by Jim Stephens

May 31, 2010

The Israeli Government and the IDF has made another cardinal error. The way that Netanyahu and the IDF approached this job shows that they are unable to win any real fight against reaction.

From what I have seen on television today of the boarding of the boats by the IDF this is clear

1. Boarding from helicopters is totally wrong. The terrorists and terrorist supporters (supporters of Hamas and Fatah) were ready, waiting and expecting

2. No stun grenades or smoke blankets were used. This threw the valuable IDF Jewish life into considerable danger and placed them at a disadvantage

The whole episode reminds me of the way,half-hearted and naive, that the past Israeli Governments have fought against Hamas and Hizbullah

4international is a Trotskyist, revolutionary socialist movement. We standin thesame traditions as the man who built the Red Army and fought the Civil War against reactionary “Whites”.

We have no time for pacifism or for not taking the war to our enemies.

Hamas has declared war on Israel. Hizbullah threatens Jews with death. Iran is building the nuclear bomb to obliterate Zionism.

Obama is doing everything to strip Israel of its defences, especially of its nuclear weapons, and to strip Israel of its strategic land.

Turkey is mobilizing openly with Syria and Iran.

The Lebanon Government is allowing Hizbullah take over the country to join in with Syria in war from the North.

Obama pulls out of Iraq giving an Iranian Iraqi alliance clear path from the East.

Egypt is ready to join with Hamas through the Philadelphia Corridor at anyu strategic point.

At this point Mairead Maguire and her motley flotilla, all great friends of Hamas, hove into sight over the med waves.

Loaded with hundreds of Israel haters from Ireland and every other disgraceful antisemitic country in Europe.

All as part of this war against Israel because there is no division in war between propaganda and action.

Yes indeed, the IDF did chose the wrong action.

They once again as in Jenin should have stood off, for the umpteenth time given their warnings no further.

Then the IDF navy should have simply torpedoed Maguire and co and allowed them to swim to the waiting Turkish ships.

And if Turkey wants a war then let them have it right there and then.

The Netanyahu Government is showing by actions such as this that it is unable to make a sober analysis of the enemy, whether it be these people like Maguire so full of hatred for little Israel, or whether it be the official paymasters in the White House of Maguire et al.

the Netanyahu  Ministers and the IDF seriously underestimated this situation. they placed the IDF youth in jeopardy when they had no need to do slo.ful of well placed shells would have sunk the whole of the rotting antisemitic lot to the bottom of the sea. let these wierdos of the fake left try out their swimming strokes as they make their way to their true home, the navy of Islam religious freak, Erdogan of Turkey.

Israel is NOW in full scale war, first of all against the Obama regime, second against Britain and Ireland, third against the rest of Europe, fourth against Stalinist Russia and China, and only last against the Arabs and Islam wierdos of this world.

Furthermore it is very clear that this politically correct IDF leadership is unable to make one correct move.

There has to NOW be a total breaking down between these IDF leaders, the IDF as a separate body, and the whole of the Israeli population.

Israel now no longer needs a separate and professional army. It needs to keep that, keep those gains, but it needs to train every single Israeli man and woman,and above all all youth, in how to shoot with rifle and how to man the tank crews.

Israel has correctly positioned its nuclear armed submarine off the side of Iran, a wise move indeed. inadequate.

Israel must come clear now with he existence of its some 300 nuclear weapons, and insist that other countries are being judged by the actions of their leaders.

This means that the American people must be told tha their President Obama has made America a target. Similarly with all countries of Europe especially with Spain which protects Hizbullah in South of Lebanon. And so on.

This is the time for the brave, and for not waiting. Take the initiative.

Obama must be told to butt out, remove Mitchell, remove all aid to Fatah, remove the American troops from the Negev etc.

4international insist that a nuclear war in the world is ion no way inevitable. That is the programme of the bankrupt.

But if Israel is not decisive, if it does not act decisively NOW, then Nuclear War will indeed be inevitable.

Remember the military training of every single one of Israel´s Jews must begin right now, WITHOUT ANY DELAY

Furthermore you cannot train at making war while engaging in the mouthing off at Israel engaged in by Israeli professors, by the Israeli supreme court, by labourists, by stalinists in the communist party, by peaceniks like Olmert´sfamilhy and so on

This means a dictatorship, meaning that the dictates of Israeli survival must be placed at the top.

the Israeli Media must be closed down with the exception of Debkafile and Israel National News. All the rest closed down and taken over by the youthful journalists.

And as regards the Arabs in Israel. Let them stay only if they will fight against Hamas and Fatah. In a war you cannot have enemies in your rear.

The demands of the situation make all of these measures no more than common sense.

The Trotskyist Party must and will be built. But note, we will join with any Israeli and religious Jewish patriots, without conditions, to face the common enemy


This is an important week for Israel because of these reasons

  1. Every week for Israel is important because every week that passes by without Israel making a war on the Nazi forces of Mullah Iran is a week lost
  2. This week, on Tuesday, Netanyahu the PM of Israel is slated to meet with Obama


Caroline Glick has got a fantastic analysis of the meeting with Obama and how this intercuts with the need to make a war on Iran.

Jews have to decide and internalize: Die later but soon. Or strike now.

The great danger to Israel is silence, the silence of the Nazis in the BBC, of the Nazis in the faux left groups like SWP.

There are many lies in silence and what they are all lying about is that Obama is actually holding Israel back from actually dealing with Iran.

They are all suggesting that the US is going to attack Iran. What a rotten lie! It is the exact opposite. America is holding Israel back.

That is the issue with Netanyahu.

Caroline Glick makes this very plain. Caroline wants Netanyahu to meet Obama as an equal, to be independent, to assert the rights of Israel.

There are reasons why this is not possible for Netanyahu to do.

Jewish people like Caroline have a great ability to keep hoping for the best. This is partly because through the experience of the Jews the worst has been too awful to contemplate.

The real reason why Netanyahu cannot assert the independence of Israel is that as a capitalist “concern” it is tied together with the rest of the capitalist world, and there are thus ideological threads which tie Netanyahu to Obama, even as Netanyahu knows very well how anti Israel is Obama.

There are only two types of leaderships which can do that:

The first is the religious Jewish. This is where the real hatred for Obama first surfaced. They saw through Obama first because they are not so tied in with materialist capitalism, and Obama was a phoney black materialist middle class ruthless entity.

The second is Trotskyist, this party, 4international.

We start from the perspective that the capitalist SYSTEM is in a deep and historical crisis, with emphasis on the word “historical”.

If you do not understand the meaning of “historical” in this situation suggest you reread that poetry in motion, the Communist Manifesto, written in 1848, it could have been written this morning.

We have nothing to learn about Obama. While others were crowing about him being black we said what does that matter, he is a President of the crisis of capitalism.

We ask: how many defenceless creatures are perishing (in their millions surely) in the Mexican Gulf waters as we speak?

What a rotten system is capitalism. They drill deep for oil. They do not prepare a replacement, just keep drilling for profit.

They cannot even put in place a proper system of regulation. No fall back plans if an accident happens.

Actually Obama is totally exposed on this. People in Louisiana have grown to hate this man. First he was washing his hands of the accident, it was all responsibility of BP. Now he is mouthing and pretending to be sad etc.

Obama is desperate for a victory somewhere. That is all that Netanyahu has to do. Listen to Obama. Say nothing. Go home. Save Israel.

Actually there is one statement that Netanyahu should make. That is that any country (think US, think Russia, think Germany, think UK) that threatens Israel let them be aware that Israel has some 200 plus nuclear bombs, and the means to deliver, and that Israel knows the targets.

The Goldstone was a pack of lies and it was also a threat to Israel.

A simple statement! Take only 25 seconds to read out. The message though will be liberating.

A religious Jew could make it. So could a Trotskyist Party that we are indeed building.

It would be far better if Netanyahu said nothing on Tuesday but said only that.

And if Israel is to survive it will have to be said.

(Readers are advised to read this analysis on the Spanish veil issue but also more on


Mention above to the religious Jews, to clarify, yes they could take a position, but they will remain isolated from the mass movement

Mention above to Caroline Glick, a fine writer

This is a sample from this latest article, rather more in the form of a report from Israel, that important!

[Start quote from Carline Glick here]

As part of the administration’s attempt to woo American Jews back into the Democratic fold despite its anti-Israel policies, last week a group of pre-selected pro-Obama rabbis was invited to the White House for talks with Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel and with Dan Shapiro and Dennis Ross who hold the Palestinian and Iran dossiers on Obama’s National Security Council. According to a report of the meeting by Rabbi Jack Moline which has not been refuted by the White House, the three men told the Democratic rabbis that the administration has three priorities in the Middle East. First Obama seeks to isolate Iran. Second, he seeks to significantly reduce the US military presence in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq. And third, he seeks to resolve the Palestinian conflict with Israel.

These priorities are disturbing for a number of reasons. First, isolating Iran is not the same as preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. By characterizing its goal as “isolating” Iran, the administration makes clear that preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is not its goal. Moreover, as Iran’s deal with Brazil and Turkey makes abundantly clear, Iran is not isolated. Indeed, its foreign relations have prospered since Obama took office.

(Most of article is on  http://www.israpundit.com/archives/23386)


The danger to Israel comes from many fronts

1. There is the antisemitism in the Arab and Islamic world, which as a reading of Jihadwatch and indeed many writers today (especially John Bostom) show goes right back to the latter part of Mohammed´s life, and to his followers who came after him. (The Islamic idea of “abrocation” must be understood). The basis and basics of Islam are not understood at all except by a very few people, and I know at least one very right wing Jewish person who does not wish to know.

2.The antisemitism in the Christian world, which is not so openly obvious as that of the Muslims, but is a kind of latent antisemitism which breaks out like a volcano at times of stress. No less dangerous!

Then there are the forces of Stalinism and revisionism. Stalinism itself was a revisionism of the principles of revolutionary socialism. Modern day revisionism is contained in what is called the Left, but obviously cannot be true socialists.

But above all there are the forces of American capitalism or Imperialism, and with that equally though not quite so forward is the  capitalism of Europe.

Underpinning all of this antisemitism, as an ideology and as a kind of religion actually is: (let´scall it Palestinianism)

How many know that palestinianism as we experience it today had a beginning sometime around 1968? How many understand well, or even half well, the conditions that brought this forward.

How many know that the very patriotic Jews called themselves Palestinian inhabitants in the period of the Mandate, from 1922 to 1948, and some time before that and after it too.

How many people know today that antisemitism has been used as a tool by the ruling classes in every epoch, under slavery, under feudalism, under capitalism.

Read the Communist Manifesto by Marx, that little poetry type work, and you will understand that capitalism is different. Capitalism has been revolutionary, its methods are revolutionary, and thus is all encompassing.

There is some work done recently on the thousands of world languages and how they are disappearing. Not by magic there is a reason and the real reason is the power of capitalism and imperialism, and their demands to make a profit in every situation, especially in periods of deep crisis in their system.

capital must find a profit.

That is the essence of the work of Marx not only in that little treatise, poetic in nature, but in his vast accounting of capital.

Antisemitism as i said has always been used by ruling groups throughout history. In 1939 to 45 this took on a condition of industrial killing of Jews. Who said that would be the pinnacle of this killing? 60 more years and 60 more years of capitalism ageing, why would the next not surpass in brutality even that nazi episode, the world having had a foretaste in the past 20 years of suppression of Serbs through lies and foul murder.

I finish with one question:

How are the Jews through their leaderships prepared this time? Are the leaders of Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora prepared?

That IS the question. How can the Jewish people be prepared for what is happening now, is rapidly developing, and in the near future?


We on 4international received in our email this plea which we fully support because it is true that Obama (Bush and all the others also) is betraying the concepts of the great American “bourgeois” revolution on which such great gains as the First Amendment etc were based, and this betrayal is very much concentrated on the Obama alliance with Muslim countries (as shown in the Cairo speech) against Israel, and indeed the great danger to Israel from a whole combination of forces.

It is addressed to fellow defenders of Israel and there is an urgency about it which we like, even though we do have serious differences because the author tends to lump together the American ruling Imperialists along with the ordinary people, who include the American working class, and this leads to terrible confusion and in the end a blind alley for Israel and Jews.

[Begin letter sent to 4international here]

Israel is in peril – and with it America’s security.

For the first time in Israel’s existence, we have a president who is determinedly working against Israel and our indispensible alliance. Barack Obama has pressured Israel to surrender to the demands of her enemies (and ours), and turns a blind eye toward the real threat of Iranian nukes. He has shown bald-faced contempt for Israel’s democratically elected prime minister, while bowing and scraping to her thuggish enemies.

We must act now to stop the Obama administration’s betrayal of one of our most loyal and valuable allies. Make no mistake: when Israel falls to Islamic enemies, we are not far behind. To our enemies, Israel is the Little Satan and America is the Great Satan, and both of us must be destroyed.

The Freedom Center has been fighting on Israel’s side for over 20 years. And now, as the crisis deepens with Obama’s intensifying hostility, we are stepping up our response by publishing a new pamphlet – “Barack Obama’s War Against the Jews” – to focus attention on the critical position in which the Obama administration has put Israel.

We need to raise $150,000 in order to get this pamphlet to press and distribute half a million of them into the hands of Congress, the media, community groups, college students around the country through our campus network, public officials, activists, and ordinary citizens. Will you help us meet this goal?

Please follow this link right away to make a contribution if $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to support this campaign. With your contribution of $25 or more, I will send you a copy of “Barack Obama’s War Against the Jews” when it is released.

Publishing this hard-hitting pamphlet will show how wrong headed the White House is in its scorn for Israel’s security needs. “Barack Obama’s War Against the Jews” documents the way in which the President has methodically undercut Israeli security and used American power not to defend this fellow democracy but to weaken it. I guarantee that you will be surprised and appalled by how determined the White House campaign against Israel has been.

We will not sit idly by and allow history to repeat itself with another genocide, this one masterminded by the mullahs of Iran. Please support our campaign today with your contribution of $25, $50 or more. Any amount you can give will help.

Israel needs our help. But America also needs Israel’s help. If Israel can no longer trust us, we will lose perhaps our most important partner in the war that Islamo-Fascists are waging against both of us – one whose intelligence resources have enabled us to prevent carnage within our own borders. We must act now to preserve this alliance that has served both countries so well over so many years.

Please stand beside me once again in this important battle.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

P.S. For your contribution of $25 or more, I will send a copy of “Barack Obama’s War Against the Jews,” a new pamphlet to be published, and I will keep you up to date on where the pamphlet has been distributed and its impact.


With the exception of Debkafile and INN the Israeli Press is a sorry thing indeed.

 I take the following few paragraphs from a writer on Haaretz which is the very worst tf the lot, an organization which cares little about how many it sells in Israel, because it is only writing for the antisemites abroad.

[Start extract from Haaretz writer here]

The threat of the occupation is no less severe than the threat of rocket fire. The settlers are extending their reach by the day, as the complexities of the territories grow ever more complex. The Palestinians are slowly pulling back from the two-state solution, and the implementation of that solution is growing increasingly more difficult. The international community is showing increasingly more impatience with one of the two states. Because of the occupation, the demographic situation of the state of the Jews is intolerable, and the state’s moral situation is disgraceful. Because of the occupation, the political threat looms ever larger. Time is working against the State of Israel.

That’s not what the right thinks, though. The right is still spreading the word that, apart from one or two things, everything’s just fine. After all, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to put the brakes on U.S. President Barack Obama for a time. After all, Israel was approved for membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The economy is flourishing, summer’s almost here, and life is grand. Just as immigration from Russia saved us in the 1990s and high tech saved us in the following decade, the natural gas fields that have been discovered and those yet to be discovered will save us in the next decade. Israeli vitality will prove itself yet again. It will soon become clear that we can live perfectly well even in an impossible situation. The doomsayers can talk all they want, but everything will be fine. There’s nothing to worry about, nowhere to rush off to. If we don’t give in, Abu Mazen will give up. If we don’t blink, Obama will disappear. Don’t worry, promises the right, the State of Israel has time on its side.

The real argument is the one concerning time. The right believes that Israel has plenty of time, because time gives Israel the opportunity to create facts on the ground. The right believes that Israel was established as a fact on the ground, and will succeed as a fact on the ground.

carried on


The writer above uses this false terminology left and right.

He refers to the Jews settling in Judea and Samaria as being the Right. The correct terminology is Jewish patriots. If I add to that it is with the adjectives, realistic, for example, about the reality of the Islam Jihad against jews in Palestine, which did not begin yesterday!

Yet notice how the writer is so content and happy to use this term The Right

You see that term The Right has got certain connotations. the writer is drawing in aspects like the American capitalist class, which conducted the unpopular war against Iraq.

Or the Right which denies the global heating of the planet.

Or the Right which destroys wildlife as in Louisiana (BT action which has led to the killing of millions of our fellow creatures on earth)

You see the writer on Haaretz is happy to do just that.

Now this situation is made much worse when there are writers on Israpundit who have an agenda on this score,they are firm adherents of perhaps:

US Imperialism

capitalism as a whole

the idea that there is no global heating

the idea that the many scientists who prove so are frauds etc

And these writers on Israpundit take great care to label these JEWISH TRAITORS as leftists.

If the Left did have an effect it was the “Left” as in Stalinism and enemies of revolutionary socialism.

Yes it is confusing. But the confusion has been deliberately planted!


It is very important to understand that the name left wing is misused in relation to Israel.

It is far more accurate to refer to these as traitors to Israel, or as traitors to the Jews.

Just last week there was a full page article in El Pais in Spain by Ilan Pappe. This was totally filled with lies, especially lies which centred on two key periods, 1948 and 1967.

Pappe is often thought of as a leftist in Israel and in the Diaspora. This thought runs incredibly deep.

I have argued on Israpundit as well as on this site many, many times that people like Pappe are not left, rather they are Jewish traitors.

This applies across the board and not just to Pappe.

There is one aspect where left is possibly involved but here the difference between social democracy and revolutionary socialism, and between Stalinism and revolutionary socialism, must enter the discussion and be understood.

Here enters another aspect of the problem.

A website like Israpundit and others like Atlas Shrugs, Jihadwatch are staffed by people who are complete advocates of capitalism, I mean of course of Imperialism.

They enter the fray with their own politics and part of this politics is to do down the socialist agenda at every point that they can.

There is something within Judaism which does force people to be against communists (here I mean revolutionary socialism and not the various Stalinist movements)

All of these religions are conservative and serve the status quo.

That is a basic starting point. I am not suggesting here that Judaism is not progressive in many ways. And Christianity was an oppressor of Judaism. Now Islam is an oppressor not only of Judaism, but also of Christianity.

There is the memory of the rabbi who stated to Trotsky that the Trotskys make the revolutions but the Bronsteins pay for it.

The best hope for the Jews was to join in with the Bolsheviks in 1917 and some of the youth among the Jews did just that. Was Eisenstein the famous film director not Jewish. (I will check spellings later)

The Bolsheviks of Lenin were progressive and revolutionary, the one hope for the future, but they were not the finished article, how could they be. their thought of Jews integrating was a blow against Judaism and the Jews as a Nation.

But these anti communist Jews of the present I find are very selective in their treatment of history. They hide that the Bolsheviks passed a law that antisemitism was punishable BY DEATH.

They also leave this out:

That mistake of Lenin of 1917. That mistake of Trotsky of 1917. Those should be seen in the context of their hatred of antisemitism.


This is quite frankly where websites like Israpundit are buggered.

They only give us a little bit of “their” history.

We on 4international are proud to be Trotskyists. We search for the truth of history and we will not adapt it for anybody´s public consumption. That is Stalinism. That is Imperialism.

These thoughts were spurred by reading an article on “democracy” just now on Israpundit.

Called “The battle for democracy” by Asher Fredman, Ynet