This is a quote:


As well, the American Left continues to see Israel as an atavistic tribal culture that cannot be permitted to profit from its successful efforts to survive. According to the strangeness of Leftist thought, economic growth, extended or nuclear families, even personal happiness are cultural traits that are going to destroy the world much faster than shrinkage of economic opportunities, single-parent families, compulsive sexuality. Catch an enthusiastic Leftist at a moment when his guard is down and you will find him to be a nihilist in mood, behavior and thought.


From a comment on Israpundit url below


I have asked person to elaborate to give instances of above


I get the feeling some of these people sit around and rant such absolute drivel, but dangerous drivel. it is not harmless.









The US are clearly along with the British and others interfering with the sovereigny of another country. The issue of Iran and Hizbullah are totally separate issues, in this case, where the US Imperialists, Establishment, (choose your term) are gearing up for war, urged on by the deepening gloom in the world capitalist crisis

These issues of Libya, Egypt and now Syria have taught to all of us who love Israel and who defend the Jews that the present leadership connected with the Jews, on a broad scale, are incapable of leading in a principled fashion in this period of growing Fascism, no more than Judaic leaders could defend the Jews against the Fascism of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.

The first task in all of these situations is for Israel to issue a statement saying, and repeating this a thousand times, that it respects the sovereignty of every other country, and since Syria is in the eye of the storm, Israel and Jews must respet the sovereignty of Syria.

On a matter of principle Israela nd Israelis must oppose the interventions of the US in Syria, interventions aimed at overthrowing Assad.

Now also Assad happens to be a secular leaning leader.

This is as everybody knows why the Syrian Christians are part of the large section of the population of Syria which has continued to defend Assad.

This feeling for the secular stands in total conflict with the feeling for Sharia. Sharia is Fascism, a modern form of Fascism, because it is being integrated into the Fascism of the US Governments, and of the EU Governments, and the EU Bureaucracy as a whole.

It beggars belief that any Jew living today, or any Israeli, or Israel supporter, would not defend Assad IN THESE CONDITIONS.

Does this make Israel a friend of Assad or vice versa? Anybody who thinks like this really need to go to political primary school.

Alliances are made and positions of political principle are taken in situations of concrete events. Leon Trotsky defended Haile Selassie against Mussolini and the Nazis. Did this make Trotsky a political defender of the despotism of Selassie?

Israel has had the means to destroy the plutonium enrichment of Iran years ago. It did not and allowed these Fascists to taunt Israel and Jews through its Holocaust Denial.

The same with Hamas and Hizbullah. We all know that Israeli leaders were given the green light by Bush to destroy these Antisemites once and for all and Israel politically speaking could not do that or take the decision to fight to the end.

Is this displacement, over Syria, hiding the constant betrayals of the Jews, their own people. I am certain so.





An Israeli strike on Iran will firmly put her in opposition to Assad. To envisage the only replacement of Assad to be a jihadist regime displays a vivid lack of imagination. It would suit both the US and Russia for a secular leadership to emerge, and the Syrian army could guarantee such an outcome. At present, the overlooked Syrian Democratic Council is positioned in Paris, ready to step up to the plate and assume the mantle of leadership, thus frustrating both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi-backed Wahabis.
They have even made overtures to striking a modus vivendi with Israel.
As the Lubavitcher Rebbe said, “Think good and good may happen.”



and I replied



“Think good and good may happen.”


Just like the Jews arriving at the concentration camp, being separated on the platform, then marched into the gas chmbers, so if these poor unfortunate beings thought good then good MAY happen


FIND IT ON http://www.israpundit.com/archives/47964


That is precisely what the Nazi Guards did, that is precisely the type of sinister psychologial tricks they were trained to use


I do think that the Internet has a lot to answer for. Every idiot under the sun can now sit around on their back sides and belsh out all kinds of scum crap as this.







“Reactions to Today’s Terror Attack on Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria”UN Watch, July 18, 2012

A bus carrying Israeli tourists at Bulgaria’s Burgas airport suddenly exploded today, killing seven and wounding at least 30 more.





• A U.N. spokesperson said that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack “in the strongest possible terms.” In fact, however, the U.N. chief’s choice of terms was weak in comparison to his statement two weeks ago on the bombing of churches in Kenya. In that case, Mr. Ban rightly spoke of “terrorist” attacks, “reprehensible and criminal,” saying the perpetrators “must be held to account.” Yet today he referred only to the deadly “bombing” of Israelis — noticeably declining to describe it as an act of terrorism — and he made no call for holding the perpetrators to account. UN Watch today urged Mr. Ban to clarify his position and to truly use the strongest possible terms to condemn today’s terrorist attack.



• U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has remained silent on today’s attack. By contrast, hours after the Gaza Flotilla incident of 2010, Ms. Pillay expresed her “shock” and condemned Israel. The top story on her office website instead criticizes Western states for how they combat terrorism, with America accused of having “dangerous” laws that violate due process. Supported by a Facebook campaign now going viral, UN Watch called on the High Commissioner to speak out for victims of terrorism, condemn today’s gruesome murders in Bulgaria, and instruct her staff to investigate the perpetrators and hold them fully accountable for the crimes.



• The U.N.’s 47-nation Human Rights Council has also stayed silent. By contrast, in 2004 it wasted no time in convening an emergency session to eulogize Hamas terrorist leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and to condemn Israel. Currently, the council is busy with yet another “fact-finding mission” into alleged Israeli human rights violations. The council has never mandated an inquiry into terrorism or rocket attacks targeting Israelis.


Jews are again being slaughtered. In the first place the suicide bombing in Bulgaria was carried out by an Islamic Antisemite and Jews are being told basically that no matter where you travel you will be murdered, just as the Nazis did in their area of operation.


Of course, Israelis will continue to tell themselves that they can travel. However the security in Bulgaria was non-existent, from the moment the Jews got off the Israeli plane they were totally open to attack, and this means that many Israelis are not living with reality in their minds. They have been blinded by an anti-Jewish Israeli Media. Many Israelis live in a world of illusion.


So whoever it was (using a false Canadian Toronto driving licence) that carried this out, the real culprit is Western Antisemitism


These are all those Western Governments led by Obama who ask Israel to make a “deal” with the “Palestinians” thereby creating a Jihadist state called “Palestine”. But it is the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause who carried out this Bulgarian murder.


This western Antisemitism is everywhere and in everything. All those who call for a Palestinian Arab state are responsible. For example the Spanish El Pais called this an “attack”.


Those on Indymedia Ireland who talk about Mossad and are filled with Conspiracy Theory AGAINST JEWS are also responsible just as much as the human filth who detonated himself in Bulgaria yesterday evening.


And the Arab Spring of Obama, NATO and the west is DIRECTLY responsible.


Obama and the West is and are promoting Muslim Brotherhood Governments, what Marxists used to call Clerical Fascists, to replace the secular leaders like Muammar Gadhafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali and Assad.


The Jews are badly served by their Zionist bourgeois leaders. All are joining in with this replacement of secular by Clerical Fascist. In Syria that is the JIHAD they are joining in with!


JINSA and Ted Belman on Israpundit called for the bombing of Libya and Gadhafi by NATO. Now all Zionists are calling for the replacement of Assad by what must be Clerical Fascist.


Assad (though like all Arabs an enemy of Jews) is a secularist, Iran is clerical Fascist. There is a difference.


On the basis of Assad being a secularist 4international defends Assad against the Jihad and NATO.


The present leaders of the Jews are cowardly and have nothing in common with the courageous Herzl. We on 4international say that great and courageous Israel must strike the plutonium enrichment of the Clerical Fascist Iran, and this should have been done years ago. And the secularist Assad, despite grievous differences, must be defended against the Sharia/NATO Alliance


Netanyahu (and all Israeli leaders) is Obama’s wimp. On Iran he is a clear danger to the Jews as are all Israeli bourgeois leaders. A new leadership must be built, a Trotskyist leadership, that will defend the Jews against World Antisemitism, that is Western Antisemitism which like Obama is in league with Islamic Jihad






There was an important series of marches yesterday in Bristol:


Gay Lesbian


English Defence League


Anti-Fascist (self named) left (false name) in league as it always is these days with extreme right wing clerical fascist Sharia Muslim Brotherhood elements



There is no clear picture emerging from Bristol. A dozen arrests some 10 or so of which were not the EDL. Certainly not the gays either. What does that leave?


So the EDL march was peaceful and self-disciplined


Reading their Bristol facebook page there were hundreds of calls pre march for self discipline.



Is the EDL a Fascist movement. That is absurd. Rather it is a movement which is reacting against Sharia thus it falls genuinely on the pro freedom platform of politics.


Thus those who consciously work at hiding the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood are much closer to Fascism and to extremely reactionary politics.


Thus where people stand on the “Arab Spring” is at the centre, that is where they stand on the Muslim Brotherhood in all of these countries of the Arab Spring so called, but especially in these three:



  1. Libya…because Gadhafi was in a definite ALLIANCE with the US to fight the Muslim Brotherhood, or Al Qaida (whatever name you give is not important)
  2. Egypt…the key country
  3. Palestine so called, where Fataha nd Hamas are the Muslim Brotherhood






Edmund Standing is not a Marxist but he has an important article in which he rightly points out that the present “left”, all of them actually, are in reality not dialectical materialists, but are subjective idealists. (more on this important article and its conclusions later)

This “left” who were calling in Bristol for the state repression of the EDL according to Standing are working from a “schema” or a “dogma”.

We can call it the dogma of the present day revisionists of Marxism…aka the “left” of today.

They say that Islam is opposed to Imperialism. Actually it (Islam)is opposed to AMERICA and ISRAEL, a different concept in the minds of Muslims entirely.

Leave that misjudgement aside. What the left above are saying: Islam opposes America and Israel. So we must create an alliance with Islam.

They apply this faulty concept then as dogma. They say because we are in alliance with Islam we have to NOT GIVE PROMINENCE to such things as Antisemitism in Islam or marriage of girls at age of 9, and a thousand other things.

The EDL and such groups are not tied like this to a dangerous DOGMA, they just describe what they see WITH THEIR EYES, and that though limited is immensely better than dogma.

So the EDL as patriotic English people are intensely interested in Islam, first of all from their experiences in England, but I am certain this will EXTEND TO SUCH PLACES AS EGYPT.

The following pictures from the weekend will therefore be of huge interest to those patriotic English people who travelled to Bristol also this past weekend. While this dogmatic “left” will be ignoring these pictures. Pictures which will not fit in at all with their dogma. Their dogma states that Islam opposes US Imperialism but actually these pictures from Jihadwatch this morning show that Islam and US Imperialism are getting along famously. The dogma does not fit! The dogma is leading left youth into a terrible trap!

(pictures are in an article on Jihadwatch this morning)





As Hillary visits Morsi, protestors gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. The Secretary of State, however, was busy making a new friend:



Before leaving the EDL march in Bristol on Saturday one further point:


Harry’s Place is quite a big website with a BIG reputation. yet I find that there is no reporting at all on these events in Bristol. There are indeed big issues involved here:


* A gay lesbian festival

* An EDL march against Islam

* All of the “left” there also on the streets of Bristol against the EDL


The Gays are ignoring Islam. The “Left” are in alliance with Islam. The EDL are vocal in opposing Islam.


This MUST mean that Harry’s Place are editing (dogma…schema) and are censuring the news, that is what they allow their readers to see/experience is limited and is going to be limited by Harry’s Place


That is very interesting and important and has great implications for true socialists which we will later go into…



Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has this coverage of the wonderful, stirring and so courageous fight back of the WOMEN OF AFGHANISTAN against Sharia Law and Sharia attitudes.

The march of the courageous women of Afghanistan was in response to the murder of the young Najiba, a 22 year old woman, who really had no chance, two Taliban males fancied her and to settle the issue they just killed her.

But Pamela Geller points the finger at Obama and she says:

“He is funding these killers, stalking the Taliban to “partner” with them.”

Why will these political creeps called journalists not talk to their audience about Islam and what Islam is really all about.

Why does Adrian Morgan of Harry’s Place say that he finds Pamela Geller shrill? What is wrong with the man? What mental ailment does he suffer from?

In general, what lies behind not discussing Islam, or what lies behind labelling those wo want to examine Islam as being hateful or racist? What kind of anti-knopwledge or anti-intellectualism is this?

Meanwhile a discussion I am on has Harry’s Place people refusing to link the Jihad against the Christian Serbs of then Yugoslavia by Izetbegovic to the overall Jihad of Islam. They have always, with Oliver Kamm, provided a cover for Izetbegovic.

And now the same thing happens in Syria. We pledge our full and unconditional support to Assad and to the Assad Government against Obama and Clinton because in a real way, as with Mr Clinton in Yugoslavia, US State is leading the Jihad these days.

And despite these traitors on Harry’s Place, and ALL others that we  have met on the Media in general, the ordinary people will fight back against Sharia and against the closing down of our discussion rights.

Pamela Geller starts her coverage with a truly powerful image, that of a wonderful girl who bravely faces the world, and also in a real way faces all those traitors of freedom in the Media, as she takes part in the march in Kabul two days ago.

Look at the Media today. Look at any branch of the Media, from top expensive papers and television.To more lowly commercial radio etc. Ask youself about this Media a number of questions: their position on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, their position on Hamas in Gaza, their position on the plight of women in Afghanistan , their position on Sharia Law, their position on Iran versus Israel and what Iran is planning versus Israel, and those are only a few.

In all of these the most outstanding thing is that the Media is never pressed on these issues, the reason being that there is no revolutionary socialist alternative in existence.


Pamela Geller is obviously pro US Imperialism but at least Geller does give out information about Sharia on her blog, and also Geller has never blocked a single comment I ever made, nor has Jihadwatch. But I have been blocked continually by the leftist Indymedia Ireland.


Thanks then of course to Pamela Gelelr’s website for the stirring and touching pics etc. on http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/

Heart-rending face of protest: Woman scarred by acid attack joins protest march after Afghan woman was executed by Taliban for ‘adultery’ Daily Mail July 11

Looking to the world: Mumtaz Bibi, 16, was disfigured in an acid attack by a man she refused to marry. Today, in Kabul, she epitomised the struggle for women's rights in the countryLooking to the world: Mumtaz Bibi, 16, was disfigured in an acid attack by a man she refused to marry. Today, in Kabul, she epitomised the struggle for women’s rights in the countryMumtaz Bibi, a 16-year-old woman disfigured in a callous acid attack, led dozens of women in a street protest in Kabul today – sparked by the recent public gunning down of an Afghan woman accused of adultery.The teenager’s brave decision to join the march – despite herself being the victim of a vicious attack that has scarred her for life, at the hands of a man she refused to marry – served as a bold demonstration that women are desperate for change in a country rated among the worst for women’s rights.

Gruesome video of the execution surfaced on July 8, showing the woman being shot multiple times by a man wielding an AK-47 in Parwan province, north of the Afghan capital. The gunman was encouraged by people who stood nearby, smiling and cheering.


English banners: Choosing an international language to voice their protest, the banner reads, 'International community! Where is the protection and justice for Afghan women?' English banners: Choosing an international language to voice their protest, the banner reads, ‘International community! Where is the protection and justice for Afghan women?’

Police in Parwan said the Taliban were behind the killing, but the insurgents have denied they ordered or carried out the slaying.

The death of the woman, said to be 22-year-old named Najiba, set off a storm of international condemnation.


Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai, the U.S. Embassy, the top Nato military commander in Afghanistan and activist groups around the world joined in to denounce the killing.Today’s protest was a reminder that girls and women still suffer shocking abuse in Afghanistan, but the protest also indicated that people’s views on women’s rights in the country could be slowly changing.

Demands for justice: The protest was sparked by the recent execution of an Afghan woman in Parwan province. But women's groups are calling on the Afghan government to do more for equal rights Demands for justice: The protest was sparked by the recent execution of an Afghan woman in Parwan province. But women’s groups are calling on the Afghan government to do more for equal rights
Peaceful protest: The march, from the Afghan Ministry of Women's Affairs to a traffic circle near a U.N. compound, was guarded by a large cordon of Afghan police Peaceful protest: The march, from the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs to a traffic circle near a U.N. compound, was guarded by a large cordon of Afghan police

And in a clear message to those responsible for the killing – and an Afghan government struggling to control the lawlessness of the country – many of the protesters’ banners were in English to reach a worldwide audience.

Zuhra Alamyar, a woman activist who was at the Kabul rally, said: ‘We want the government to take action on behalf of these women… who are victims of violence and who are being killed. We want the government to take serious action and stop them.’

The crowd of about 50 demonstrators – mostly women but with some men too – carried large white sheets that said ‘International community: Where is the protection and justice for Afghan women?’

'Death to those who did this': The predominantly female protesters shouted slogans along the march route, calling for justice and an immediate change in laws for greater equality‘Death to those who did this’: The predominantly female protesters shouted slogans along the march route, calling for justice and an immediate change in laws for greater equality

They marched from the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs to a traffic circle near a U.N. compound, and some shouted: ‘Death to those who did this act!’

There have been reports that the two Taliban commanders who executed Najiba – because ‘they could not decide who could have her’ – have themselves been put to death.

Despite guaranteed rights and progressive new laws, the U.N. Development Program still ranks Afghanistan as one of the world’s worst countries when it comes to equal rights for women.

Fighting for equality: The women themselves - some with simple head scarves, others with veils, and others still wearing the full burqa - showed the confused and sometimes contradictory views concerning women in AfghanistanFighting for equality: The women themselves – some with simple head scarves, others with veils, and others still wearing the full burqa – showed the confused and sometimes contradictory views concerning women in Afghanistan

Afghan advocates say attitudes have subtly shifted over the years, in part thanks to the dozens of women’s groups that have sprung up.

Still, ending abuse of women is a huge challenge in a patriarchal society where traditional practices include child marriage, giving girls away to settle debts or pay for their relatives’ crimes, and so-called honour killings of girls seen as disgracing their families.

Women activists worry that gains made in recent years could erode as the international presence in Afghanistan wanes and the government seeks to negotiate a settlement with the hardline Islamic Taliban insurgents.

Brutal execution: A grab from a video received on July 8 appears to show the execution of a 22-year-old woman named as Najiba in Qol village, Parwan province, north of KabulBrutal execution: A grab from a video received on July 8 appears to show the execution of a 22-year-old woman named as Najiba in Qol village, Parwan province, north of Kabul




Over the past couple of weeks 4international has had articles defending Zionism as a national liberation movement removed by the Indymedia Ireland site, and during the same time has had material defending Zionism but attacking bourgeois pro imperialist Zionist so-called leaders removed from the Israpundit site.


How come our articles are attacked simultaneously by both the Fascist Left of Indymedia and the pro American Zionist bourgeois leadership!? And here I am not comparing the two, Fascism is Fascism, Zionism is a progressive national liberation movement 9of the Jews)


What is it about Trotskyism? Seems we make enemies very easily. Could it be because we are independent and we will always value our independence, allowing us to speak the truth?


The Arab Spring has been both the movement towards Fascist Sharia Rule by the Muslim Brotherhood, and at the same time an extension of the New World Empire advanced by a capitalist system, a world capitalist system mark you, in deepening and deepening economic and political crisis.


Note it well, in our analysis there are TWO parts to this equation. There is Islam and there is World Capitalism with the over-riding world capitalist economic crisis.


Taking Islam…Apart from us the left gives Islam a free ride.


There is a very long history to this and only a fool would try to answer this in a few sentences, but people must remember that Stalin and Stalinism were rightly called the “gravedigger” of the revolution. Also it is not just the left which has been sold the fascist pup called “Palestinism” but in essence all of bourgeois society, with the Vatican and the Church of England, the English Trade Union Bureacracy and a thousand others (but not www.4international.me). In relation to Stalinism we will refer later to the new vital film Tsar to Lenin just being re-issued as we write, a vital event in preparation for the 100 year centenary of October 1917


We stand totally behind Israel as the Jewish Homeland but the issue of Jewish leadership causes great difficulties for Jews.


The Zionist leaders are tied to Capitalism just as much as they were under Herzl and from then on to the present. There is no REAL independent Zionist voice. All of the religious leaders in Yesha are in on this business of being tied to capitalism.


And they will betray the Jews and betray the aspirations to national liberation, which is really what Zionism is, no more and no less.


The absurd religionists try to blur this but there is a real grandeur and often pathos to national liberation, and the greatest of all is the Jewish struggle.


It is also why the leadership of the Jews will have to be Trotskyist and no other will do. Without that the Jews will be defeated and will perish in the cauldron of world capitalist crisis. Thus we pose a new concept into the discourse, the possibility of there being a revolutionary socialist and Zionist leadership. Can Zionism be posed in the context of revolutionary socialism? I answer in the affirmative.


In the Arab Spring as they hang on to the coat tails of America the Jewish leaders put up no defence and no fight against the Muslim Brotherhood. Bourgeois Zionism, like all nationalisms that I know, are essentially isolationist.


This was seen most clearly in the case of Libya, and now again is being seen in the conduct of Jewish leaders towards Assad.


Stinks of betrayal of the Jews. In general in great battles you cannot sit on the fence. You have to take a position…take a side.


Take Libya: here the Jews and the West also really did have a staunch ally against the Muslim Brotherhood. Muammar Gadhafi was totally opposed to fundamentalist Islam, putting forward a Sufi-type and an almost animist-Africanist variant. There was the tribal democracy issue of Africa expressed in the democratic committees which they set up after they got rid of medieval royalty. Then there was the move by Gadhafi to rally Africa away from both America and the Stalinists of China and Russia. Whether that all is right or not right what is a fact is that there was the Bush/Blair agreement with Gadhafi to fight Al Qaida.


Above all Gadhafi was arresting and repressing the religious Fascists of Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, and other terrorists, all as part of an explicit agreement with the West.


The West reneged on all these agreements and suddenly turned on a sixpence to create a savage war in which many thousands of black Africans given free access to Libya by Gadhafi were slaughtered.


The bitterest enemies of the Jews, the Antisemitic British with their SAS killers (remember Ireland) were all part of the unfolding deadly drama in Libya.


But the Jewish leaders disgraced Zionism by being part of  war along with the SAS criminals. Instead of standing with Gadhafi for so many reasons they did the exact opposite.


There now follows an extract from a prominent Jewish site which is connected to all other Jewish sites without exception (called Israpundit):


March12 2011 was the fateful date of this message from Israpundit, an influential Jewish bourgeois site, and while not trying to get at Israpundit, despite its often disgraceful attitude to Trotskyism, we have to quote because Israpundit is representative of how bankrupt is this form of Jewish leadership (the bourgeois or capitalist anti-socialist kind)


Bomb Libya’s air force rather than maintain a no-fly zone

By Ted Belman

The US administration is debating whether or not to apply a no-fly zone over Libya. It should take JINSA‘s advice issued on Feb 24

Flatten the Libyan Air Force

President Obama finally stirred himself to address the carnage in Libya, saying the “suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable.” Without calling on Muammar Gaddafi to step down – as he did to Mubarak for far less – he announced no sanctions or punishment. He left it to Gaddafi. “The Libyan government has a responsibility to refrain from violence, to allow humanitarian assistance to reach those in need and to respect the rights of its people,” he said. “It must be held accountable for its failure to meet those responsibilities and face the cost of continued violations of human rights.”

That is far, far from sufficient. But the United States and its allies in Europe and the Middle East can dramatically help themselves and help the Libyan people at the same time. The operation is relatively simple, it will spare many lives and it will set the stage for stability in the future.

The idea is simple – destroy the Libyan Air Force.

Without the air force, Gaddafi loses a key tool against his people. By acting to protect the population, getting on the right side of the Libyan revolution and definitively punishing Gaddafi, the United States would demonstrate the limits of Western tolerance for reckless, maniacal, murdering dictators. [..]

If you destroy the airforce you save the time and trouble and cost of imposing a no-fly zone.

Of course, we must be sure that the devil we know is worse than the devil that may take over.

(JINSA which Belman refers to is just another of these American, pro-Imperialist sites which also are betraying the Jews by associating with these barbarians. That is also clearly what Belman and Israpundit are doing here)

Without dealing here with the issue of Egypt and Mubarak which we have dealt with in full elsewhere that very position of betrayal of Jewish interest in Libya is being repeated endlessly, and right now in Syria.

Of course if Assad falls the Muslim Brotherhood will take power and there will be no minorities, especially no Christian Syrians, left or they will remain only as dhimmies and paying the tax.

It is as simple as that. But the Jewish leaders every one have been calling for the overthrow of Assad. That at the very least and at its most superficial is a gross betrayal of the Christians in Syria, a very sizeable minority and a betrayal also of all those Muslims who prefer a secular alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafism (with the example of what has happened in Egypt and Libya staring them right in the face)

These betrayals have got absolutely terrible consequences for the Jewish leadership betrayals lead to terrible Holocaust type traps for the Jewish people.

As things stand today the only allies which the Jews have got are the gadhafi opposition, the Mubarak opposition, the Assad opposition tot he Muslim Brotherhood, Russia and China who are fearful of the advance of the New World Order, the latter especially on two fronts, the surrounding of Russia by NATO, and the stirring up of shabby protest in Moscow (paid CIA mercenaries mostly)

And there was the clear doublecros of Russia and China in that UN Resolution.

All of these experiences have led on to the present critical situation as is expressed in the following analysis from Debka. Proving that the Jewish leaders are betrayers of the Jews, are as capitalists never independent from America and its reactionary New World Order, and that there must be a new socialist and Trotskyist leadership built which will replace these leaders. There is no thir way in this.

Jews are being drawn back to exactly the position they were in following the 1917 October Revolution in Russia. Will Jews support the Socialist Revolution or will they support Imperialist Barbarism, as they did in Libya, as they are doing in Syria.


There is NO question at all bout this. Under the present Bourgeois Zionist leaders Jews will be urged to support Imperialism, Barbarism







Moscow has removed the gloves in its defense of Syrian ruler Bashar Assad.  Wednesday, July 4, senior official Ruslan Pukhov warned: “If the Syrian regime is changed by force or if Russia doesn’t like the outcome, it most likely will respond by selling S-300s to Iran.”
Pukhov, who sits on the Russian Defense Ministry’s advisory board and heads a defense affairs think tank in Moscow, added: “The fall of the Syrian government would significantly increase the chances of a strike on Iran. Resuming S-300 shipments to Iran may be a very timely decision.”
Moscow has since 2010 withheld the S-300 air defense system from Iran at the request of the US and Israel.  The Pukhov statement indicated that, just as that was the correct decision for the time, the strategic situation in the Middle East with regard to Syria and Iran has since changed, and so providing Iran with these weapons would be the timely decision now.
Kremlin strategic thinking on the region shifted radically in August 2011.
On August 8, two weeks before NATO and Arab forces drove the Libyan rebel invasion of Tripoli to oust Muammar Qaddafi, Russia’s ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, warned in an interview to the Russian Izvestia, “NATO is planning a military campaign against Syria to help overthrow the regime of President Bashar Assad with a long-reaching goal of preparing a beachhead for an attack on Iran.”
To this day, Moscow is certain that the same Western-Arab coalition will sooner or later intervene militarily in Syria and then move against Iran.
Sources in Washington and Jerusalem found evidence of that suspicion in comments made by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Israel on June 25. He is reported to have scattered vague threats indicating that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s overthrow would be treated by Moscow as violating Security Council resolutions and elicit Russia’s exit from the international arms embargo on the Syrian regime.  Putin was not specific.
Russian S-300 missiles batteries would make the targeting of Iranian nuclear sites by US and Israeli warplanes difficult because that weapon is reputed to have a near-zero miss ratio for intercepting ballistic and cruise missiles – even when they come in at very low altitudes.

In late 2009, Moscow began sending Iran some of the technical accessories for the S-300 batteries while withholding the actual missiles and their control and radar systems, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources report.  During 2010 and the first half of 2011, Iranian teams were trained in their use at bases in Russia. Moscow continually assured Tehran that with patience, US-Israeli pressure would abate and the missiles could be released.

In any case, Israeli air crews are at bases in Greece training in counter-measures since developed to outwit the S-300, debkafile’s military sources disclose.
Tehran has tried to manufacture homemade equivalents to the S-300 on its own – drawing on the knowhow of Iranian military personnel trained in their use in Russia to form designer and construction teams working from blueprints provided during their training.
China, which has received these systems from Russia and is replicating them, was quietly approached by Iran for assistance. Beijing is reported to have handed over some of the technical materials but not the key blueprints for enabling their manufacture.
That is why Iranian generals often report progress in producing an air defense system similar to the Russian model and declare it will be operational by mid-2013, but have never displayed a homemade prototype.

{debkafile report ends here}

What a mess and what a danger capitalist type Jewish leaders have created for the Jews.

What Israel should do is so clear:

  1. Defend to the hilt, despite your (and indeed understandable) differences, all of these leaders against the Muslim Brotherhood and the New World Empire which is NATO and the UN
  2. Keep Iran out of this. It is OBVIOUS what Israel must do with Iran…it must go to war, nd the sooner the better, and hope that that will lead to the overthrow of the Fascist Mullahs, but in any case damage irreparably their dangerous to Jews plutonium enrichment facilities.
  3. That has nothing whatsoever to the necessary supporting of Assad against the Empire/Sharia for the simple reason that Israel is independent and must strike at its enemy Iran and Hizbullah quite independently, and the sooner the better, like yesterday it should have happened long ago.

However I think this is quite beyond present Jewish bourgeois leaders.

We defend the Jewish religion. We defend the right of Jews to practice their ancient religion Judaism. Yet there is no solution at all in Judaism or in any religion no matter how noble. It holds people back from seeing and understanding the reality of this world, and also what needs to be done.

In fact Jews have to go back to the period 1905 to 1917 in Russia to understand what they must do and how to do it. They must go back to Lenin and Trotsky and the Russian Bolshevik led Revolution of 1917 and on this score we will be explaining more about the timely relevance of a new Film just being released in DVD form later this month called From Tsar to Lenin, a vital jistorical film and a guide to action in the present…for Jews and for ALL!




At a ceremony marking the International Day against Drug Abuse in Tehran this week, Iranian vice president Mohammad Reza Rahimi delivered an unprecedented, public anti-Semitic tirade, writes Meir Javedanfar. The comments broke with the Islamic Republic’s usual practice, which demonizes Zionists while purporting to respect the Jewish religion.
Author: Meir Javedanfar
Published on: Thursday, Jun 28, 2012
FULL ARTICLE (thanks to above

At a ceremony marking the International Day against Drug Abuse in Tehran earlier this week (June 26), Iranian vice president Mohammad Reza Rahimi delivered an unprecedented, public anti-Semitic tirade in front of local and international dignitaries.


Breaking the usual practice of the Islamic Republic — which demonizes Zionists while purporting to respect the Jewish religion — Rahimi blamed the spread of drugs on the teachings of the Talmud, an important  text that brings together centuries of discussions in Jewish academies explaining Judaism’s oral laws.

Rahimi went on to say that the Talmud teaches how to destroy non-Jews and that 80% of America’s wealth is in the hands of 6% of the world’s Jewish population. He quoted an American researcher, who he did not name, to claim that a Jewish gynecologist sterilized 8,000 Native Americans, which Rahimi asserted was in accordance with the Talmud. He also blamed the Talmud for what he said are anti-Christian and anti-Muslim teachings and claimed that Jews see “others at their service.” Delving into the rich international grab-bag of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, he blamed Jews for the Russian revolution — in which he asserted that “not a single Jew died” — trying to take over the world and fomenting differences between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.

Half way through the tirade, Rahimi seemed to become aware that he had gone too far and attempted a bit of damage control.  “We respect the followers of the Prophet Moses, but we are against global Zionism,” he said. He then blamed “Zionists” for the world drug trade and for opposing “manifestations of independence and freedom of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”  

Rahimi’s attack was unprecedented because for the first time, a regime official openly attacked Jewish religious texts, as opposed to simply harping against Zionism. Despite a massive Jewish exodus after the 1979 revolution, Iran still has the largest population of Jews in the Middle East outside Israel — between 10,000 and 25,000 – and an appointed Jewish member of parliament.

Realizing the international outrage Rahimi’s outbursts would cause, the Iranian regime’s PR machine went into damage control mode. First the English language mouthpiece Press TV published a piece about the speech without a single direct reference to Rahimi’s use of the word ‘Yahood,’ which means Jews. Thus, where Rahimi said in Farsi that “Jews see others at their service,” Press TV changed that to “the Zionists regard themselves as the master race and they view the other races as their slaves.”

The regime then pulled off the original article from the Iran Student News Agency website where it was first reported in Iran. (The full text of the speech is still available on other websites, including Aftab News.)

The outburst is the culmination of a recent rise in the public use of anti-Semitic language in Iran. In Iranian press and politics, use of the term “Yahoodi Sefat” meaning “of Jewish character” is being heard more often as a character assassination tool.

One of the biggest victims has been President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad’s right hand man, Esfandiyar Rahim Mashaei. Mansoor Arzi, a well-known ultra-conservative preacher, first publicly started attacking Meshaei for being a Yahoodi Sefat. He then went on to call for the killing of “Meshaei the Jew.” More recently, when ultra- conservative Iranian parliamentarian Mehdi Koochak Zadeh was reported to have been involved in a scuffle with a reporter, he publicly accused the press of being engaged in “Jewish style propagation of lies.”

Anti-Semitism is not confined to ultra conservatives. Even US-educated reformist politician Ebrahim Yazdi — who served as deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs after the 1979 revolution and resigned to protest the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran — has joined the chorus. While serving in prison recently, the octogenarian (the world’s oldest political prisoner at the time) issued a public letter in which he asked, “how does a president of Jewish descent want to perform his duties? In contrast to Muslims of Zoroastrian decent, Muslims of Jewish descent do not have a good record.” Yazdi referred to dubious material published by Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence in which those who have fallen from the regime’s grace are now accused of having Jewish backgrounds.

In the past, especially during the presidency of Mohammad Khatami, senior Iranian politicians refrained from such crude anti-Semitism. Khatami, who served from 1997-2005, went out of his way to show respect for Judaism by visiting Tehran’s Yusef Abad synagogue. Criticism was reserved for the Israeli government, not Jews. However, when hard-line security officials sought to discredit Khatami, they concocted charges of spying for Israel against a dozen Iranian Jews.

The new trend appears to date to Ahmadinejad’s public denial of the Holocaust in a speech on Dec. 14, 2005. On that day, Ahmadinejad became the most senior politician in Iranian post-revolutionary history to adopt this narrative. More significantly, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei did not stop Ahmadinejad. The president’s frequent Holocaust denial appears to have legitimized the shift from public attacks against Israel to attacks against Jews and Judaism.

The trend has been exacerbated by the declining quality of regime officials. As a result of the thwarted Green uprising following fraud-tainted 2009 presidential elections, more experienced and moderate politicians have been sacked, jailed, left the country or are simply lying low. 

The brain drain which has hit the top ranks of politicians and advisers has meant that the education and world view of many politicians in Iran now is far more limited than before. This could be a major reason behind why Rahimi had no qualms about making such remarks.  

There is another simple, yet depressing explanation. It is perhaps unrealistic to expect a so-called Islamic regime which, more than ever, is de-legitimizing the holy religion of Islam by killing, torturing and stealing in its name to promote politicians who respect other holy religions.

Meir Javedanfar is an Iranian-Israeli Middle East analyst. He teaches the Contemporary Iranian Politics Course at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya. He tweets as @Meir_J.