Monday, September 13, 2010

Galloway begs Mubarak to let his latest Gaza convoy through

George Galloway has been preparing a new convoy to Gaza, but he has one major problem: the fact that Egypt has banned him for the trouble he caused last time.Galloway was deported from Egypt last January after his “Viva Palestina” convoy members started a protest that ended up killing an Egyptian policeman.

Later, Egypt banned all of these publicity-seeking convoys from entering Egypt while allowing real aid through.

According to Arabic media, Galloway is begging Hosni Mubarak to allow him to return with the convoy he is organizing in Algeria, saying that he is not associated with Hamas but does respect the Palestinian Arabs’ choice of Hamas as their leaders.

So far, Egyptian officials have not acknowledged his asking for permission to cross the country with a stream of reporters.

Galloway said that “we have no problems with Egypt, because the actual enemy is Israel.”


It is only a short few days ago that this Fascist pygmy Ahmadinejad was swanning about new York, a breakfast meeting with the big wheels of New York journalism this minute, flashing the Bible and the Koran on the UN Dais another minute.

But we know it was all bluff because the wonderful Jewish state has once more rode to the salvation of an undeserving world and stopped these Fascists in their evil tracks.

It is all about the “Worm”, the piece of software that (I am sure) Israel has managed to place on its computer machines.

The Iranian Fascists are dismayed and they simply do not have ANY idea what to do.

Every time their dumbass technical people go to attack the worm it turns on them and wreaks far more havoc. So they are being forced to back off. I wonder do these bastards pray!

They have been trying to seek the services of technicians abroad. of course people will do ANYTHING for money. But there is a snag. What if the expert from abroad needs to see the machines (centrifuges) which are supposed to be spinning around making that Bomb to kill all the Jews, in order to fix the thing. But how can the Mullahs do that? it would blow their cover story would it not!

This is a great big rebuff not only to the Iranian Fascist but to all those “Left” fascists in the British, Spanish and Irish Leftist movement who are supporting these Islamofascists, also those Jewish antisemitic fools who are sailing a ship at the moment to Gaza to support Hamas.

Some of these fools obviously misunderstand the basic Jewish philosophy which is many hundreds of years, actually thousands, old.

If your enemy is coming down the street to kill you then there is one answer and only one answer…kill him first.

That is what the great Israeli state has done by creating the “Worm” which as we speak is biting its way into that pest infested (return of the Mahdi!) brain of this pygmy Ahmadinejad.

You can be sure: Only one thing on their mind at the moment and that is the “Worm”

(DEBKAfile has the latest details)

Tehran this week secretly appealed to a number of computer security experts in West and East Europe with offers of handsome fees for consultations on ways to exorcize the Stuxnet worm spreading havoc through the computer networks and administrative software of its most important industrial complexes and military command centers. debkafile’s intelligence and Iranian sources report Iran turned for outside help after local computer experts failed to remove the destructive virus.
None of the foreign experts has so far come forward because Tehran refuses to provide precise information on the sensitive centers and systems under attack and give the visiting specialists the locations where they would need to work. They were not told whether they would be called on to work outside Tehran or given access to affected sites to study how they function and how the malworm managed to disable them. Iran also refuses to give out data on the changes its engineers have made to imported SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, mostly from Germany.
The impression debkafile sources gained Wednesday, Sept. 29 from talking to European computer experts approached for aid was that the Iranians are getting desperate. Not only have their own attempts to defeat the invading worm failed, but they made matters worse: The malworm became more aggressive and returned to the attack on parts of the systems damaged in the initial attack.

One expert said: “The Iranians have been forced to realize that they would be better off not ‘irritating’ the invader because it hits back with a bigger punch.”

Looking beyond Iran’s predicament, he wondered whether the people responsible for planting Stuxnet in Iran – and apparently continuing to offload information from its sensitive systems – have the technology for stopping its rampage. “My impression,” he said, “is that somebody outside Iran has partial control at least on its spread. Can this body stop malworm in its tracks or kill it? We don’t have that information at present, he said. 


As it is, the Iranian officials who turned outside for help were described by another of the experts they approached as alarmed and frustrated. It has dawned on them that the trouble cannot be waved away overnight but is around for the long haul. Finding a credible specialist with the magic code for ridding them of the cyber enemy could take several months. After their own attempts to defeat Stuxnet backfired, all the Iranians can do now is to sit back and hope for the best, helpless to predict the worm’s next target and which other of their strategic industries will go down or be robbed of its secrets next.

While Tehran has given out several conflicting figures on the systems and networks struck by the malworm – 30,000 to 45,000 industrial units – debkafile’s sources cite security experts as putting the figure much higher, in the region of millions. If this is true, then this cyber weapon attack on Iran would be the greatest ever.


This is a fight for the survival of the Jewish people.

The one thing that makes the situation for Jews different to the 1930s is that today the Jewish people own a Homeland and that enables the genius of this people to operate.

It is really sad that this genius has to be spent in defence against a fascist enemy. It would be nice if it could be spent in developing computer systems which aid humanity. But make no mistake, the development of this worm, now being talked about in every radio and newspaper in the world, is defending the human race as never before.

The number one aim of all progressive people and certainly in opposition to antisemitism is to destroy the Fascist rulers of iran.

If they are seen as being powerless in the face of Jewish ingenuity then that is good, because that will give heart to the long suffering Iranian ordinary people, who are also under the jackboot of Ahmadinejad.

Ahmadinejad can strut around the United Nations in New York because the United Nations is filled with Islamic antisemites.

But we will see. Ahmadinejad represents a section of world capitalism which is particularly imbecile, being based on nothing more than having some good fortune to have had oil under its covers.

But you cannot run a Nuclear programme with access to computer technology, and here the Jewish people of Israeli are highly intelligent and advanced, Ahmadinejad and his fascist Brotherhood are dunces.

The recent DEBKAfile article gives the latest with all of its implications.

We can expect the cornered rats of the Ahmadinejad regime and its cohorts in Fatah, Hamas, Hizbullah and Syria to strike back if they can:

[Begin analysis by DEBKAfile here]

Cyber attack on Iran expands: Tehran threatens long-term war in reprisal
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report September 27, 2010, 6:13 PM (GMT+02:00)

Iran admitted Monday, Sept. 27 it was under full-scale cyber terror attack. The official IRNA news agency quoted Hamid Alipour, deputy head of Iran’s government Information Technology Company, as saying that the Stuxnet computer worm “is mutating and wreaking further havoc on computerized industrial equipment.”

Stuxnet was no normal worm, he said: “The attack is still ongoing and new versions of this virus are spreading.”

Revolutionary Guards deputy commander Hossein Salami declared his force had all the defensive structures for fighting a long-term war against “the biggest and most powerful enemies” and was ready to defend the revolution with more advanced weapons than the past.  He stressed that defense systems have been designed for all points of the country, and a special plan devised for the Bushehr nuclear power plant. debkafile’s military sources report that this indicates that the plant – and probably other nuclear facilities too – had been infected, although Iranian officials have insisted it has not, only the personal computers of its staff.

The Stuxnet spy worm has been created in line with the West’s electronic warfare against Iran,” said Mahmoud Liayi, secretary of the information technology council of the Industries Minister.

As for the origin of the Stuxnet attack, Hamid Alipour said: The hackers who enjoy “huge investments” from a series of foreign countries or organizations, designed the worm, which has affected at least 30,000 Iranian addresses, to exploit five different security vulnerabilities. This confirmed the impressions of Western experts that Stuxnet invaded Iran’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems through “zero-day” access.

Alipour added the malware, the first known worm to target large-scale systems and industrial complexes control systems, is also a serious threat to personal computers.

debkafile’s Iranian and intelligence sources report that these statements are preparing the ground for Tehran to go beyond condemning the states or intelligence bodies alleged to have sponsored the cyber attack on Iranian infrastructure and military industries and retaliate against them militarily. Iran is acting in the role of victim of unprovoked, full-scale, cyber terror aggression.



In opposition to Aluf Benn, it was a grave error for Netanyahu to even begin talking with Abbas.

After all Abbas was the Israeli politician who sat at the side of Arafat, who masterminded the Munich Olympic Massacre, and who gained his doctorate in an essay denying the Holocaust.

The way forward for Israel is to have leaders in charge of a Government, perhaps a government of national emergence,as Israel faces the threat of Nuclear attack from Iran, leaders who will at all times tell the truth to the great and long oppressed Israeli people.

This is what Netanyahu does not do.

His choosing of Ehud Barak to be Minister of Defence is a real sign that Netanyahu cannot possibly fight the Arabs, the Fascists in Iran, and this branch of American leadership around Obama, but Bush was just as bad.

You cannot possibly put up a fight with a leader like Barak alongside of you.

With Barak by your side you are immediately engaging in compromise with your bitterest enemies.

All we get with Netanyahu and Barak is a feint this way, a feint that way. Like an egotistical soccer player who goes on a solo run down the wing. Nobody knows what he is doing, where he is going, and he ends up at the corner flag. The whole country is nothing more than puzzled because they are not involved, cannot be involved because Netanyahu does not tell the truth to his people. Basically he does not tell what is going on.

This is a people who have been oppressed for 2000 years plus, have been attacked in the most vicious manner such as the expulsion from Spain by the Spanish in 1492.

And the Holocaust left a deep scar on this people.

They surely deserve better than what Bibi Netanyahu is doing in leadership.

He really must be removed and be given a job as spokesman on US television channels explaining the policy of (other) leaders. He is still potentially a patriot and could do that, but watched over closely.

Now as regards what the Media call the “Settlements”.

These “settlements” are in JUDEA…got that, JUDEA, so the first task of our propaganda is to explain that this land is JUDEA and not the West Bank

The area of Judea and Samaria, which only since 1967 has been called the West Bank, is really the land of Israel. This is a fact which is dictated by both history and by international treaty.

It is also an area which is vital to the strategic security interests of Israel.

Finally it is an area which must not fall into the hands of the enemies of Israel. That is what the Arabs in Yesha are, and this does not matter which Arab party they affiliate to, whether it is Hamas, or Fatah, which is also known as the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, the “Palestinians” etc. The names mean little. The hatred of Jews means everything.

Netanyahu has proved to be unable to stand up like a Jewish patriot to America and assert these truths.

Barak acts as if he is an agent of America dressed up as a Jew.

So the patriotic forces in Israel must push this issue of saying NO to a ban on Jewish building and Jewish living in their own land of JUDEA and Samaria

On this website we will be presenting the evidence, often using maps, that this area is Jewish, the original area planned for the Jewish Homeland.

Original territory assigned to the Jewish National Home

The area of Judea and Samaria, which only since 1967 has been called the West Bank, is really the land of Israel. This is a fact which is dictated by both history and by international treaty.

It is also an area which is vital to the strategic security interests of Israel.

Finally it is an area which must not fall into the hands of the enemies of Israel. That is what the Arabs in Yesha are, and this does not matter which Arab party they affiliate to, whether it is Hamas, or Fatah, which is also known as the Palestinian Authority, the PLO, the “Palestinians” etc. The names mean little. The hatred of Jews means everything.

Netanyahu has proved to be unable to stand up like a Jewish patriot to America and assert these truths.

Barak acts as if he is an agent of America dressed up as a Jew.

So the patriotic forces in Israel must push this issue of saying NO to a ban on Jewish building and Jewish living in their own land of JUDEA and Samaria

The above map shows the original area planned for the Jewish Homeland. This and future maps and studies will show that the Jewish people are the most abused people in the world.


The talks between Netanyahu and Abbas was a totally daft idea. While Netanyahu has been talking to Abbas, who is supposed to be for peace with Israel, Abbas has been preparing for war, and is meeting with Hamas and Hizbullah behind the backs of the Israelis

This places the Netanyahu Government in a totally indefensible position and makes all of the talk about peace into nothing more than a trap.

While Israel has been talking to Abbas of the PA, Abbas has been planning to bring in Hamas into the talks.

This is also what the whole of the EU under Ashton is after, also Blair, above all the Obama Government.

They know that the real power among these Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians” is Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria and of course Iran. Abbas of course is part of the same antisemitism and total hatred for Israel.

We have always said that Obama was not all that different to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and so it will prove as they prepare to bring Hamas in.

It appears that one of the people on the Hamas delegation was the very terrorist who was behind the recent murder of the 4 Jewish people in Judea.

Debkafile report follows

Deep in the gloom behind frantic US efforts to rescue the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks from collapsing when Israel’s 10-month construction freeze runs out Sunday, Sept. 26, debkafile’s counter-terror sources report a new stumbling block has appeared on the diplomatic track.

In New York, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressed Abbas Friday, Sept. 24, not to walk out of the talks with Israel after only two sessions. Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who delayed his return home, and negotiator Yitzhak Molcho met with US and Palestinian officials to join the effort. They all appeared to be struggling for a compromise on the settlement construction issue that would keep Abbas talking, without compromising the government’s position at home.

In fact, they found themselves grappling with a new impediment: This week, Abbas sent a high-ranking delegation of his own Fatah party to Damascus for secret talks with top Hamas leaders, thereby swinging the critical focus of the Israel-Palestinian peace talks to a new internal Palestinian track led by the radical Hamas and Syria, the foremost opponents of the US-sponsored peace talks with Israel. Abbas was apparently supported in this shift by Egypt.
The Fatah delegation consisted of Azzam al Ahmad, Gen. Nasser Yusuf and Sahar Basiso, head of Fatah General Intelligence, sat down with Hamas’ leader Khaled Meshaal, head of its politburo Mussa Abu Marzouk and Izzat Rishak, intelligence chief.
The delegation’s composition was an added complication and hindrance to diplomatic progress.

Rishak personally orchestrated the first attacks on the West Bank on Aug. 30 and Sept. 1, in which four Israelis were murdered and two injured. debkafile’s counter-terror sources report that these were the opening shots of a major Hamas terror campaign, designed to peak with the most devastating terrorist strike yet, which Rishak is in charge of planning. He is using the same perpetrators.  They are still at large because Hamas imported unknown terrorist talent from Syria whose faces are unknown to the Shin Bet. However, a furious hunt is on to catch them in time.

Israeli defense sources reacted angrily to the news of the Fatah-Hamas get-together. While slapping down an ultimatum for partnering Israel in peace talks, Mahmoud Abbas, they said, was furtively engaged in give-and-take in the Syrian capital with Hamas terrorists who he knows to be the warpath.
Clinton’s diplomatic skills have suddenly been doubly taxed: She must contrive an acceptable formula for the settlement construction imbroglio and so keep the direct Palestinian-Israeli talks running, while at the same time squashing the new Palestinian-Hamas-Syrian track surreptitiously initiated by Mahmoud Abbas. A possible alternative might be one which the Obama administration has begun exploring of late, according to debkafile’s Washington sources, and that is to cut Syrian and Hamas negotiators into the direct Israel-Palestinian track.

This means that the direct Israel-Palestinian direct talks, which Barack Obama called the crux of his Middle East policy during his speech to the UN last Thursday, have been virtually hijacked. Washington is struggling to maintain a grip on a process which Abbas has handed over to Damascus and Hamas.
Hillary Clinton when she meets Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem Monday, Sept. 27, is likely to test the possibility of an agreement on this issue.
Hence, in New York, Assistant US Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeff Feltman told reporters that his government would like to see Israel and Syria settle their differences as part of a comprehensive peace, which “has to include a Syria-Israel track.”


DEBKAfile has referred to the position of the US towards Iran.

It writes today:

Obama has resolved to deal with the nuclear impasse with Iran by going after the Islamic republic on two tracks: UN and unilateral sanctions for biting deep into the financial resources Iran has earmarked for its nuclear program, and a secret cyber war which the US is conducting jointly with Israel for crippling its nuclear facilities.

It adds to this:

debkafile’s sources disclose that Israel has had special elite units carrying out such assignments for some time. Three years ago, for instance, cyber raiders played a role in the destruction of the plutonium reactor North Korea was building at A-Zur in northern Syria.
On Monday, too, the Christian Science Monitor and several American technical journals carried revelations about a new virus called Stuxnet capable of attacking and severely damaging the servers of large projects, such as power stations and nuclear reactors.

All the leaked reports agreed on three points:

1.  Stuxnet is the most advanced and dangerous piece of Malware every devised.
2.  The experts don’t believe any private or individual hackers are capable of producing this virus, only a high-tech state such as America or Israel.
3.  Although Stuxnet was identified four months ago, the only servers known to have been affected and seriously damaged are located in Iran.
Some computer security specialists report lively speculation that the virus was invented specifically to target part of the Iranian nuclear infrastructure, either the Bushehr nuclear plant activated last month or the centrifuge facility in Natanz.
debkafile’s sources add: Since August, American and UN nuclear watchdog sources have been reporting a slowdown in Iran’s enrichment processing due to technical problems which have knocked out a large number of centrifuges and which its nuclear technicians have been unable to repair. It is estimated that at Natanz alone, 3,000 centrifuges have been idled.
None of the reports indicate whether other parts of Iran’s nuclear program have been affected by Stuxnet or the scale of the damage it may have caused. 

The world is poised therefore on a knife-edge.

It is possible that this method could work since they are right, these processes rely totally on computer power and if this fails they cannot proceed.

For me the important thing is this:

The Jews were forced to endure the worst attacks on their people over 2000 years and that culminated in the horrors of the Holocaust

America lost 3000 in horrible conditions on 9-11. the Jews lost 6 million and one half of their entire people, and the intention of antisemitism was total destruction of the Jews.

yet here 60 years later the Jews are again under attack and danger of annihilation by Ahmadinejad.

Will the Iranian Mullahs get the bomb, will they be stopped? these are the questions which are being used to torment the Jews once more.

yet if these countries in Europe and America took on Iran in full scale war then it would last maybe hours and the people of Iran itself would rise up and replace the Mullahs with a democracy of the people.

Why NOT military action against the Mullahs and use computer germ warfare as well.

My response to an article on Israpundit is that Netanyahu should be removed at once from the position of PM

This is one of the key paragraphs

On the 14 June 2009, shortly after forming his government, Netanyahu spoke to the world in what has notoriously became known as his Bar-Ilan speech. Here the prime minister accepted the PLO charter and tore up the platform of the Likud and the entire camp he nominally leads. He accepted the fallacy of a “Palestinian people”- even though this Arab propaganda lie was created and still remains in place to delegitimize Israel and to create a 23rd Arab state in place of her. He accepted the lie and stated his intention to build a 23rd Arab state in the heart of the Land of Israel. He then tried to placate his supporters by saying such an entity will be “de-militarised” as if he would be able to dictate the national affairs of a separate sovereign country once created.

This is the second paragraph that damns Bibi

But Barak is not to blame, for his party secured little more than 10 percent of the vote and only half of his small party actually supports him in the Knesset (the rest being termed “rebels” by the Hebrew media). Bibi bears full responsibility as the prime minister and it seems he preferred to disproportionately give Labour 5 ministries and bestow Barak with power and privilege rather than give half a ministry to the National Union party and those loyal to the land of Israel.

So the cry must go out on all blogs and in all quarters to remove Bibi from the position of Prime Minister, give him a job in publicising the decisions of a patriotic government but watch him carefully.

As regards Iran other people will do the job better. In order to survive Israel will have to go to war with the Mullahs. America will not support Israel.


The essence of Pope Benedict´s visit to England seems to be the following


1. No mention at all of the serious threat to the Jews of Israel, and the danger to them from an Iranian Fascist Government led by Ahmadinejad, which has threatened Israel with war on many occasions

2. No mention of the Fascists who seek the destruction of Israel, called “Palestinians”, that is Abbas and Fatah, Hamas, and outside Iran, Hizbullah and Arab Fascist and antisemitic activity in most Arab countries

3. No support or defence of Israel from this Pope

4. No mention of Christians, and Catholics, being driven out of Iraq

5. In general, a serious cover provided to Islam and Sharia Law in a score of countries, in many of which Catholics are being killed.


But the key to Benedict lies in the Middle East. Israel is the Homeland of the Jews and the record of the Vatican towards the Jews is the worst possible, and was the centre of antisemitism in the world


Pope Benedict evades all of these issues and lectures the British people about them being “secular”. What a nerve this guy has!


At the centre of this Papal visit to Britain is not that weird cleric John Henry Newman, friend of Chesterton and of all people TS Eliot, but is the record of the Vatican  during the Holoicaust.

This is an extract from Jewish Virtual Library on the issue:

(Extract on Pius 12 during Holocaust starts here)


Pope Pius XII’s (1876-1958) actions during the Holocaust remain controversial. For much of the war, he maintained a public front of indifference and remained silent while German atrocities were committed. He refused pleas for help on the grounds of neutrality, while making statements condemning injustices in general. Privately, he sheltered a small number of Jews and spoke to a few select officials, encouraging them to help the Jews.

The Early Years

The Pope was born in 1876 in Rome as Eugenio Pacelli. He studied philosophy at the Gregorian University, learned theology at Sant Apollinare and was ordained in 1899. He entered the Secretariat of State for the Vatican in 1901, became a cardinal in 1929 and was appointed Secretary of State in 1930.

Pacelli lived in Germany from 1917, when he was appointed Papal Nuncio in Bavaria, until 1929. He knew what the Nazi party stood for, and was elected Pope in 1939 having said very little about Adolf Hitler’s ideology beyond a 1935 speech describing the Nazis as “miserable plagiarists who dress up old errors with new tinsel.” Pacelli told 250,000 pilgrims at Lourdes on April 28, “It does not make any difference whether they flock to the banners of the social revolution, whether they are guided by a false conception of the world and of life, or whether they are possessed by the superstition of a race and blood cult.” He believed National Socialism was “profoundly anti-Christian and a danger to Catholocism.”(1)

Even as Cardinal, Pacelli’s actions regarding Hitler were controversial. Hitler took power on January 30, 1933. On July 20 that same year, Pacelli and German diplomat Franz Von Papen signed a concordat that granted freedom of practice to the Roman Catholic Church. In return, the Church agreed to separate religion from politics. This diminished the influence of the Catholic Center Party and the Catholic Labor unions. The concordat was generally viewed as a diplomatic victory for Hitler.(1a)

Pacelli was elected Pope on March 2, 1939, and took the name Pius XII. As Pope, he had three official positions. He was head of his church and was in direct communication with bishops everywhere. He was chief of state of the Vatican, with his own diplomatic corps. He was also the Bishop of Rome. In theory, at least, his views could influence 400 million Catholics, including those in all the occupied eastern territories – the Poles, Baltics, Croatians, Slovaks and others.(2)

As soon as he was appointed Pope, Pacelli did speak out against the 1938 Italian racial laws that dealt with mixed marriages and children of mixed marriages.(3) However, he issued no such condemnation of Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) which occurred in November 1938, and which recent evidence shows he was informed of by Berlin’s papal nuncio. As the security of the Jewish population became more precarious, Pius XII did intervene the month he was elected Pope, March 1939, and obtained 3,000 visas to enter Brazil for European Jews who had been baptized and converted to Catholicism. Two-thirds of these were later revoked, however, because of “improper conduct,” probably meaning that the Jews started practicing Judaism once in Brazil. At that time, the Pope did nothing to save practicing Jews.(4)

Cries for Help

Throughout the Holocaust, Pius XII was consistently besieged with pleas for help on behalf of the Jews.

In the spring of 1940, the Chief Rabbi of Palestine, Isaac Herzog, asked the papal Secretary of State, Cardinal Luigi Maglione to intercede to keep Jews in Spain from being deported to Germany. He later made a similar request for Jews in Lithuania. The papacy did nothing.(5)

Within the Pope’s own church, Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna told Pius XII about Jewish deportations in 1941. In 1942, the Slovakian charge d’affaires, a position under the supervision of the Pope, reported to Rome that Slovakian Jews were being systematically deported and sent to death camps.(6)

In October 1941, the Assistant Chief of the U.S. delegation to the Vatican, Harold Tittman, asked the Pope to condemn the atrocities. The response came that the Holy See wanted to remain “neutral,” and that condemning the atrocities would have a negative influence on Catholics in German-held lands.(7)

In late August 1942, after more than 200,000 Ukrainian Jews had been killed, Ukrainian Metropolitan Andrej Septyckyj wrote a long letter to the Pope, referring to the German government as a regime of terror and corruption, more diabolical than that of the Bolsheviks. The Pope replied by quoting verses from Psalms and advising Septyckyj to “bear adversity with serene patience.”(8)

On September 18, 1942, Monsignor Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Pope Paul VI, wrote, “The massacres of the Jews reach frightening proportions and forms.”(9) Yet, that same month when Myron Taylor, U.S. representative to the Vatican, warned the Pope that his silence was endangering his moral prestige, the Secretary of State responded on the Pope’s behalf that it was impossible to verify rumors about crimes committed against the Jews.(10)

Wladislaw Raczkiewicz, president of the Polish government-in-exile, appealed to the Pope in January 1943 to publicly denounce Nazi violence. Bishop Preysing of Berlin did the same, at least twice. Pius XII refused.(11)

Papal Reasons and Responses

The Pope finally gave a reason for his consistent refusals to make a public statement in December 1942. The Allied governments issued a declaration, “German Policy of Extermination of the Jewish Race,” which stated that there would be retribution for the perpetrators of Jewish murders. When Tittman asked Secretary of State Maglione if the Pope could issue a similar proclamation, Maglione said the papacy was “unable to denounce publicly particular atrocities.”(12) One reason for this position was that the staunchly anti-communist Pope felt he could not denounce the Nazis without including the Communists; therefore, Pius XII would only condemn general atrocities.(13)

The Pope did speak generally against the extermination campaign. On January 18, 1940, after the death toll of Polish civilians was estimated at 15,000, the Pope said in a broadcast, “The horror and inexcusable excesses committed on a helpless and a homeless people have been established by the unimpeachable testimony of eye-witnesses.”(14) During his Christmas Eve radio broadcast in 1942, he referred to the “hundreds of thousands who through no fault of their own, and solely because of their nation or race, have been condemned to death or progressive extinction.”(15) The Pope never mentioned the Jews by name.

In a September 1940 broadcast, the Vatican called its policy “neutrality,” but stated in the same broadcast that where morality was involved, no neutrality was possible.(18) This could only imply that mass murder was not a moral issue.

The Pope’s indifference to the mistreatment of Jews was often clear. In 1941, for example, after being asked by French Marshal Henri Philippe Petain if the Vatican would object to anti-Jewish laws, Pius XII answered that the church condemned racism, but did not repudiate every rule against the Jews.(16) When Petain’s French puppet government introduced “Jewish statutes,” the Vichy ambassador to the Holy See informed Petain that the Vatican did not consider the legislation in conflict with Catholic teachings, as long as they were carried out with “charity” and “justice.”(17)

Robert Wistrich notes that “by the end of 1942, the Vatican was among the best-informed institutions in Europe concerning the Holocaust. Except for the Germans or perhaps British intelligence, few people were more aware of the local details as well as the larger picture.”(17a)

On September 8, 1943, the Nazis invaded Italy and, suddenly, the Vatican was the local authority. The Nazis gave the Jews 36 hours to come up with 50 kilograms of gold or else the Nazis would take 300 hostages. The Vatican was willing to loan 15 kilos, an offer that eventually proved unnecessary when the Jews obtained an extension for the delivery.(19)

Pius XII knew that Jewish deportations from Italy were impending. The Vatican even found out from SS First Lieutenant Kurt Gerstein the fate of those who were to be deported.(20) Publicly, the Pope stayed silent. Privately, Pius did instruct Catholic institutions to take in Jews. The Vatican itself hid 477 Jews and another 4,238 Jews were protected in Roman monasteries and convents.(21)

On October 16, the Nazis arrested 1,007 Roman Jews, the majority of whom were women and children. They were taken to Auschwitz, where 811 were gassed immediately. Of those sent to the concentration camp, 16 survived.(22)