Speaking in Hawaii yesterday, Carter (at Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore) (US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter) again called for an immediate halt to China’s land reclamation activities, which the US insists are for military purposes. He made clear that the US would continue its “freedom of navigation” operations to challenge China’s territorial claims.

“There should be no mistake about this,” Carter declared, “the United States will fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows, as we do around the world.”

Yes we got the message. Has there ever been such arrogance. This surpasses even the aspirations of Hitler who was a mere schoolboy in comparision. Really! says it is a global crisis in capitalism and the world capitalist states are beginning now to fight each other for survival.

Every single thing is connected to this crisis and survival. It may not appear so because the truth is hidden by millions of Media words.

But we can say even by a superficial observing this fight is led by the US elites in combination with Europe, especially Britain, and they are also striking up a unity with Islam in the form of chaos -creating ISIS and with the powerful Jihadists of Khomeini Revolution Iran.

The system is both bankrupt and dangerous.

There is indeed a direct line between this posturing of US Carter against China and its actions in the Middle East where (to give only one example) Gadhafi was toppled in a situation where Gadhafi had indeed gotten control of the situation and was crushing the Jihadists, the US and Europe (with the connivance of the Stalinists in Russia and China) to eliminate Gadhafi.

In many ways those scenes of Gadhafi being sodomised by Jihadists are a central motif of our times and indeed lead directly into the barbarity of ISIS actions inIraq and Syria.

My conclusión not just the mad savages and barbarian dogs of ISIS are dangerous but the whole capitalist system is a very dangerous thing. Dangerous for humans. Dangerous for all life.

All of these things are connected because it is ONE world unitary system (of capitalism)

To the casual glance they are not connected. It requires a special science to understand their interconnectedness. This is not conspiracy. It is the opposite. It is the scientific understanding of reality.


A capitalist system in crisis tends to drive towards war: “”Our entire planet, its land and water areas … provide today the arena for a worldwide economy…Trotsky:

“This work has been accomplished by capitalism. But capitalism also compels the capitalist states to fight in order to subordinate this world economy to the profit interests of the respective national bourgeoisies…. [T]he objective meaning of the war consists in its destroying the existing national economic nests in the name of a world economy. But imperialism is seeking to solve this task … on the principles of an exploitation of world economy by the capitalist class of that victorious country which is to be transformed by the war from a great power to a world power.”
—War and the International, 1914


As true Trotskyists we naturally form a bond with patriotic Jews like Ayelet Shaked and with all Jews when they come under attack from Antisemitism because we take the Antisemitism directed against the Jewish State (the Antisemitism against the Jew 2015) and we know that Ayelet is opposed to the likes of the Ken O’Keefes and David Ickes of this world. This picture tells it all. O’Keefe was involved in the above where an Israeli soldier of the IDF is on the ground and is being battered with iron bars. How did he survive! Now just remember that the Israeli Government returned that ship Mavi Marmora to Turkey and that just incenses me. But I await to see what Shaked does actually propose to do on the issue of ilegal immigrants, on Arabs in Israel who hate Israel, on Arabs in Israel, on what is Israel, on issues like the need to close down “Breaking the Silence” and all such groups, and to make it all possible anyway to the immediate disbanding of the Supreme Court. I disagree immediately on the latter with Shaked. The Supreme Court is not to be reformed but to be eliminated.


It must be understood that Ayelet Shaked is Justice Minister because Netanyahu travelled to Congress in the USA to deliver a major attack on Obama on the basis not of internal Israeli issues but on a world issue – the existence of a Fascist Islamist Supremacist power (WHICH IS IRAN) armed with massive killing power in the shape of many Nuclear Bombs, indeed a Nuclear Programme. Now confused Jews on the right are wetting themselves in excitement thinking they have found their saviour in Shaked. I like Shaked better than many Israeli politicians but to say that Shaked has the answers – well I say wait and see. I want to see what she does. So far she has said nothing about what she will do with the Israeli Supreme Court when it is very clear that it must be abolished…like abolished yesterday

…and speaking of abolishing it at once how long has Shaked been in power and what is keeping her giving the Israelis the low down on her plans. When Vladimir Lenin returned to Russia from exile in April 2017 it took Lenin precisely 3 seconds to denounce the Kerensky Government! Leon Trotsky no different. So what is Shaked anyway in the sense of what is her political programme precisely and note I am totally bored with stuff like she is married to a pilot. Ayelet could be married to a dustman who cares!? And what is it that Israel now needs in order to win the fight against an Arab war which seeks its destruction and the killing of all Jews on earth. Is it the programme of Bennett or is it a really revolutionary nationalist programme? I wait more info to see how she faces up. I am already impatient! And I am already in disagreement with her and Bennett who may be??? mere echoes of Bibi in that they extend the vote in Israel to Arabs – very bad move indeed.

Felix Quigley is Irish and posts on the site and on facebook/felix.quigley. He is Trotskyist, materialist, and supports Israel as the national Jewish state where Jews can live UNMOLESTED.


The whole concept of a “Palestinian State” can only bring even more deaths and hardships to Jews and Arabs. There are many reasons why this is so but the main one is that the Arabs never wanted to make peace with the Jews BECAUSE THAT GOES AGAINST THE JIHAD OF ISLAM AND THE ISLAMIC KORAN OF MOHAMMED. That is the main reason. But there are others. Many people have shown by the use of maps that a Palestinian Arab state based on what they call the West Bank but is really Judea and Samaria cuts Israel almost in two and places that Palestinian State within miles of key Israeli installations including the main airport for Israeli travel – Ben Gurion airport. “Palestinian” Arabs following on the terrorism of the Irish Republicanism has always been ready to attack such places. This is leaving aside the fact that where they plan to put this Palestinian state sits on the most sacred land of the Jews – the land where the Jewish ancestors came to first about 2500 years before an Arab was Heard of. The Word “Palestinian” is as recent as post-1967. is a new site although still exists but we add one other reason for no Palestinian Arab state which is that we take the long and overall international view. Jews must be safe from Antisemitism. Therefore Jews must have a place on earth where they can live alone, others as guests willingly because they recognise that very Antisemitism, and that means no Palestinian Arab state threatening and also a new concept of those who live in Israel. Palestinian Arabs must be there as guests and willing Friends of Israel in order to ensure the security of the Jews. We are Marxists and non-Jews and that makes our position stronger not weaker.

This is also more or less what the great analyst Martin Sherman writes and we are united in a struggle to defend the Jews in this new dangerous period:

Its inherent implausibility was aptly albeit belatedly articulated by Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland, former head of Israel’s National Security Council, who in 2009 correctly observed: “… the maximum that any government of Israel will be ready to offer the Palestinians…

is much less than the minimum that any Palestinian leader can accept.”

Detailed studies of Israel’s minimum security requirements, buttressed by precedent and prudent evaluation of the significance of recent developments in the Arab world, lead to one clear conclusion: Maintenance of Israel’s minimum security needs is incompatible with the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

Which brings us to the ethical level: Continued pursuit of this fundamentally and fatally flawed formula will result in further failure, bringing more trauma and tragedy to both Jew and Arab.

It is precisely for this reason that further adherence to the two-state idea, as per the insistent behest of the Obama administration, is devoid of any moral value.

It is precisely for this reason that it must be resolutely resisted.

Endorsing Muslim-majority tyranny

Proponents of a the two-state principle can no longer claim, in good faith, the moral high ground. For we have seen what their preferred prescription has precipitated in the past; and we have a fair idea of what it will produce in the future.

They have no moral merits on their side. There is no moral merit in establishing what, almost certainly, will become a mega-Gaza on the fringes of Greater Tel Aviv, within mortar range of Ben-Gurion Airport and within tunnel reach of the Trans-Israel Highway (Route 6).

There is no moral merit in endorsing the creation of what, almost certainly, will rapidly become (yet another) Muslim-majority tyranny, the utter negation of the very values its advocates invoke for its establishment gender discrimination, gay persecution, religious intolerance, oppression of political dissidents.

There is no moral merit in supporting a policy that, almost certainly, will expose thousands of kindergartens in the Coastal Plain to the dangers that southern towns, villages and farms experience repeatedly due to the failed attempt to confer self-rule on the Palestinian-Arabs in Gaza.

There is no moral merit in promoting a policy that, almost certainly, would subject the Palestinian-Arab civilian population to the ravages of repeated retaliatory action the IDF would be compelled to take in response to the attacks against Israel’s civilian population/installations from the Palestinian-administrated territory as the Gaza precedent clearly foretells.

The moral imperative

A keen awareness of the futility and moral bankruptcy of the two-state paradigm has led me to propose what I call the “Humanitarian Paradigm” for the resolution (or rather dissolution) of the conflict with the Palestinian- Arabs, involving the generous funding of their voluntary relocation and rehabilitation in third-party countries.

I have been excoriated for daring to raise such a “monstrously unethical” initiative. But in light of the forgoing discussion, who really has the moral high ground? Those who promote the establishment of (yet another) Muslim-majority tyranny, with all the attendant detriments and dangers described above? Or those who advocate providing non-belligerent Palestinian individuals the opportunity to build a better life for themselves elsewhere, out of harm’s way, free from the cycles of death, destruction and destitution that have been brought down on them by the cruel, corrupt cliques that have them astray for decades.

After all, if proponents of the two-state principle find no moral blemish in advocating the funded evacuation of Jews to facilitate the establishment of an entity that would, in all likelihood, become a bastion of radical Islamist terrorism, what moral principle would cause them to shrink in horror at the suggestion of funded evacuation of Arabs from their homes, to obviate the establishment of such an entity? I leave the readers to ponder the question.

Martin Sherman ( is the founder and executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies (


Gabriel Sandler, along with father and brother, was killed in the shooting attack in Toulouse France in March 2012. The Der Sturmer man at Veterans Today Kevin Barrett says on the Richard Allen show that it was a false flag operation nd that these Jews are not dead at all but probably living in Jerusalem. It was a Mossad operation Barrett says. The British Jewish owner of Talk Radio Europe, a guy called Martin Nathan, enables this Der Sturmer material to be broadcast through Europe on his Talk Radio Europe radio show run by the associate of Kevin Barrett and David Icke Richard Allen. I urge Martin Nathan and Richard Tindesley to stop immediately doing this because they are greatly harming their fellow Jews.


Hebdo killers butcher cartoonists and butcher a Jewish Deli in Paris

Kevin Barrett of and Veterans Today calls it a false flag


Islam killers attack event in Texas run by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Kevin Barett of calls it a “false flag operation”

Barrett says that in Paris and Copenhagen both attacks were followed by attacks on Jews. Barrett then makes a reference to “Kinky Friedman and his Texas Jewboys”. (Who knows what this Der Sturmer is talking about but I for one do not wish to know!)

Then Kevin Barrett works on a picture of the outstanding Jewish person Pamela Geller. Barrett has placed a Star of David on her forehead. Has two crazy eyes put in. Has two dracula type teeth hanging down. Has splashes of blood over her chin.

Barrett then says that Pamela Geller was responsible for 9-11 as part of US Inteligence.

Then Kevin Barrett publishes a book saying “We Are Not Charlie Hebdo”.

Kevin Barrett then claims that in the attack on the Jewish school in the city of Toulouse last year that no Jews were killed, that Mossad was behind it, and that the Jews killed are now living in Jerusalem. That is the three children and the teacher were not killed.

[All on Kevin Barretts own website called truthjihad.blogspot and on]

Then David Icke picks up this material

Then the splodge of matter called Richard Allen (originally from Waterford and I Felix Quigley deny all links with Allen through Irishness) has Kevin Barrett on his nightly show, which is also placed on You Tube, and also made into other forms of transmission, to push it out into millions.

Then the radio station run and owned by prominent British Jewish man Martin Nathan and called Talk Radio Europe picks up the material and pushes it out on FM for Richard Allen. Martin Nathan who is a proud Jew (I am told) thus gives Richard Allen his only FM output, the rest is internet based, a lower order because it is indirect radio. Thus a Jew is providing a major service to Kevin Barrett who produces this Mein Kamph (pure Der Sturmer) type picture of Pamela Geller!

Then another Jewish person called Richard Tindesley attacks me and defends Obama and Iran on his weekly two hour ring in discussion programme. “Me” being Felix Quigley and me being opposed totally to Iran getting the bomb. And in yesterday’s programme Tindesley has ALL of his guests were attacking not the Garland Texas assasins but the great liberationist Pamela Geller…thus see the link right there to Kevin Barrett and the Der Sturmer picture of Barrett on Pamela. You tell a person by the company they keep Tindesley! But that is another story.

So what is the solution?…well there is one immediate solution. That is for Martin Nathan and Richard Tindesley to review what they are doing. They are offering their radio station paid for by British people who advertise there to the kind of Nazi Der Sturmer politics of low-life haters like Kevin Barrett appearing on the low-life Richard Allen radio show AND CUT ALL TIES WITH IT. Can Nathan and Tindesley come out with any honour at this stage? Poor chance! But no chance at all if they continue hosting the likes of Kevin Barrett.


[On first day, IDF field hospital in Nepal treats nearly 100 …

www.timesofisrael.com635 × 357Buscar por imagen

An Israeli doctor treats the wound of an earthquake-affected Nepalese boy, whose arm was amputated in the nearby army hospital and shifted for further …]

It is a terrible tragedy and our hearts fo out to the Nepalese. These are a poor people, a beautiful people. It is a long time since I read my first book about Tenzing Norgay and it was not about the ascent of Everest with Hillary either. It was about a previous much more romantic attempt without oxygen and they nearly made it. Hardly any planning. Just went for it. Have lost that book but it was a duo effort just the two guys taking on the mountain.

Sincé then much wáter has flowed under the bridge. I now am quite thrilled by the sympathy and the effort to help the Nepalese carried out by Israel. The statistics of their effort are amazing. I will deal with these but I note most strongly that this has nothing to do with Israel wanting to be liked. I refute that totally. As an Irishman I refute that totally. It comes instead out of the Jewish sould and charácter. If it can be explained it is religious with a strong element of humanitarianism. Compare that Outlook with the Outlook of Islam and their actions in our world of slitting the throats of the poorest of humans on a Libyan beach, or abducting poor defenseless Nigerian girls and you begin to understand.

Bu the way since I AM a hard headed political person and I understand (seeing it every day) the lies against Jews and the hatred against Israel then I want to let every person in the world know how Israel came to the aid of the Nepalese. That is not a plea. That is not weakness. That is part of my struggle against Antisemtiism.


Where’s the Coverage? Israel Sends More Manpower tHAN ANY OTHER COUNTRY

IDF Field Hospital Nepal.jpg
Israeli soldiers set up a field hospital together with the Nepalese army in Nepal following the deadly earthquake on April 29, 2015. (IDF Spokesperson)

Israel frequently sends aid teams to countries hit by natural disasters such as post-earthquake Haiti and tsunami-stricken Japan. Nepal is no different. The Times of Israelreports:

Israel’s aid team to the earthquake-battered Himalayan nation of Nepal is the largest in manpower of any international aid mission.Over 250 doctors and rescue personnel were part of an IDF delegation that landed Tuesday in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, in the wake of Saturday’s magnitude-7.8 earthquake that devastated large swaths of the mountainous country, killing at least 5,000 and leaving some 8,000 wounded and tens of thousands seeking shelter and food.

The Israeli group set up a field hospital with 60 beds that began operations on Wednesday in coordination with the local army hospital. 

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By comparison, according to the BBC, the United Kingdom has sent “a team of more than 60 search and rescue responders and medical experts” and Time magazine reports that the United States is sending “about 70 American personnel”. Remember, Israel has a population of approximately 8 million. The United States is a nation of roughly 350 million. In that context, the magnitude of Israel’s efforts is even more staggering.

But instead of lauding Israel’s extraordinary response to Nepal’s distress, the mainstream media seeks to cast Israel in a bad light, highlighting of all things the fact that a number of Israeli couples employ Nepalese women as surrogate mothers to carry their children. A Time magazine headline states that “Israel Evacuates Surrogate Babies From Nepal but Leaves the Mothers Behind” although, if a reader managed to make it to the sixth paragraph of the article, he would read that, of the women in Nepal still carrying Israeli babies:

The Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein said he would allow the most heavily pregnant to be flown to Israel to give birth and outgoing Interior Minister Gilad Erdan promised to remove immigration hurdles for the rest.

Newsweek also chose to highlight the surrogacy issue with its article, “Israel Evacuating Babies Born to Surrogate Mothers in Nepal” as did UPI with “Israel evacuates surrogate babies and their Israeli parents but left behind expectant mothers”.

Worse still, instead of clebrating Israel’s herculean humanitarian efforts in a country half way around the world, as someone who cares about those in need would be expected to do, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, actually tweeted, “Easier to address a far-away humanitarian disaster than the nearby one of Israel’s making in Gaza. End the blockade!”

And here’s something else interesting that the media chooses to completely ignore: the commander of Israel’s field hospital in Nepal is a Druze, IDF Colonel Dr. Tarif Bader.

To keep abreast of Israel’s aid efforts in Nepal, follow Libby Weiss, the Head of the IDF Spokesperson’s North American Media Desk, on Twitter. You certainly won’t hear about it from the popular press because… Where’s the coverage?