by Felix Quigley

July 5, 2008

Or this could be labelled the strange memory lapses of Penny Marshall. Marshall laughably could not remember hardly anything about the barbed wire. Did the barbed wire surround the ITN team and Vulliamy in the small enclosure that they had entered, or did it surround the whole area, which O’Kane and others were calling a “concentration camp”. She and her photographer, though, had taken a lot of care in composing their infamous photograph with the essential elements 1. a skinny man and 2. barbed wire over his chest. Strange that lapse of memory by Marshall! I mean the barbed wire did figure in her thinking then. The other thing about this report by Deichmann is the admission by the judge in the case.

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Libel for False Television Pictures
© by Thomas Deichmann

Translated by Max Sinclair for

On March 14th 2000 the “High Court” in London found the Chief editor of the British magazine LM (previously Living Marxism ) along with its publisher Helene Guldberg and her publishing house Informinc guilty after eleven days of court room proceedings in a stressful libel case. Continue reading