US war against Vietnam basically a peasant country! Jews must break from US Imperialism NOW!

I have watched the latest video from Caroline Glick. It is interesting to me in this respect. Glick is so emotional she is almost crying. Glick’s biggest problem is that she feels that the US has betrayed Israel and this makes her almost cry in pain. (www.carolineglick.com)


But this tells us about the bankruptcy and utter danger to Israel of Glick. The US has never been the friend of Israel.


Is the US an ally of Israel?

A chronological look at the evidence


Historical and Investigative Research — by Francisco Gil-White

 [ this piece updated regularly ]



The basic problem which lies behind so many of these speakers on the pro Israel side is that they take a non-class or above class position on America.


The emerging American bourgeoisie was revolutionary and the Declaration of Rights still remains.


But the American ruling capitalist class has long ago betrayed those revolutionary principles


It would be absolutely lethal for Jews to put themselves in alliance with THAT. But Glick tries to do just that.


If Glick read this she would react “You are a commie”


Just read again what Gil White researched on this score.


However there is a large group of pople in America who remain supportive of Israel and of Jews, opposed to Islam. That is the great American people.


Glick should not be disappointed that the American ruling class has become the enemy of the Jews, because they were always the enemy of the Jews. Remember Antisemite Henry Ford. George Bush removed Saddam who although no friend of the Jews was still a major secular block to Iran. Bush put Hamas in power helped by Condi Rice who insisted on that election in Gaza.


I listened to Glick very carefully. I do not like her politics at all. She seemed to be almost in tears.


This is wrong. Israel and Jews are a powerful nation and all is possible in this war.


Israel simply has to do what Brian Boru did in Ireland. Brian took the ground on which the Danes were standing and held on to it. Same with Israel and Gaza plus Judea and Samaria. Israel must take the ground on which these Antisemites are standing and hold on to that ground. If these Arabs do not want to be full of hope for the Jewish state then help them to a wonderful life in Holland or in Germany.


The great mission of the Jews. Root Antisemitism out of the Jewish Homeland forever and do not let political pygmies like Obama or Kerry stop them doing so.






I think that Ted Belman who does not ever vet any on his site has got an agent (but probably not alone) in the form of a “Honeybee”, because this person (she or he) plays a very strange game and seeks to reinforce the insularism of out and out “fascist communist haters” like “Yamit 82”. The only evidence I have of this is what anybody ever has of such infiltration and it is what people say or do, and what measures of security are put in place. Belman puts no security in place.


This is not a separate issue, that is separate from the desperate war Israel is fighting on many fronts, but most of all on the Hamas/Obama/Kerry front.


What I saw on that thread noted below gets to the very heart of leadership today.


The enemy puts its agents into every website and into every committee.


Belman is unable to control these people quite a number of whom appear to be agents of the US State machine, that is the CIA


This all becomes clear once again in “IDF Unleashes New Thrust…” published on July 30, 2014


It takes the form of a person called NormanF making a serious criticism of Jewish leadership.


…As anybody supporting Israel and defending Israel and defending Jews must do.


He is leapt on by these CIA agents operating on Israpundit and there begins a process and campaign by which he will be driven off.




The biggest mistake of NormanF is that he is not Jewish. That is the biggest mistake as far as these Fascist types like Yamit82 are concerned. It is at that point that the CIA agents on Israpundit step in and stir the pot.


Belman stays silent always in these situations


Belman needs to understand that not only Jews are in danger from Islamic and CIA Fascists in this period. Also in danger are those who defend Israel, like I do.


Belman is a weak, weak person (character wise) and is a very weak political person also


That gives the space for CIA people and maybe even out and out Islamic Fascists to operate on Israpundit but the former is the more likely







Brian Boru sculpture outside Dublín Castle. Brian Boru took the ground that the enemy Danes stood on and held on to it. That is precisely what Israel must do with Gaza. Take it. Hold on to it.




There are key reasons why Israel is going to lose the war with Hamas. These reasons are contained outside of Israel in the outside world, inside Israel, and inside the “Palestinians” aka the Jihad against the Infidel.


OUTSIDE ISRAEL…showed to me just yesterday when a Jew owned radio station Talk Radio Europe did 2 things, one they adopted on a  discussion (Yesterday) programme led by Jewish person Richard Tindesley a position of moral equivalence between Jews (Israel) and Jihadists (Hamas). I emphasise this is a radio stationed owned by Jews and run by Jews. As far as I can gather Tindesley is Jewish. Tindesley ignored my attempted phone calls and ignored my email sent to the studio to protest against the moral equivalence of all the participants in the discussions, while the callers in were downright Antisemitic.


INSIDE ISRAEL…It is all about leadership. Polls show that the Israeli Jews will fight to smash Hamas. There is a great opportunity to smash Hamas and also the PLO and to root out Antisemitism from the area once and for all. No Antisemite to remain in the area. The Israeli leadership will not do this. If they cannot destroy Antisemitism in the Jewish state which means smashing forever “Palestinianism” the very spear of the Jihad, then they must compromise and give up the fight against Antisemitism aka the Jihad. That is defeat. A tunnel is made of concrete and does not speak. It is the Antisemites who make the tunnels and who kill Jews that are the problem. Israeli leaders go for the “appearance”. The essence is missed all the time.




This is the Jihad. The Palestinians arising in 1970 no earlier (Phantom Nation) is the Jihad against Jews in action. The meaning of the term “The Palestinians” is No Jewish State allowed. This essence is not grasped either. If it were grasped then Israel would take certain definite measures.




This is a time when all sorts of dregs appear. The Irish are NOT Antisemitic. The Irish are NOT an Antisemitic nation. There is no people on earth that are Antisemitic. There is no country on earth that is Antisemitic.


Hitler won power and carried out the Holocaust because he had a party which promoted an Antisemitic ideology.


That ideology won because there was no party of the left to challenge it.


All of these issues are about leadership.


The Israeli Jewish soldier’s deaths are all caused by lack of preparation and above all by hesitation by the leadership.


All rules of war are being ignored. In 1044 Brian Boru took the ground on which the Danes were standing AND HELD ON TO THE GROUND. The Danes were finished in Ireland. (Battle of Clontarf, most famous battle ever in Ireland)


That is what the IDF must do with Gaza. As Martin Sherman says Gaza Must Go.


What then would Israel do with a million Arabs or so? This poses it wrong way round. A million Arabs are not ever going to be Israel’s problem. The only problem Israel has is ending Antisemitism. If they are Antisemites they must go. It really is as simple as that. If they are wholehearted supporters of Israel they stay as honoured guests.


Say as an example…I am Irish, I wish to live in Israel. I am a guest if accepted by Jews as a guest. I am not an Israeli. Israel is only for the Jews as citizens. All else are guests.


The opposite to that concept is Antisemitism






It comes down now to the simplest of all questions:


Should Israel make a peace with Hamas under the hostile to Jews peace plan of Obama and the rest?


Or go on to smash Hamas and end with this Gaza si filled with Antisemitism?


It is of course and can only be the former. This life is not what people say or do, it is about what YOU say and do, and the truth is that the Gaza under the Arabs is a territory from which the killing of Jews takes place and will always proceed.


That is the only reason for the massive tunnel network in Gaza by Hamas. There are hundreds of tunnels running everywhere under this Gaza Strip. All the world was clamouring for Israel to send help to these poor Gazans, but a large part of the help was cement and electricity. With those the Gazans built the tunnels aimed at driving into Israel and killing Jews.


The PLO is exactly the same. That is why Abbas is a noted Holocaust Denier and is also why the whole discource on the Irish thejournal.ie is now filled with references to Jews in Israel being like the Nazis, which is the ultimate form of Holocaust Denial.


That is happening as Netanyahu and Israeli leaders hold back, go in fits and starts.


http://www.4international.me say they are going to call you Nazis anyway so why worry about that. Just win.


In order to defeat Hamas follow the strategy of Brian Boru in the famous Battle of Clontarf when the Irish King near Dublín defeated the Danes. What Brian did was simple and effective. He captured the ground that the Danes stood on and he held on to it.


That is the key thing to do in every war.


It was the exact same in the war of the Red Army of the Young Soviet Russia against the Whites in the Civil War led by magician political strategist Leon Trotsky (supported in the Civil War fully by Lenin and opposed by Stalin)…it was to capture the ground on which the Whites stood and hold on to it.


That forced the White Antisemites to scarper out of Russia which they did to join up with Hitler’s nascent Fascist Party.


GO ISRAEL! Take each section of Gaza and do not let go of it! Take as long as you need! Avoid Jewish loss of life where posible! But keep to that strategy. I send my best wishes to Bibi Netanyahu, Prime Minister. Do not be deflected from this strategic aim and victory.


4international.me answers the lies and defends Israel in Ireland against Hamas

Hungarian Jews are selected by Nazis to be sent to the gas chamber at Auschwitz concentration camp, May/June 1944.[1] from wikipedia

A new leadership which is in support of the Jews against Antisemitism must be created in Ireland. This is the only answer to be made to the ISM and IPSC demos held in Ireland on Saturday all opposing the Jewish state of Israel and supporting the Sharia Islamist Hamas. Hamas stands for the enslavement of women and I am sure I saw women on those demos in Ireland!


In fact the Irish people face many very difficult problems at the present time. There is mass unemployment, very high emigration of its youth, great poverty among the working class, homelessness


There is also lethal Antisemitism caused by lethal anti-Jew narratives pushed by groups which call themselves left but in fact are closer to plain Antisemitism. Some of these groups even call themselves Trotskyists but that is a ruse because Leon Trotsky was a defender of the Jews against Antisemitism, and pushed in the 1930s before his murder for the setting up of the Jewish state.


There needs to be a new party, a new leadership, created that will defend Israel against these obnoxious forces in Irish society and http://www.4international.me is committed to doing that


http://www.4international.me is active in answering these anti Jewish lies on the http://www.journal.ie website. We wrote the following this morning against the lies of a “DH”:


In 1948 Israel forced to defend

DH writes above “The state of israel was founded on what was palestinian territory so how are israel defending their country? “

As I said before there were no “Palestinians” before 1970. The first mention of them as a people in UN documentation was in 1970, proved in the book “Phantom People” based on a careful scrutiny of UN documents.

The statement above is absurd and all assertions by people like DH must be studied closely and researched into.

In fact the League of Nations in 1920 defined Palestine as also including the present Jordan. Israel has not grown but has shrunk since then. It is now less than the size of Munster but even that the Arabs want to shrink again, and Hamas want to obliterate it.

That so many Irish people would come out and support Hamas and oppose the Jewish Homeland is most troubling

This is very much the crisis of the left and their Alliance with Islam. There is no essential difference between Hamas and Morsi who was rejected because he pushed Sharia Law on the Egyptians. I thought everybody knew that!


was placed on http://www.thejournal.ie/demonstrations-gaza-ireland-1590926-Jul2014/#comment-2726718



On his blog http://www.theaugeanstables.com Richard Landes has summed up the Hamas strategy. I want to record it simply because it is the truth:


Hamas’ strategy works like this:

  1. Cyclically attack your enemy’s civilians in such as way as to provoke a violent retaliation.
  2. Hide behind civilians (neighborhoods, schools, hospitals) so that the retaliation does your civilians the maximal damage.
  3. Produce an industry of lethal narratives portraying Israel as ruthless murderers of civilians (a projection of Hamas tactics and desires).
  4. Have these lethal narratives circulated by journalists as news, so that international opinion rises up against Israel.
  5. Survive until that international outrage forces the Israelis to pull back and save you.
  6. Repeat, with each reiteration making Israel weaker on the military battlefield and more isolated in the global community.

Given how merciless and self-destructive this strategy, it has proven surprisingly effective. As Jeremy Bowen explains, each round is a race in time between the moments the Israelis strike (back) and the time an incensed international community intervenes decisively to stop the “humanitarian crisis.”









Yes this is the logical extensión of the whole of the Arab Palestinian false narrative against the Jews, from beginning to end.


1. The figures of dead and injured are created each morning by the Hamas “Ministry of Health” or sometimes called “Medical Sources” and this is at once relayed tot he world by the Media, without a question being asked. This will happen over a massive number of news outletsm from big to small, as I Heard yesterday on the Steven Ritson radio hour on Talk Radio Europe. Ritson is small time but remember this is carried by the big groups such as BBC and then relayed onto social media outlets such as thejournal.ie, very active in forming Irish opinión


2. This has always been the method of the Arabs against Israel, as it was of the Hitlerite Nazis aganst Jews. The Nazis worked to créate an atmosphere where the JEWS were seen as the aggressors and the “por” Germans the victims of the Jews. The western Media is invovled fully in this. This is why all the reports from the Izetbegovic Muslim side were taken as true and the Serb reports were ignored by the Media. Anything is posible by this method. It is total mind manipulation


3. The social media sews the whole thing up. I ventured a few times onto thejournal.ie and found that every post I made there were about 20 wihtin a very short period of time made against. It is a definition of an incipient Fascism in action


4. This farrago of lies and this poison of slander against Israel has totally screwed the left up, so that yesterday there were hundreds of Nigerians murdered by Boko Haram, with the Nigerian Government impotent or just not caring enough to do anything, and this is ignored in Ireland, which historically has always had very close relations with Christians in Nigeria


Yesterday the Media was full of numbers all taken from Hamas. It is a war of numbers


But as I stated above it is totally consistent with the modus operandi of all of these forces ranged against Israel that if Israel does not provide they will. That is they will massacre their own people in schools and hospitals


Sometimes this is by keeping Arabs insidem forbidding them exit, but most importantly it is by directing their own shells into these schools


Who is to investigate. The Media do not report. If they do not toe the Hamas line then their photographers etc. are in serious diffs.


Yet do just a Little research and there is evidence that a great percentage of the rockets fired within Gaza by Hamas are not exiting Gaza. This may be all accidents or failures. But it is entirely logical that they are setting up false flag operations and these hamas rockets are hitting schools, with the Media on hand to report children in distress and blaming Israel. It was their own organization, that they elected, which did it.


The essence of Fascism. Based on Lies. Hitler did exactly that in taking power in Germany.


4international is very clear on the way forward. What you have in the “Palestinians” is a real army of Antisemitism (Jew Hatred) and they mobilise in many, energetic and always ingenious ways.


Most Jews know: leave this in place and not one thing is solved.


But then there is Boko Haram and there is ISIL and there is also plans for world war against Russia by Fascist Imperialism


The Jews, Israel, Judaism, modern Israel…cannot tie all this together. That is their weakness. Their strength lies in the national movement. It is a very strong national movement


Like the Irish feel themselves as Irish, kind of, the Jews really do feel themselves as a nation.


Their great misión is to end Antisemitism in the Land of the Jews, in Israel.


To do so means that as Martin Sherman says “Gaza has to go”. The first step is to militarily defeat Hamas and to place its leadership in a special category of fascist Nazi killers of Jews.


It means rejecting totally the US plots of “unity governments” which will simply continue the Antisemitism.


There was great hatred and evasión of my proposals on thejournal.ie to plot the rise of the “Palestinains”, in fact as “Phantom Nation” proves the first mention of the “Palestinians” was in 1970


So it is doable. There are moreover Arabs who are fair and will support the Jewish Homeland and will reject this Facist ideology of Edward Said “Palestinianism”. They will be welcome guests. The Jews will be most kind to such Arabs and they will live in friendship.


Everything takes time. But some things have to be done within days or weeks. First is to capture the Hamas Command holed up deep underground under Gaza City. With their capture and imprisonment waiting an uncertain fate things will change dramatically. Jewish lives will be sacrificed but the more decisive the action, the clearer the political strategym the less hesitation by leadership, thenethe less bloodshed on both sides there will be.


Above all that is worth fighting for, to have a Jewish Homeland in which there is not an inch space for Antisemitism


The UN actually has its schools storing the Hamas rockets and when discovered they hand these rockets over to Hamas. So everything from the UN is suspect.


But the truth eventually comes out:




4international.me takes on the Antisemites in thejournal.ie over school bombing Antisemitic attacks


This is apicture of how ISIL deals with captured Iraqi soldiers. 98% of Israeli Jews know now Hamas/Fatah is the same as ISIL and the “peace process OSLO” was a farce. Jews forcé Netanyahu to carry on to destroy Hamas. No truce until victory over Hamas and over Antisemitism
This picture is one of a posible thousand we could use to show that the Media Works with Hamas/Fatah to produce a Stalinist/Fascist Big Lie against the Jews
Note that the closest ally of Hamas/Fatah is Iran and their policy is to murder Gays a la Sharia. This image alone (and there are thousands more we could chose) shows how low the Fascist/Stalinist/Republican left in Ireland has sunk to. Iran supplied the rockets to kill the Jews.


Most Jews, about 98 per cent, know now that the Peace Process was a farce


The BBC is filled with images from the school (they say) but this is war and these kinds of incidents are always happening in war, in every war. Mary McMahon (one of the Israeli hating commenters) refers to how important children are for the future but what about children who are educated and trained in Jew Hatred from the earliest years. This is what McMahon leaves out and she also leaves out that Hamas is an army based on Jew Hatred, and it is an army which is no different in the slightest from ISIL.

Hamas has a very big problem indeed with Israel today. Most Jews, about 98 per cent, know now that the Peace Process was a farce, and that the “Palestinians” founded by the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini have only the one aim and that is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. All of the Stalinist Republican Left in Ireland are very close to signing on to that project also, if not already there

These are issues that will be fought out politically in Ireland  by the building of the Trotskyist http://www.4international.me which DOES defend Jews and opposes Antisemitism.

By the way those on this site should understand that there are many alternative explanations for this school explosion. I admire Israel for saying “We do not know. It could be. We will investigate” so different to the BBC who immediately accepted the Hamas figures and political line

Oh and one other thing. It is clear that Obama/Kerry/Cameron want to rescue Hamas. Perhaps even Netanyahu wants Hamas to survive. But they have to reckon with the great Israeli Jewish people who have had to endure 10 years of Hamas and Fatah rockets landing on their people, and this great Jewish people now know that it is a fight to the finish. No matter what the world does 4international and true Trotskyism stands with the Jews against Antisemitism






The big question for Jews, Israelis and for organizations like 4international is what will the great sacrifice of life and money be worth if this truce is agreed to and if Hamas escapes to plot for another day?


As Aaron Klein suggests the truce is agreed to in principle with Netanyahu. It involves two things both of which go against the need, the great need, to elininate this “Palestinian” terror and form of Jihad




A short term truce will stop the Israeli actions against the Islamists.


A long term truce will open the doors to a great strengthening of “Palestinianism”.


Both of these are a disaster for Jews because it will stop the Jews doing what 4international believe is necessary and posible, that is the rooting out of Antisemitism from the Land of Israel which will need to be greatly extended to maintain free from Antisemitism land and defensible área.


At present Israel is less tan the size of Munster. Ask how is it posible to defend “Munster” from such powerful forces of Antisemitisn in the world. It is truly a gigantic issue and one in which world socialist revolution only has the answerm because all forms of capitalism have proved unwilling and unable to defend ordinary people from Islamic Sharia-based terror


Klein writes on July 21:

By Aaron Klein The current version of a truce between Israel and Islamist forces in the Gaza Strip being brokered by Egypt provides Hamas with numerous concessions the Islamic group has been seeking since the start of the Gaza conflict, KleinOnline has learned.


* Among the concessions are the opening of a border crossing, the loosening of Israel’s naval blockade and talks about releasing terrorists captured in recent weeks. While Israel didn’t agree to all terms being discussed between Egypt and Hamas, it also didn’t immediately object to discussion on the specific issues, an Egyptian diplomat involved in the talks told KleinOnline.


* According to the Egyptian official, there are currently two deals being negotiated at the same time. The first deal calls for an immediate cessation of all Hamas rocket attacks and a halt to Israel’s military campaign targeting Hamas’s infrastructure in Gaza while a long-term cease-fire is discussed. Once a short-term truce is implemented, a longer-term cease-fire will be immediately negotiated with the goal of reaching a long-term truce within days.


* At first, Hamas objected to any short-term cease-fire and said it would only discuss a long-term truce. Egypt’s newfound willingness to host Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal in Cairo, however, worked to soften Hamas’ position, and the Islamist group agreed to the possibility of a short-term cease-fire, the diplomat said. Until now, Hamas has been frustrated that Egypt was not dealing with it directly in any of the truce negotiations. The truce is being negotiated with input from Qatar and Turkey, said the diplomat.


* The current version of the draft truce contains these concessions to Hamas:


1. Egypt’s reopening of Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip, with the border possibly manned by Palestinian Authority security forces. Egyptian recognition that Hamas is a regional player to be dealt with directly.

2. Qatar will provide funds to help pay the salaries of Hamas employees, a key concern for Hamas that may have helped lead to the current conflict in the first place.

3. Israel releasing some of its naval blockade of Gaza and enlarging a “fishing zone” by several kilometers to give Hamas autonomy in the Mediterranean Sea bordering Gaza.

PLUS An Egyptian pledge to talk with the Israelis about releasing 58 Hamas members arrested in the West Bank in recent weeks in response to the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teenagers. – See more at: http://kleinonline.wnd.com/2014/07/21/leaked-new-truce-deal-scores-wins-for-hamas-draft-of-cease-fire-with-israel-reveals-several-key-concessions/#sthash.30hGkeiN.dpuf




Imagine creating a special state within Ireland for the Black and Tans to murder the Irish. That is what creating a Palestine State is all about – to murder the Jews












When I read the following I asked myself what traitor (at least idiot to be kind) wrote the following and then I saw it was the Jerusalem Post editorial board:



But while focusing on the short-term, and admittedly limited, goal of destroying the tunnels adjacent to the border, our leaders should be looking ahead to longer-term goals, the most important of which is the gradual demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.

Plans like the one touted by Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz includes elements that are worth exploring by those international interests trying to broker the ceasefire.

The plan calls for the international community to oversee the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip using the same system that is successfully ridding Syria of chemical weapons. In return, Arab countries and the international community would provide the Palestinian Authority with $50 billion to rehabilitate refugee camps and build the Gaza Strip.

Obviously, this cannot be achieved overnight.

Not unlike Israeli foreign policy that over the years has raised international awareness of the Iranian nuclear threat, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and others in the government should be spearheading a campaign to garner support for and involvement in the demilitarization of Gaza. There will be no quiet until it is demilitarized. The flare-ups of Gazan attacks every several months will continue. As soon as Hamas is forced to give up its arms, peace will reign, because Hamas aggression is the source of the conflict.”


Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz is a traitor for putting forward such rubbish in a  time of war and the Post is worse for editorialising it.


To prove my point I quote from the above:


The plan calls for the international community to oversee the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip


And I stop right there and I state.


1. Who is this wonderful “International Community”…They are all pacifist enablers of Jihad snowed under like Britain, Germany, France and Canada from problems with their own Jihad?

2. It strips Israel of its Independence and Jewish hard won (through the Nazi Holocaust) experience that Israel must put its trust in nobody but its own armed forces and weaponry


This incident and this Editorial from such a leading Media organ shows how far the rot has gone inside Israeli politics and it shows that a new leadership must be built to lead the Jews to victory.


Jews should instead welcome all of this international pressure for a truce and tell them that it is OUR job, that is what national Independence meansm and WE will destroy Hamas and Fatah.


That is as bad as the world in 1920 advising Michael Collins and the Irish to place their trust in the Black and Tans, and rather than rooting the Black and Tans out of their country, to give the Black and Tans the province of Connaught to wage war on the Irish.


Just cannot happen.


It is totally not realistic. The Jews have to defend the Jews.


Can the people who run the Jerusalem Post not see this?









Goldberg begins with this paragraph and it is enough:


I suppose I’ve kept you guessing a little since the start of the ground invasion. I’ve gone from writing posts critical of the government and damning the attacks to supporting the IDF all of the way in Gaza. My feelings were that the government led us down a path to unnecessary war when they should have invested more time in negotiation, more time in finding a way for their people to live without war. These feelings though are for now irrelevant.


Goldberg follows in the tradition of Neville Chamberlain. Israel is facing the Nazis of the “Palestinians” founded by the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini and he is saying that Israel should have negotiated with these Nazis.


Just like Chamberlain!


It is very important for the good of Israel and of Jews that Marc Goldberg be placed in a secure prison now, and that is at least, I would much prefer to see Goldberg executed as a traitor, along with Livni and all those others who supported in any way the calamity of Israel withdrawing and handing Gaza across to the Fascist enemy (I mean here by this term not Hamas but the “Palestinians”)


It was the cowardly pulling out of Gaza, and the handing of the Gaza across to the enemy the “Palestinians”, that has caused so many deaths of Jews and so much hardship for millions of Jews continually hit in 10 years by rockets from Gaza.


With extreme arrogance Marc Goldberg has written of this Gaza withdrawal thus:


BEGIN QUOTE…”Before screaming about the suffering caused by the withdrawal it is worth considering just where we would be were we still occupying the Strip and just how long the monthly casualty would be. Then ask how many dead Israeli soldiers should we suffer before saying that enough is enough.

In the circumstances of the time I think that history has actually vindicated Sharon’s withdrawal rather than condemn it.”


Yes I would certainly have this bastard executed for treason. He has had a hand in the murder of too many Jewish civilians and Jewish soldiers. At the very least imprison this traitor and throw away the key.






Haj Amin al-Husseini inspecting a Muslim SS división. This Nazi loving Arab from Palestine became the founder of the “Palestinians”


A “Gary Doyle” on the http://www.thejournal.ie website wrote this very morning


BEGON QUOTE…”I don’t understand how a people who were almost wiped out by the most evil person in history, are now in danger of mimicking his acts of greed and hatred,with a complete disregard to public opinion around the world. (apart from US, UK and their pals)
Their aim is clear: wipe out the Palestinian people and gain their lands.”


Doyle is claiming here that the Israelis are Nazis. This is quite typical of the majority of the posts now coming in on the many articles being run on the war between Israel and Hamas


But the finger points back at Doyle because Doyle is supporting the “Palestinians” founded indeed by the very Nazis themselves. The “Palestinians” were founded by Hajj Amin el Husseini who actually took a leading role in the Holocaust of the Jews. El Husseini was the close buddy of Himmler and Eichmann.


Doyle is not alone. There are whole heaps of people who opérate in a Nazi Jew hating type pack. Here I am not at all thinking of a pack of animals because I happen to be a big lover of all animals. No I mean as a pack of humans motivated by Nazi and Jew hating ideologies




In fact it is indeed Jewish owned by a guy called Martin Nathan.


I am unsure about the guy who runs the discussion of politics there Richard Tindesley but by the remarks made to him by a raging Israel hater there a few weeks ago he may be Jewish.


In any case the programme all 2 hours of it yesterday refused to defend Israel from Hamas and that is the classic position to focus on.






So far as it goes Tindesley in a previous week was of the opinión that Jews were not forced out of Morocco. He seemed to be saying that Muslims treated Jews well in Morocco.


This is definitely factually incorrect. And it shows a certain bias does it not.


However yesterday with Israel’s back to the Wall I did not hear ONE defence of Israel



4international sends our full support to the IDF and we give critical support to all the leaders of the Israeli state as they are in war with Hamas, a savage, Jew Hating branch of the Muslim Brotherhood


It behoves any socialist worthy of his name to stand with Israel 100 per cent in this war.


The initial thoughts of Netanyahu and the whole of the Israeli Government except for Danon have been proved to be faulty. 4international knew they were wrong. We knew that Hamas would not give up their rockets into Israel. We knew that Hamas was not fighting on its own but fighting along with world Antisemitism, and this is now represented by the Alliance of Stalinist and Anarchist forces in the west, those who ran protests in Dublín, London, and Paris, where the latter involved a running battle now on video against the Paris synagogue with Jews cowering inside (shades of the Nazis)


We on http://www.4international.me stand unconditionally with Israel and with the IDF


It involves the fight against Fascism and how to really confront Fascism, and to defeat Fascism


This brings us back many years and history is being projected rapidly into the present. For example, just one example, how to defeat the advances of the Fascist Franco on the Young Republic set up by the Spanish Revolution from 1931 onwards


Trotsky said a United Front, fight shoulder to shoulder with the Progressive forces against Franco, but mobilise the masses in the Soialist Revolution


This means for sure standing shoulder to shoulder with the IDF in Gaza.


Gaza should never have been surrendered in 2005. The deaths of Israelis and Israeli soldiers lie at the door of people like Mrs Livni


The major difference with all previous wars in Gaza and Lebanon is General el Sisi in Egypt and what he represents.


What el Sisi represents is that the masses of Muslims in Egypt had a close look at Sharia going into practice under Morsi AND THEY REJECTED THAT


There is no OTHER explanation as to why the masses turned so decisively to support el Sisi AGAINST THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD


Normally socialists are against military dictators. But read león Trotsky. The history of the socialist movement is full of this and if alive Trotsky would support el Sisi fully against The Muslim Brotherhood


This is the dialectic of political and military struggle.


Hamas and all the other Jihadists must be completely destroyed in Gaza but it cannot stop there, also in Judea and Samaria


This IS the point. Abbas is the Holocaust denier, and he says that the Nazis and Jews created what Holoaust (in his skewed opinion) there was.


Ababs and the PLO are the main enemy.


Obama is blocked from attacking Israel with NATO by el Sisi and also by the firm resistance to NATO and Jihad by the Syrian freedom fighter (in these conditions he is that) Assad.


Obama and Rice in the UN simply hate Israel and wish for Israel to be defeated in the sense of another ceasefire followed by more rockets on Sderot. The now freedom fighter El Sisi and strangely Assad are blocking Obama and Rice and will continue to do so.


Everything depends on leadership…Everything


There must be a choosing of new leaders in Israeel. Livni must be out. Haaretz closed down immediately. Antisemitic writers expelled.


Antisemitism in Israel (I include here Gaza and Judea and Samaria) must be rooted out actively


4international is alone in saying that there are many Arabs who will support The Jewish State of Israel with a full heart. That is what I mean by the fight against Antisemitism


Keep them! They will be valued guests of the Jewish State. Those who cannot quite do that and they will be smaller in number Israel will be generous to in helping form a new life in places like Ireland and Europe (Germany is a possibility)


But finally in the history of the Jewish State sincce 1917 there is no room for Antisemitism AT ALL


A great future. A great aim. And all means to that great aim are great.


It will go hand in hand with building http://www.4international.me on an international basis


Do not be misled by Bibi’s jew wasting crummy Little war on Gaza. Bibi is seeking a Neville solution actually no solution at all

Historical precedent but Holocaust to follow
Neville Chamberlain holding the paper containing the resolution to commit to peaceful methods signed by both Hitler and himself on his return from Munich. He is showing the Anglo-German Declaration to a crowd at Heston Aerodrome on 30 September 1938. He said:

“…the settlement of the Czechoslovakian problem, which has now been achieved is, in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all Europe may find peace. This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, Herr Hitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine (waves paper to the crowd – receiving loud cheers and “Hear Hears”). Some of you, perhaps, have already heard what it contains but I would just like to read it to you …”.

Later that day he stood outside Number 10 Downing Street and again read from the document and concluded:

‘”My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honour. I believe it is peace for our time.”


I am breaking new ground for Trotskyism and for the Jewish cause on the Irish website journal.ie


I am finding it is not enough to take on the Antisemites who hate Israel and everything to do with Israel (more on this later) but also I am forced to oppose those on the supposed pro-Israel side who say that “the Palestinians have to have a state”.


I am asking the same question to both of these groups which are:

  1. The Antisemites who are hateful to the Jewish Homeland yet support Irish nationalism, as do the Irish Republicans like Adams of Sinn Fein and Provie fame, raging double standard here is there not
  2. The opposite side who although they claim to be campaigning FOR Israel cannot and will not address the simple question about the “Palestinians”


Because my simple question drawn from the outstanding book Phantom Nation by Sha’i ben-Tekoa (who I do not know and have never spoken to even!) is at what date in rough terms did the Arabs start calling themselves “Palestinians”


One predictable answer to this is that it does not matter? So history does not matter! Well I am a Marxist and history does!


This is also the position of the basic traitor to the Jews Bibi Netanyahu and all his associates who are directing (unfortunately) (very badly) this war against Hamas in Gaza


What Netanyahu seeks to do in this “war” is to resuscitate Hamas. That is a strange aim you might say. Surely all the froth and foam from Bibi says that he hates Hamas.


Ah no! Not at all!


For example take a concrete situation and weigh it up with some rationality. Bibi sure does not hate Jews being terrorised by Hamas or he would not have done NOTHING for so long as Jews in Sderot (now all of Israel) scrambled with their kids for shelters and slept every night in concrete dungeons in the bowels of their own home in their own Jewish Homeland


To Bibi it is all politics and the politics of his crummy career surviving


According to Debka the centre of the Hamas command is in the centre of Gaza City. This is natural. As the rocket men dash out and launch death so the leaders go right into the centre of population centres.


Israel is good at intelligence so they know exactly where they are.


Bibi is a traitor to the Jews and he will NOT go for them. He wants to keep them alive. Bibi actually believes in a new form of Palestinian United Government. He believes now fundamentally in this two state thing more than ever.


So my question to these two groups on thejournal.ie becomes very relevant. Which is roughly “If you are going to have a Palestinian State” and advocate as Irish Jewess Jenni Hutchinson is doing right there now and a guy called “Charles” there also, then answer the dammed question


At what date mate did the Arabs start calling themselves “Palestinians”


It is also at the centre of the fight to replace Netanyahu and to expose his crummy, useless war in Gaza. I think Bibi is going to waste young Jews’ lives in that to create this monstrosity a Pali state. Israelis from my Irish perspective are not smart people. Rather they are very smart in ways but politically speaking…They are dumbest of the dumb.


I expect all readers of 4international to follow responses on the journal and to buy Phantom Nation NOW


First see what they answer to my question on http://www.thejournal.ie/irish4srael-ipsc-1576060-Jul2014/#comment-2695854

Second buy for a handful of quid http://www.amazon.com/Phantom-Nation-Inventing-Palestinians-Obstacle-ebook/dp/B00EVAEW3Q


Also relevant is this


The first hours of Israel’s Operation Defensive Edge ground phase against Hamas were marked by heavy artillery and air pounding to soften up the terrain as the ground forces went in Thursday night, July 17. The troops advanced in two heads – one north to Jebalya and Beit Lahiya and the other south, where it went into action initially against Khan Younes and Rafah. The IDF took its first casualty before dawn Friday: Sgt. Eytan Barak, 20, from Herzliya, who served in the Nahal Division
In its current phase, the IDF ground operation is focusing on southern Gaza, with the potential for expanding into further areas, as and when the government decides, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told the special cabinet session Friday.

The densely populated Gaza City has not been broached as yet.

debkafile’s military experts maintain that the first 48 hours of a war are often critical for determining its outcome. If a tactical gain is not achieved early on and a psychological blow not inflicted on the enemy, the operation tends to start losing traction by the third and fourth days.
That is why it is so important to hit the teeming Gaza City without delay, because Hamas has buried its core infrastructure under the crowded town center: Housed in a fortified bunker complex are its command and control, its communications systems and its longest-range weapons, which are held ready to strike after an Israeli invasion.
Bringing a small special operations force close enough to the Hamas stronghold would be useful for making the enemy feel threatened. But most importantly, it could gather the kind of intelligence which spy satellites and the air force were unable to reach. A small ground force trained in surveillance could pull this data from a point 200-300 meters away from target.

So the IDF has not yet applied the full weight of its might against Hamas. The troop movements in the early hours of the ground operation appeared designed more as a signal to Hamas that the incursion would stop right there, if it accepted a ceasefire on Egyptian and Israeli terms.




The news of the Malaysian plane blown out of the sky by a rocket is just dreadful. It was reported that many of the passengers were going or coming from an Aids conference, as if they did not have enough problems int their families, then this


Apart from the human tragedy that we all feel as humans I was struck by the war cries made by Biden and the Sun Tabloid against Russia


I will not speculate on the cause because I have no idea but the way that Biden and the Sun reacted is a message to us all…we are living in a most dangerous time, and I think those who try to bury their heads in the sand are such fools.


The crisis facing freedom fighters in Ukraine and Russia is accentuated by these things


  1. American capitalism and Imperialism is very unstable and as well as being unstable there are deep urges within American capitalism to make war on Russia, which it still sees as Soviet Russia. The Russian Revolution of 1917 gave a horror shock to world capitalism, especially of Britain, france and America. They have neither forgotten or forgiven
  2. The resurgence of old forms, those of Fascism and the Nazis. We saw this in the war on the Serbs by those old forms centred in Croatia and Bosnia
  3. We see also that very often these societies today under severe attack from forms of Fascism are not really prepared to meet and defeat Fascism. This is best seen in the war conducted on the Jews today (on Israel), but also on the war on the Christians of Nigeria, on the Christians and Alawites in Syria, on the Christian Copts in Egypt, and now on the freedom lovers in Ukraine and Russia


We await devemopments as to who did this terrible deed. But what is most revealing is the political attacks on Russia, veritable calls to war on Russia, by Biden and the Sun tabloid. It would not take much for them to launch a nuclear war on Russia or China. Israel is in the same basic danger from these forces when you keep in mind always that the American people love Israel but the Americal ruling class hate Israel.


There is not the slightest doubt now that Bibi Netanyahu is following a definite plan of keeping Hamas intact. Whatever way Netanyahu reasons this it amounts to treason to the Jewish people. Netanyahu is a traitor


It is bullshit, total bullshit, all of this business of Israel appearing humane by warning people that they intend to bomb a house…hence result is they bomb an EMPTY house


It is doubly bullshit on the part of this traitorous leading elite in Israel because they know: THE PALESTINIAN ARABS WILL PUT PALLYWOOD IN OPERATION ANYWAY


The “Palestinians” do not need any deaths because they have their own Pallywood department.


In a confrontation on Talk Radio Europe editor of 4international.me Felix Quigley had a confrontation with a high up in a radio station. This guy (a certain Richard Tildesley) who is a leading Jew in the station and Marbella Area stated he had never heard of Pallywood


At the same time another this time Irish Jew called Jenni Hutchinson joined with the IPSC (same as ISM) to attack me, Trotskyism and 4international


As I say to everybody these days Trotskyism has no friends, does not seek friends per se, has only truth as friend

Let me get this straight my dear Jewish friends. Why would the Israeli planes bomb empty houses, having issued warnings so the Fascists can flee. W H Y???


As I said the name of Jews will be blackened anyway by Pallywood (even though Marbella Jew Tildesley has never heard of it it exists)


Further note on this dear Jewish friends. Tildesley was leading the panel discussion over 2 hours…well prepared eh!


So then we have to ask what is Netanyahu and this Israeli elite at.


Here is my take


  1. Netanyahu and his elites fear the great power of the Jewish people
  2. The power of the Jewish people is not only in themselves and in their old religion, it is in the place they and their religion hold because of this long history in contemporary society
  3. And Netanyahu and his elite know this and back away from it


We have emphasised time and time again how difficult a war this is against Hamas. For a start it is not just against Hamas, it is really Hamas, Fatah, Iran and Hizbullah .. and counting


The recent Pew Poll shows Antisemitism in these Arab countries at 90% plus with variation of just a few points from gaza to Morocco


This is not an easy war to win.


But it means that the orientation for war has to be correct. And the arsing about by Netanyahu is traitorous, and it was totally the work of a traitor to expel Danon


This brat Netanyahu and his brat wife Sara have really no class at all when they do not encourage a debate as to how to conduct the war.


The Israeli elite is corrupt. Time to start exploring urgently new solutions. In short investigate us. Investigate http://www.4international.me



4international believes that a lengthy war against Hamas and Gaza is the way forward. Lengthy but not interminable. The immediate end is to isolate Hamas, destroy the Hamas ability to rocket Israel and Israeli citizens whether Jewish or Arab. Arab Israelis are also now being hit by Hamas rockets. The final end is the destruction of Hamas and the exile of its leadership, to Saudi Arabia or to wherever. Meanwhile and without delay Abbas and Omar Barghoutti must be placed on trial for treason. They lie on television to promote Jew Hatred. The BBC is also doing this so it should be totally banned from Israel.


To pursue the end, that is stopping the rockets, it is necessary to move troops into two areas. They are: 1. The northern part of the Gaza Strip and 2. The southern part on the border with Sinai called the Pennsylvanian Corridor (FQ…Since writing this it appears that Israel may be doing the first part, or may not)


Very soon Arabs must be welcomed into these two areas but on one condition and one condition only – they must be true friends of the Jewish Homeland of Israel and are happy to be the guests of that Jewish Homeland.


I myself would apply to live there but as an Irish person I would be a guest of the Jewish Homeland, and only as a guest would I accept. Jews because of the history of Antisemitism must be in total control of the Jewish Homeland. Note and note well…Jews did not create Antisemitism – the Gentile created Antisemitism


Hamas as in all Islamic states operates as a cult and there needs to be freedom from Hamas in order for the Arab people to be able to think with freedom. This is the role of the Israeli state. But first the Israeli state must defeat this cult.


There is no substantive difference between Hamas and the PLO. They are united in every way. 4international will seek to deepen our understanding of this by comparing the constitutions and practice of the two organizations, quite apart from the fact that Abbas has just united with Hamas


Our position as Trotskyists is unique. The important test is not only accepting but enthusiastically supporting and defending the Jewish Homeland, as the Homeland for the oppressed Jews


We cannot predict the future but Trotskyism is optimistic and always realistic. Many non-Jews of whatever race will come to that support of the Jewish state. It is a theoretical and ideological cum political position. The position of free thinking people opposed to cultism!


This is essentially the position of 4international as we try to grapple with this reality. The key and central concept in this war is that the Jews and Israel are not dealing with an ordinary enemy, but are dealing with a special kind of cult.


In this war Israel is not just fighting for itself. History has placed it in a position where it is fighting for all free peoples.


Netanyahu actually summed it up yesterday. It explains everything that has happened and has yet to come. Netanyahu referred to the Jihad and how so many governments in the region were toppling. One after the other. But the ground held and well held (I would point out) by el Sisi in Egypt (That is important)


This war will not be easily won or quickly won by Israel. 4international tries to avoid dogma and takes instead a sober look at events.


Especially this war was not caused by the Jews or Israel. As an Irish person I do not want to see ONE IDF soldier losing his or her life in this war if that can be avoided. Boldness will win but also cunning is essential because the enemy is a cunning enemy.


We have said that Israel should take over two areas of the Strip. The North is essential because last night that area was used to send a blanket of bombs into Tel Aviv, which is to the North along the coast.


I also think the Philadelphia Corridor is essential and there should be an alliance made with el Sisi on this


This sentence extracted from www.debka.com kind of sums up our thinking


Quote…The rockets fired during this week came in an ever widening arc. Israel air strikes wrought heavy surface damage to the Gaza Strip, but scarcely scratched its rocket capabilities.”


“scarcely scratched its rocket capabilities”


Please note this very well. I think these two positions above should be taken up.


This is a cult in Gaza. I suspect that Gazans are lining up to become martyrs and that is what Hamas meant on their webpage when they outlined their strategy of civilian deaths being welcomed and planned for


If those two areas are taken and held then the leadership of Hamas is squeezed not defeated but with continued air attack they the leaders are more vulnerable


There is one major issue. Obama and the EU as we know from other issues are essentially on the side of the Jihad


I remember a prominent Irish historian describing the Battle of Clontarf as involving essentially taking the ground and holding on to the ground on which the enemy stands. The Irish contestant was an Irish King called Brian Boru and he was fighting the Danes.


I do hope that Netanyahu and the Israeli states starts this process by taking the north of the Gaza strip and holding on to that ground


These steps are necessary in order for Israel to defeat the Hamas rockets into Israel which are terrorising the Israeli people. These rockets are not firecrackerts as was once claimed on the Talk Radio Europe pathetic radio outlet in Spain. These rockets must be stopped because Jews are being terrorised in the Jewish Homeland in 2014 some 70 years after the Holocaust by the Nazis.


  1. Israel is still sending food and supplies into Gaza by means of lorry convoys across the border between Israel and Gaza.
  2. Even Talk Radio Europe would be hard put not to see how farcical is this: food and supplies one way repaid by rockets the other!
  3. Consequently the first step is to issue a warning, say of 2 days, that if any more rockets come then supplies will simply stop.
  4. The whole of the Hamas way is to set up rockets and surround those rocket launchers with “civilians”. Israel must issue a warning that it has a first duty to protect its own citizens and that it will always fire on such rocket launchers in order to protect their own civilians. Quote Churchill actions in the War to legally justify this. Cone to think the recent Obama statement gives Jews the right to defend themselves
  5. The very first thing to do though is to state the aim, define the objective which must be to arrest the leaders of Fatah and Hamas and tot totally break up both organizations and any others that may arise. There is a contemporary European precedent for this which must be quoted which is the Spanish Government war on ETA
  6. Israel must as soon as possible launch an invasion on the ground into Gaza but in such a way that the generals do not sacrifice a single Jewish soldier’s life. This is a priority. Jewish life (following the Nazi Holocaust) must be protected. People have thought of this before at the time of the disengagement. With military advice parts of Gaza which are defensible from attack should be occupied. With supplies cut off, with parts of Gaza cut off, then the leaders of Hamas are vulnerable


The great problem of the Israelis is that they have leaders who have not stated the above aim. The idea of Netanyahu to WEAKEN Hamas is wrong. Both Fatah and Hamas must be destroyed totally. That is the central issue that all Jews and Jewish supporters as on www.4international.me must attempt to fix. We support Bibi in war, of course we do, but we also insist on a leadership which fights as above.


We can summarise:


  1. Warning to cut off all supplies by a certain date if rockets onto Israel do not stop
  2. Citing of the ‘We are launching rockets from urban areas and if Israel attempts to take out the launchers and operators it will hit women and children. We will bring all the media to show how Israel fights and murders uninvolved civilians, women and children’…” continually to show what Israel is up against. Any international Media who supports Hamas must be exposed abroad by 4international
  3. Citing of the age old law that it is treason to support your enemy in a time of war…so supplies must be stopped after a warning of say 2 days
  4. Ask American patriots to pass this “Sherman” law through US Congress
  5. No more warnings from Israel. How often did Churchill warn the Germans? How often did the IRA warn the British?
  6. All Media in Israel embedded. Israel must have only one military spokesman. All hostile to Israel forces such as ISM and Amnesty International expelled like NOW!
  7. Finally prepare Israel for a long war but not an indefinite war. The war will end when Fatah and Hamas is broken up and its leaders are in jail. It is that aim that is the key aim. Destroy Fatah! Destroy Hamas!
  8. Differentiate between the Arabs of Palestine. I personally am convinced that there are many Arabs who will support the Jewish cause for the Jewish Homeland if the Jewish story is really told. In the telling of this story the role of the state will be absolutely crucial
  9. Note that we Trotskyists on www.4international.me are the very opposite of dogmatists. We do not repeat dogma. We are creative. We use our theory and past experience to gain knowledge. Therefore consider the above suggestions as to how the Jews can defeat the Jihad.



This Young Serb beheaded by Jihadists supported by US in Bosnia…this is precisely what Jews face against “Palestinianism”


Israeli leaders under Netanyahu are now fighting a war on Gaza which is NOT a repeat of other wars because the international situation is totally different.


There is now the advance of International Jihad as is seen in the rise of ISIL and there is the brave struggle of el Sisi in Egypt against the Jihad of the Muslim Brotherhood under Morsi. The courage of el Sisi stands in contrast to the cowardice of Netanyahu and Israel who have refused to take action against Hamas and Fatah


While el Sisi has arrested the leaders of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt and passed death sentences against these fascists Netanyahu ahs delayed and delayed while the same Jihadist Fascists hammer Sderot with rockets.


This highlights one thing. The situation has changed totally since past wars against Arabs. In Israel today as in every country in the world without exception the struggles for freedom to live are all about leadership. This can only be resolved by creating Trotskyist leadership and the only party which can claim Trotskyist honour and heritage is www.4international.me. Cynics may scoff at this but we do not care all that matters is that scientific fact (truth) is on our side


4international will now make 10 points, followed by 3 “notes” on the abductions experiences


  1. Clear out Hamas and Fatah. Like the Egyptian leaders around el Sisi place them on trial with the death sentence available
  2. Consequent to that put an end to “Palestinian” nationalism
  3. Provide a definitive survey of all the attacks made on the Jewish people by especially the Arab leaders since say 1890. Let all speakers stick to this survey. And stop talking about everything under the sun. This is war and in any war there is need for discipline
  4. There are so many millions of Arabs NOW in this area and Israeli leaders need to know where they stand on the creation of the Jewish state. Just that. On the basis of the results of such a poll Jewish leaders can take necessary action
  5. A leadership which is unconcerned about what the BBC says. All international Media barred from Israel. Reporters who enter the war on the side of the enemy do so at their own risk but they will not report from Israeli ground. Britain did this in the Argentine and Gulf Wars
  6. Withdraw from the UN
  7. Place Nuclear weaponry on the ready against any enemy of Israel, especially of USm UN and NATO. Make an alliance with any force in the world which is being threatened by NATO, such as the Serbs and Russian Ukraine
  8. No Arabs to work in Israeli firms. No taxes to be collected for Arabs. No electricity to Arabs. No aid to Arabs.
  9. For every single rocket fired at Israel take a section of land and remove Arabs from that section
  10. Forget about being “democratic”. There is no democracy in war NONE! The great Arab and African leader Muammar Gadhafi tried at the end of his life and rule to be more “democratic” and to be a friend of America. Gadhafi was sacrificed by Obama to the Jihadists. The very same lesson applies very much to Israeli and Israelis today



Yes it is essential that Israel and Israelis have borders which can be defended. This central point must be highlighted continually – the total size of the area west of the river is less than the size of Munster. This is a central point. Maps show where the borders must lie in order for Israel to be able to defend itself. These borders are obvious to a school child in primary school. They stand out and are roughly the River, the Golan, the Mediterranean Sea, and Sinai. The poll mentioned above is fundamental because it will put down in black and white what are Arab intentions. On the basis of those intentions Israelis will act in a scientific manner. As part of this and until this scientific poll is taken then all Arabs are debarred from travelling into Israel to work in Israeli firms, and Israeli firms will be closed down by the state if they employ such Arabs



The basis of the thinking of the 4international on these issues is rooted in our history. In 1937 leon Trotsky fought for Palestine to be made into the Homeland of the Jews and he stated that the Jewish Homeland must be defended against “Mohammedanism” (the then word used for Jihad). In 1938 Leon Trotsky fought to explain that the rise of Nazism and the Antisemitism of Western countries meant that millions of Jews would be cornered by the Nazis and that the Holocaust” would follow. No person on earth was clearer on this. THAT is our heritage. The whole of the Trotskyist movement also was wiped out along with the Jews, and also by the traitors to socialism in Stalinism. The murderer of Trotsky was a Stalinist (in 1940 in Mexico). THAT heritage means that today we fight on the side of the Jews against all Israel haters.



There is NOTHING democratic about war, yet wars are inevitable as we stand. All of the present leaders of the Jews, including and especially all the “bloggers”, leave Jews unprepared for the realities of wars. The murder of the 3 Jewish youth in Hebron were abducted and murdered by the enemy who are engaged in a war against Jews. The murder of the Palestinian youth, which we oppose, was carried out if the police are to be believed only as a reaction. Also as a reaction to the passivity of Netanyahu. Netanyahu is more responsible because he is passive and hesitant. So unprepared are Jews that all Jews wanted to show how “good” and “nice” and “democratic” they were. Is the enemy impressed? Not! The whole episode has shown that Jews under present leadership are not able to fight a war to win. THAT is the main problem facing Israel.