re libel threat to me

I have received this from Steve Gilmour, journalist with Talk Radio Europe

I received the following email from Steve Gilmour


We are within touching distance of an agreement, if that is what you want.

If you place the apology, that was requested, on your blog within the next 24 hours, then that will be enough for me to stop any further action.

My lawyers are holding back a letter that was going out to you today as my “gesture of good faith”.

We have copies of your original blog, both at the station and at our lawyers offices, we are advised that your action of simply removing the comments will not be sufficient to protect you, if we proceed with legal action.

I look forward to your positive response.


To end this matter and to protect myself from the reactionary libel laws of Europe I am therefore issuing an apology for the comments made by me about Gilmour on January 8.

Felix Quigley

The issue still remains Iran and the Nuclear Bomb

by Felix Quigley

January 29, 2010

The issue still remains Iran and the Nuclear Bomb

It was very clear over 10 years ago when Robin Cook then Foreign Minister in Britain thought that talking, then perhaps sanctions, would stop the Islamofascist Mullahs of Iran

That was total bullshit by the British, the Europeans and by the US

Since then iran has got within reach of the Nuclear Bomb, and also has what the Europeans seem to overlook, the ability to reach by rocket every part of Europe.

Now as this report by DEBKAfile makes clear the EU has given up even on sanctions.

Sanctions never had a chance of getting off the ground anyway because the antisemitic Stalinists in China and Russia are in league with Iran and would block them

Israel is in the firing line and this report makes clear that its leaders are bankrupt

[Begin report from DEBKAfile here]

Israel’s president, prime minister and foreign minister are visiting Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest this week, apparently impervious to the European Union foreign ministers’ decision in Brussels Monday, Jan. 25, to back away from sanctions for Iran’s nuclear program outside the UN Security Council. 

German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle signed off on the motion, the day before Israeli president Shimon Peres’ Hebrew address to the German parliament in Berlin.
debkafile: The Netanyahu government clings to the anchor of supposed international sanctions for halting Iran’s advance on a nuclear weapon. Monday, before traveling to Poland, prime minister Netanyahu said at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial museum:  “Today there are new Jew haters with new reasons to destroy the Jewish people. This is a test for humanity, and we will see in the coming weeks how the international community will stop the evil before it spreads.”
Well, he had his answer than same afternoon, yet this eloquence vanished on the plane trips to Europe.
None of the Israeli travelers have commented on the decision by the European foreign ministers to dump the sanctions option in the laps of Russia and China, knowing their vetoes are committed in advance and that both stand out for more diplomatic engagement plus concessions to Tehran.  The EU foreign ministers stated: “With Iran, [sanctions] will work out only if all the UN Security Council permanent members agree.” Every one of those ministers was fully aware that this proposition was a fantasy.

If Israel counted on Washington staying the course, there too there are signs of cold feet. The Obama has reduced the target of possible unilateral measures to the Revolutionary Guards Corps which is responsible for Iran’s nuclear program, in order to avoid harming the Iranian people. 

As debkafile has stressed before, the Revolutionary Guards have umpteen mostly criminal ways of beating sanctions: They run a vast network of straw companies worldwide and move money around through international crime, smuggling, terror and drug conduits out of America’s reach rather than the banking system.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi are undoubtedly Israel’s best friends on the European continent, but they too conduct a dual policy on Iran. They sternly denounce Iran, while at the same time hundreds of German and Italian companies do business with the Islamic Republic, some even selling components for its missile and nuclear programs. Indeed, German and Italian firms are in tight competition over the Iranian market, with the latter reportedly gaining the edge this year.
No German transaction with Iran has been cancelled under Israeli pressure contrary to reports to this effect.
The most realistic European leader is French president Nicolas Sarkozy who Tuesday, Jan. 26, called for new and different steps to be pursued to halt Iran’s dash for a nuclear bomb. Still, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner did not hold out against his colleagues consensus in Brussels.

So the issue is still Iran, the issue is still antisemitism in the present, the issue is still the continuum of antisemitism over 2000 years, of which the Holocaust was a part and an episode, and that the antisemites are preparing a new great killing of the Jews.


by Felix Quigley

January 28, 2010

The British libel laws are a terrible minefield. I am changing the format of this blog considerably

I will spend more time on history, more on good analysis by other writers, and more on reporting on the actual practice of our cadre

What goes on in small radio stations, no matter how infuriating, will be left well alone

Possibly create an email list to notify of articles etc


by Felix Quigley

January 28. 2010

We tend to forget that from 1933, the Nazis taking power, until the Wansee Conference was 9 full years and these were full years.

Martin Gilbert (page 37 to 39, a History of the Twentieth Century, Volume 2) gives a full report of these years, in this case 1933

Taken fom the London Daily Express it involved Stormtroops entering the village of Arnswalde, in Pomerania, then followed beatings, burning of books etc

Following morning most of the Jews had left the village.

And this is instructive

“ That same morning German children on their way to school helped themselves to toothpast, soap and sponges lying in the wreckage of a Jewish chemist´s shop, “while” in the words of the report “parents and teachers looked on”.

There is much of this ilk in these pages by Gilbert, and this was 1933. Remember 9 more years until Wannsee.

What these people had to contend with. What suffering.

Main point, the Holocaust was not sudden but part of the continuum of anti-Semitism, into the present day, which is the main fact that all these memorials are hiding on this Holocaust Remembrance

On the Holocaust Remembrance, year 65 yesterday, all the reports I read are never once associating what happened then with what is happening now, and the fury and hostility directed towards the small Homeland of the Jews Israel.

That is the crisis of leadership that exists.


by Felix Quigley

20 January, 2010

It is 68 years since the Wannsee Conference. This was the decisive event in the killing of 6 millions of Jewish people in the Holocaust. It happened on January 20, 1942. It was basically a meeting of Nazi bureaucrats who met to take decisions on the transport of Jews to the death camps in Poland and to their killing there.

It was held in strict secrecy. This aspect of the Nazis death programme must be emphasized. The killing of the Jews was carried out in great secrecy.

And yet do not let this secrecy give a wrong impression. The great film on the Holocaust simply called “Shoah” is very important in understanding the Holocaust. It lasts for 9 hours and in a patient way it explores the thinking of the Nazis. Many of these old Nazis were interviewed in great depth. What was outstanding was that nothing at all after all of 50 years had changed their Jew Hatred, another name for which is anti-Semitism, which we on this site talk about a lot, and fight continually as Trotskyists.

Now there is much talk about the destruction of the Jewish Homeland, the “smashing” of the state of Israel, why there should not be a “Jewish” state, and many such thoughts are voiced especially now within Islam, within the Fascist Left supporters of Islam. When we say “Fascist Left” let it be understood that we should always say “so called Left” because movements such as this are not left at all.

We on 4international are convinced that Obama, now President of the US, with his association with the Hamas loving Khalidi, is intent on the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.

With the destruction of the Jewish state must come another great killing of the Jews, another Shoah, or Holocaust.

But back to those German Nazis of the Thirties and Forties. The Holocaust was carried out in great secrecy but the ocean on which it sailed was an ocean of anti-Semitism, and we have the very same thing today

This was showed best of all in the Gaza war of just a year ago. Israel had been hit by missiles from Arabs in Gaza for 8 years. During these 8 years Israel simply more or less absorbed these missiles. This was really a callous act also on the part of the Israeli elite because the poor Jews of places like Sderot were suffering greatly, having to sleep underground,  and make great preparations to save their lives from these Arab antisemites.

The Israeli Government should have on the very first rocket that came from Gaza simply went in, take over Gaza, defeat and drive out Hamas, and never allow a situation where a Jew is fired at in Israel.

That is the essence of our Trotskyist position in relation to the defence of the Jews. We are opposed to all forms of pacifism when it is a matter of defence of the right to live of Jews. (That is what Wannsee on this day means to us)

Yet when after 8 years Israel did attack Hamas in order to defend Jews we see and remember what happened. There was a huge outcry against Israel and there was a major defence mounted to defend Hamas. Hence the Goldstone report etc. (We will return to these issues again)

Yes the Gaza war is the great lesson for all of us who are fighting against anti-Semitism. It is an issue we will return to again and again because in truth it links us to the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942.

We warn our enemies, we will on this site fight the antisemites to the end.


by Felix Quigley

January 18, 2010

Nothing shows better the crisis in Israeli leadership more than their whole relationship with Turkey. This analysis by Debkafile is most important as to the future of the very existence of Israel. We will discuss this in more detail later

[Begin analysis of Turkey here]

Israeli-Turkish relations dropped to another low Wednesday, Jan. 13, when Jerusalem was forced to send a letter of apology to Ankara Wednesday, Jan. 13, by Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul’s threat to recall the Turkish ambassador from Jerusalem. Turkish prime minister Tayyep Recip Erdogan, buoyed up by his power to force Jerusalem to bend, is reported by DEBKAfile‘s sources to be planning to intensify his campaign for grinding down the Jewish state, playing to the radical galleries in Tehran, Damascus, Gaza and Beirut. He is targeting Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak for a share in the ignominy.

The crisis in Turkish-Israeli relations was only temporarily defused late Wednesday when prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu forced deputy foreign minister to write a letter of apology to Ankara according to a script virtually dictated by the Turkish president on pain of the recall of the Turkish ambassador the next day.

Most of the day, foreign minister Lieberman and Ayalon refused to add to the half-hearted regrets they voiced earlier over the incident Tuesday, in which Lieberman and Ayalon, who saw red over the Turkish prime minister’s constant abuse, summoned the Turkish ambassador for a dressing-down.

Their foolish maneuver for putting Ankara in its place was to seat the ambassador on a sofa lower than his Israel hosts and calling TV cameras to witness his disgrace.

Ankara hit the ceiling, blowing the incident up into a major row. Netanyahu, rather than fire the foreign minister and/or his deputy for pointlessly fueling the crisis, exposed his weakness to outside pressure and succumbed to Gul’s ultimatum. Not only Turkey, but its new allies, Syria, Iran, Hizballah and Hamas, watched every move and drew their own conclusions.

The aftershocks rocked other parts of the Middle East: President Mubarak found himself wondering how to respond to Saudi King Abdullah’s effort to bring him over to Riyadh Thursday, Jan. 14 for a fence-mending encounter with Syria’s Bashar Assad. By folding under Turkish pressure, Israel strengthened the hand of Erdogan’s partner, the Syrian ruler, which meant that Mubarak would have to run an extra mile to settle his quarrel with Assad and oblige the king. This was more than he had intended.

In other words, by kowtowing to Ankara, the Israeli prime minister effectively pulled the rug from under the moderate Arab Middle East bloc and awarded points to the radical Turkish-Iran-Syrian coalition; the corollary is a stronger hand for the extremist Hamas against the Fatah-ruled Palestinian Authority.

A high-ranking Turkish official confided to DEBKAfile at the end of the day: “I didn’t know you Israelis were so stupid. You’ve made Erdogan’s sweetest dream come true.

Israel’s letter of apology may calm the crisis for a short period, during which Jerusalem will act as though the old friendly relations are back to normal, while the Turkish prime minister gets his next move ready to slap down when Israel has its next vulnerable moment.

DEBKAfile‘s sources disclose Erdogan is now working on a scheme to break the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. He recently approached Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and South African president Jacob Zuma with a plan for each to organize aid ships for the Gaza Strip. Because the expeditions would be led by the two presidents, he reckons that Israel and Egypt would hesitate to deny them access to Gaza for fear of a mighty international dust-up.

DEBKAfile reported Tuesday: Israel’s leaders, and some of its military and security chiefs, refuse to recognize that it is no good expecting Turkish prime minister Tayyep Recep Erdogan to stay friends with Israel while eagerly rushing into the arms of the radical anti-West Ahmadinejad, Assad and Chavez.

Jerusalem’s fond illusion is shared by the Obama administration which too refuses to accept that the Erdogan regime has divorced itself from the pro-Western bloc of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Israel and plunged headlong into the new “Northern Islamic Alliance” club, alongside Iran, the Lebanese Hizballah and the Palestinian extremist Hamas.

The linkage of Israel with Obama above needs to be challenged…FQ


by Felix Quigley

18 January, 2010

This is a strange and an interesting phenomenon. Israel is foremost in the support of the people of Haiti. 4international believes this is both positive and negative and we will say more about this phenomenon later. We are familiar with Jews, or so called Jews, who do not support Israel yet are up to their necks in charity work. Anyway the details given us by Debkafile are interesting and important

[Begin Debka report on Haita here]

Within eight hours of its arrival Friday, Jan. 15, the Israeli team running the largest field hospital in Haiti had treated scores of patients. It was the only medical facility on the quake-stricken island with a functioning operating theater, which carried out three procedures on its first day. Another planeload of supplies and equipment will be sent out to restock the facility.

Sunday, Jan. 17, airplanes loaded with supplies were still circling with no place to land on the island’s only international airport, as the desperate population waited on the corpse-littered streets for the water, food, medicines and other basic needs reaching them far too slowly to save lives.

The Israeli hospital, located in the city’s Antoine Izmery soccer field, has a fully-equipped operating theaters, intensive care units, child and maternity wards, laboratories, an X-ray facility and pharmacy, carried in by El al jumbo jets. It is manned by the IDF Home Front Command’s 250 medical staff and search-and-rescue experts famed for saving lives in former world disasters.

A third of the medical team of 40 doctors, 20 paramedics and nurses plus technical staff are reservists who volunteered for the Haiti disaster relief team. Working flat out they are treating 500 patients a day. A small Zaka team, which flew in from Mexico Friday, pulled eight survivors out of the rubble of Haiti University.

Some 40,000 of the dead have been tossed into burial pits without identification. The estimate of 200,000 dead in the disastrous earthquake of last Tuesday may never be confirmed. Some 15 locations in and around Port-au-Prince are seen to have suffered an even worst catastrophe, 70 percent of all buildings destroyed, than the capital.

Following reports of looting and fights over food, the UN ordered thousands of peacekeepers to deploy in Port-au-Prince to help organize distribution in chaotic conditions.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon arrives in Haiti later Sunday. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton landed Saturday to deliver the massive aid supplies coming from America and evacuate US citizens