


Surely must be a new low for the human race










  1. Felix, your latest posts are so detailed and researched in such astounding depth it is quite amazing. It is admirable what you have achieved here on 4International which I believe will aid you in building a mass movement.

    I have found this item below which I hope you will find intriguing and informative. It concerns how in Srebrenica, Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander who took orders from Izetbegovic in Sarajevo -, was busy conducting a policy of RAPING HIS OWN MUSLIM TEENAGE GIRLS in the town!!

    Imagine this: the Muslim girls were so sick of being raped that they decided to flee from such barbarity. Have a guess where these Muslim girls ran to for help – no not NATO troops serving in the US – but to the BOSNIAN SERBS who the lying media were claiming were supposedly “mass rapists” and “besieging” Srebrenica!


    This is an article that appeared in the Scottish newspaper, “The Scotsman”, in 1994. I have also taken the liberty of providing you with a link to Peter Robert North’s comments on the Scotsman article which also appeared on Neil Craig’s site:

    Here is the Scotsman article with an introduction by Peter Makara of Emperor’s Clothes fame:

    Srebrenica sex slaves

    Some people who belonged to this so-called [Oric] mafia also had nasty practices in other areas. Some ABiH [Bosnian Muslim Army] heavyweights, such as Oric himself, used the prestige and power they enjoyed among a large part of the population to get young girls, often no older than 14 or 15 years old, to provide sexual services. They often had a number of brief relationships with girlfriends, whilst their wives were outside the enclave. There was a lot of prostitution and sexual abuse. From the moment the Canadian battalion arrived, reports came in of girls offering themselves to Canadian soldiers or being offered by their fathers or brothers in exchange for food, cigarettes and the like. Later, during the Dutchbat period, Oric’s own soldiers appeared to be their most important clients.

    The above quote is from:
    Dutch Government Report
    Chapter 7: “Dutchbat in the enclave – the local perspective”



    Escaping rape in Srebrenica


    The Scotsman
    16 April 1994

    Published under title:
    “Fear and Loathing in Srebrenica”


    For fair use only
    Published under the provision of
    U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.

    NOTE: The subtitles are ours.


    Escape to the Serbian side
    This is the story of a girl who was raped in the midst of a civil war, not by her enemies, but by men who claimed to protect her.

    The brutality and horror of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been measured over the last two bloodstained years, less by death and wounds, but by rape. Almost from the first fighting, rape – actual, threatened and rumoured – became a tool of terror and control. Now, in the chaos and lawlessness of the Muslim enclaves in southern Bosnia, a new pattern of the same crime is emerging.

    Only a few survivors have yet been able to testify to these latest events. One of them is Vehida Dedic. Raped and beaten by a gang of men led by the Bosnian Muslim commander of Srebrenica, Naser Oric, she was left with no-one to turn to in her own town. For her, crossing the lines into the hands of an army which was shelling the people around her, was the only means of escape.


    Safe among the Serbs

    A rotund, gentle, elderly man, a lawyer from Belgrade, sits in the cramped, dusty office of a disused factory in the Bosnian Serb town of Bratunac. Opposite him is a tall, thick-set young Serb soldier, toying with a handgun, slumped in a chair. A diminutive 15 year-old girl enters and the two men stiffen. They each know why she is here.

    The soldier is the girl’s temporary warder. She is, after all, an object of some curiosity in Bratunac [a Serbian town next to Srebrenica]: an infiltrator from across the nearby front-line. The lawyer is here to take a statement for Yugoslavia’s own War Crimes Tribunal. Vehida Dedic, visibly in pain and with one side of her face swollen by toothache, tells her story.

    “I was desperate. I realised that I couldn’t live there any more … I was thinking of committing suicide.” As fighting spread across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vehida and her family had fled from their village of Pobudje to the nearby Muslim enclave of Srebrenica. Vehida, initially in makeshift refugee accommodation, had recently found space – although no protection – in a house in the centre of Srebrenica. It was there that she met the town’s commander.

    Muslim commander’s bordello

    “Two months ago, I moved to that house. I lived there until the first of April. Every second evening or so, Naser Oric used to come, usually with a different woman. He was always followed into the house by three Muslim soldiers.”

    “On the 27th of March, they came again. I made coffee, as the housekeeper told me to. Then the three soldiers ordered me to another room. I knew their names: Safet, Serd and Ibro, [all Muslim names] boys of 20 years, all three from the village of Glogove. When I entered the room, the soldiers told me to strip off, lie down on the bed and have sex with them. I started protesting. I tried to free myself. At one point, I tried to jump through the window; this was upstairs. Safet caught me and started to beat me on the face and body. Then all three started to beat me and take off my clothes. That’s how they stripped me naked. Safet was the first to rape me. After that, Serd and Ibro raped me as well.”

    Vehida’s quiet, measured voice continues, weakened only by her swollen mouth. She holds back tears and stares into the lawyer’s eyes. She remains outwardly calm. “By the end, I was unconscious. I came round before dawn. I realised that I was alone and naked, and the door of the room was open. The rape started around eight in the evening. I don’t know when they left the room.”

    “At first, I couldn’t stand up. Then I dressed, and went to find the housekeeper. When I found her I told her what had happened, but she just laughed at me. In the morning, Commander Oric came back, so I told him what his comrades had done to me. He hit me and swore at me.”

    Vehida Dedic’s only culpability had been to trust those around her. Now, she was to be victimised by all. “I went to the Muslim police, to complain to them. But when I told them what happened, they shouted ‘Get out of here!’ and threw me out of the police station. ‘You have complained to Naser’, they said ‘If he didn’t help you, nobody can!'”

    Human shield for terrorists

    Naser Oric, the 24 year-old army commander of Srebrenica, first came to prominence in March, 1993. At that time, the charismatic UNPROFOR General, Philippe Morillon, demanded that – if the town was to become a so-called “safe area” – then Naser Oric must hand over his weapons to the Canadian UNPROFOR troops. Oric dismissed the demand and halted the evacuation of the town’s women and children. Faced with angry demonstrations as the townsfolk stampeded on to UN trucks, the Muslim commander said that he would “screw up those convoys”, preferring to maintain a human shield of 9,000 civilians for Srebrenica’s 8,000 fighters.

    Once she had been publicly victimised, Vehida Dedic had no future in Srebrenica. But she had the idea to escape, inspired by two other rape survivors, from a chance encounter: “I met two girls who had been in Bratunac and wanted to get back to Srebrenica, in a prisoner exchange. Their nicknames were Ceca and Buba. They came from the village of Tegere. They told me that they were okay in Bratunac, but when they came back to Srebrenica they had both been raped. When they complained to the police like I did, the police told them to go to Naser.”

    The U.N. treats civilians – as hostages!

    Vehida persuaded a girlfriend, Serifa, [also a muslim] to come with her on the five mile walk across the front-line, to Bratunac. But by this time – under Naser Oric’s instructions, and with the active compliance of the UN – Srebrenica had effectively become a prison. The walk was almost suicidal. “The only way out was down the main road from Srebrenica to [the Serb held] Bratunac. If we went into the hills, someone could have shot us. There were Muslim positions there. We could have found some Muslim soldiers who could have killed us. So we went down the street.”

    “Myself and Serifa walked out from Srebrenica. But, when we came to the UN guards, they prevented us from going on and told us that they would shoot at us. They were very short with us. They ordered us to go back to Srebrenica … but we didn’t want to go.”

    Rescued from a minefield

    “So the two of us agreed to bypass the UN guards. We crossed a stream about five kilometres from their post and went on our way to Serbian territory … where the Serbian soldiers were posted. At about half past twelve we reached their positions. A Serb soldier saw us and beckoned. Then we saw that we were in the middle of a minefield. We asked the soldier to come and take us out … so that we didn’t step on a mine. He came and took us to the Serb guns. The Serb soldiers gave us gave us food. Then they took us to Bratunac by car. Sarifa was taken to hospital, she was pregnant.”

    The lawyer completes his notes. The statement is concluded. But now, what will happen to Vehida? What can be done for someone so totally dispossessed? “In no way would I ever go back to Srebrenica … I want, if I can, to stay here and live in Bratunac. But if they won’t let me, I’ll go on, to Valjevo, to see my grandmother … she’s called Dessa Mehmedovic.” But no-one knew if Dessa Mehmedovic was still alive.

    [End quote.]

  2. Here is P.R.North’s comment on the above Scotsman article:

    [begin quote here]

    Thanks for the Scotsman article from 1994, ‘anonymous’. Excellent article. Even I was not aware of this Bosnian muslim girl’s account of being raped by Naser Oric’s troops. So here we have a Bosnian muslim girl running AWAY from Izetbegovic’s so-called muslim “heroes” and “defenders” of Srebrenica after being gang-raped by them.

    According to the Guardian/ITN/BBC portrayal of the Serbs around Srebrenica as being “systematic mass rapists” and “genocidal mass murderers”, the LAST THING in the world any sane muslim Bosnian girl would do would be to run TOWARDS the Serbs after being raped!!

    And yet here in your ‘Scotsman’ post we have a harrowing account of a muslim girl being gang raped by her FELLOW MUSLIMS and having reported it to the Bosnian muslim police in Srebrenica – who showed their “understanding” and “sympathy” by yelling at her and throwing her out of the police station – so she had no choice but to seek refuge and safety with the Bosnian SERBS!!

    The above also helps us to understand why the so-called muslim “defenders” of Srebrenica – headed by Islamist “warlord” and self-confessed mass murderer of Serbian civilians, Mr. Naser Oric himself – ABONDONED their women and children in Izetbegovic’s orchestrated “fall” of the town and left them to fend for themselves, being totally at the mercy of Ratko Mladic and the Bosnian Serb VRS army. So what did the Serbs under Mladic do? Did the Serbs do what Naser Oric and his band of Islamist Nazi thugs did to the Serbs for 3 years around Srebrenica?

    Did the Serbs do what Izetbegovic’s people and the Guardian/ITN/BBC corrupt, racist,lying media whores kept telling the world over and over they were capable of and supposedly doing to the muslims since the war broke out in April 1992: i.e., commit “mass rape”, cut the throats of, behead and burn, the muslim women and children?

    NO!!! Instead unlike Naser Oric’s murderous treatment of the Serbs in and around Srebrenica for the previous THREE YEARS, the Bosnian Serb army under Mladic ORGANIZED BUSES FOR THE SAFE EVACUATION of the muslim women and children!!

    The corrupt media whores at CNN/BBC/ITN and the Guardian referred to this humane treatment -the safe passage of muslim women and children out of harms way – as “ethnic cleansing” (?!)

    Go figure.

    What the corrupt,racist media whores also fail to tell us is that 35,632 +5,000 troops the Izetbegovic Islamists actually ADMITTED made it safely to Tuzla, plus 8,000 supposedly “executed” = 48,632 people. The July 1995 population [i.e BEFORE the enclave “fell” to the Bosnian Serbs] was 40,000 according to the United Nations OWN figures!!

    Nobody, not even the Izetbegovic Islamists or their supporters like Mr.Fraser, can seriously claim with a straight face that Srebrenica had a July 1995 population figure of 48,632 people before it fell.

    Even the notoriously anti-Serbian,anti-Yugoslav NATO-owned Hague ICTY claimed that Srebrenica had a population figure actually even LOWER than the 40,000 cited by the UN [they claim only 37,000!!]

    Since there were 35,632 civilian survivors registered by the UN AFTER the enclave fell, +5,000 troops admitted by the Izetbegovic faction to have made it safely through Izetbegovic’s muslim lines to Tuzla, then if we add 8,000 to that we get 48,632.

    This is way,way over the accepted population figures of both the Hague ICTY of 37,000 people or the UN’s own figure of 40,000 people at the time the events occurred.

    There is no way in hell – even according to the UN’s and the NATO owned ICTY’s own figures that the population of Srebrenica was 48,632 people in July 1995 prior to the Izetbegovic orchestrated “fall” to the Bosnian Serb VRS army.

    See the documented evidence cited in the International Strategic Studies Association’s report “Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis”
    Volume XXIII, No. 62,Friday, June 17, 2005

    PS: From the contents of your post its quite clear you are NOT the same “anonymous” as Mr.Fraser whom regularly posts his pro-Islamist Nazi (i.e., Guardian/ITN/BBC) trash here. Mr. Fraser calls anyone who exposes the Guardian/ITN lies concerning Trnopolje/Omarska and Srebrenica as being “pro-Serb” or “Serbophiles” spreading “mendacious trash” so I thought I’d return the favour and refer to Mr. Fraser and his friends as pro-Islamist Nazi racists).
    # posted by Peter Robert North : July 27, 2006

    NATO owned ICTY tries for a little damage control and PR to counter bad publicity for giving Oric 2 years for killing 3,800+ Serbian civilians from 1992 to 1995 in and around villages adjoining Srebrenica and Gorazde.

    Note the BBC Goebbels style ‘Big Lie’ comment at the end (i.e., without providing any independent proof as usual):

    “Mr Oric’s crimes took place well before the 1995 Bosnian Serb massacre of nearly 8,000 Srebrenica Muslims.”

    [end quote by P.R.North here]

  3. In my first comment above, the third paragraph should read:

    Have a guess where these Muslim girls ran to for help – no not NATO troops serving under the US – but to the BOSNIAN SERBS who the lying media were claiming were supposedly “mass rapists” and “besieging” Srebrenica!

    [ sorry for the typo! 🙂 ]

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